Michael Louis Scott's Burrito Filling

Add three tablespoons of olive oil and three pads of margarine or butter to a 10 inch stick proof frying pan.

Turn electric burner heat to Medium High

Once fat is hot,

Add eight ounces of chopped beef broken into pieces ( I used 8 ounces of ground London Broil or top round of beef to reduce fat) , and

Add one medium large peeled and diced onion

Season with dashes of ground black pepper, chicken and meat seasoning, garlic powder, and oregano

Sautee ingredients until the onions are sweated and the meat is lightly browned.

Added about 12 ounce of cooked rice or half of this recipe Michael Louis Scott's Microwave Oven Rice Recipe , I season my rice before cooking with bullion seasoning and Old Bay Seasoning

Mix the ingredients together, and add more seasoning if needed.

Added about 1/5th of a cup of Kikkoman soy sauce and mix together

One ingredients are simmering again,

Add one 18 ounce B&M baked beans any flavor such as bacon and onion,

And mix it all together.

Once the ingredients are hot again added four 1.5 inch by 4 inch by .25 inch slices of New York State extra sharp cheddar cheese or other cheese cut into 1.5 inch by .5 inch by .25 inch slices.

Mix the cheese in the hot ingredients until the mixture has a creamy appearance.

It makes about a quart of the burrito mixture, which one can eat separately or stuff into a soft burrito.

One could had hot sauce, but that might spoil the other flavors.