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Merry Christmas and Happy New Years,

I have spent another quiet year in Greenwich.  I did get away for four days in June to Kennebunkport, Maine for a family wedding where I saw lots of relatives.  I have continued to maintain my usual computer and internet routines.  I still make it out to Greenwich Avenue occasionally.  I also continue to maintain mostly a night time schedule.  I stay abreast of the news and media.  My health is doing fine.  Greenwich seems to have slowed down a bit recently.  I do not make it to the Greenwich Library very much anymore, but I have lots of media at home.  I am doing a very good job of conserving energy by not driving too much locally.  I network with a few people when I see them or chat with them once in a while.  I enjoy my quiet retirement days here in town.  I do see quite a bit of airline traffic from the nearby jet port.  I frequent our local grocery stores and drug stores.   I also enjoy seeing a few visitors show up downtown.  My family and relatives are doing just fine.  Alas I am still 220 pounds, so I have not lost the 50 pounds I have tried to lose.  I am set for another cold winter when it arrives.  I find leading a simple life less stressful particularly during the colder months.  I do watch quite a bit of internet media in my free time.  I do not eat too much meat anymore trying to control my diet and cholesterol.  I mostly eat salads with a little bit of seafood.  My 2005 Volvo XC70 wagon with 118,000 miles continues to run fine for local errands.  Having worked with home computers since 1989, I manage to keep busy.  Merry Christmas and Happy New Years.  

Michael Louis Scott