Michael Louis Scott's Microwave Oven Rice Recipe

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Basic rice recipe is to wash a cup of Carolina enriched white rice or other similar enriched rice as Uncle Ben's in a large bowl with hot water

Then strain it with a wire strainer rinsing it with hot water

Then I put the cup of rice in the rice steamer

with 15 ounces of water

two tablespoons of olive oil or other cooking oil or margarine or butter

two tablespoons of soy sauce

two chicken bouillon cubes

one teaspoon of Italian seasoning

dashes of celery salt

1 teaspoon of sesame oil

put the inner and outer lids on the rice steamer

I microwave it in my four year old 1100 watt General Electric microwave oven for 13 minutes on the regular power setting

then I let it stand for 7 minutes to finish cooking

then I serve it as is or one can add a small bit about a teaspoon or two of soy sauce or other seasonings

My recipe differs from the one that came with the China Village rice cooker, but by trial and error, I came up with the way I cook it.

However, different microwave ovens have different power, so the cooking time might vary.

One of these days, I might change to brown rice which is suppose to be more nutritious Microwave brown rice cooks faster - The Honolulu Advertiser - Hawaii's Newspaper .

Presently I keep two new 10 pound bags of Carolina enriched white rice and about another pound opened, which is about $5 a 10 pound bag at the Stop and Shop, and I also have about a pound and a half of brown rice, and I also have a 5 pound bag of Della Japanese sushi rice which comes from Arkansas.  I noticed once when I toured the Japanese grocery store which is mostly in the Japanese by exit 5 on I-95 across from the Riverside shopping center in Greenwich, Connecticut that they have lots of expensive imported Japanese rice over $20 a 10 pound bag of real Japanese rice.

If one were cooking brown rice, which I have not tried in the microwave rice steamer, I would recommend off the top of my head using 25% more water or 17.5 ounce of water in the steamer and cooking it for about 50% longer or about 16.5 minutes and letting it stand for about 7.5 minutes to finish cooking.  Although I have not tired it this way, it would probably be close to way to cook it properly.

Per pound rice is cheaper than noodles.