Michael Louis Scott

71 Vinci Drive, Apt. 206

Greenwich, Connecticut 06830-2902 U.S.A.


Email: mikescot@optonline.net


Merry Christmas 2015 and Happy New Year 2016,

This past year has been another quiet year mostly at home in Greenwich.  The town seems quieter anymore, so I guess it probably shows that I am getting a bit older.  I still spend a lot of my free time on the internet.  I have 22 computers at home along with 2 tablets and 3 cell phones.  It takes quite a bit of time to maintain my home office setup.  Since I have been working with personal computers for 25 years, I tend to know what I am doing despite the additional expenses.  I guess one could say from my web log that I am my own best lawyer.  I spend lots of time looking for inexpensive bargains on the internet, but with the weaker American dollar recently, there are not too many bargains anymore.  I have to keep an eye to my overall budget and not just the office computer operations.  I find that not many communicate with me, since they are mostly interested in what is on the local media.  My viewpoint is a lot of the internet and local media is simply paid advertising.  I was told in college that a writer should write from their own experience.  Of course a lot of the local business community is more interested in selling expensive real estate and automobiles.  I did travel twice this past year to Kennebunkport, Maine to visit with family for the last two weeks of June and the last week of August and the first three weeks of September.  I enjoyed getting away from Greenwich and being with family.  There is another new member of the family this summer.  My younger relatives seem to be keeping busy with their business careers.  My web sites hardly get any traffic, so I guess the modern internet people have a more affluent modern viewpoint geared towards the traveling public with larger budgets.  I quit smoking cigarettes at the end of July, and I have been using nicotine patches.  One side effect is that I put on 25 pounds, and I now weigh 246 pounds.  I also donít go out for walks too much anymore late at night and in the early morning hours.  I chat regularly with family members and a few friends.  I still do not travel far away from home except Greenwich Avenue and the local grocery store.  I quit going to the Greenwich Library to save a bit of time.  I also do not drive down by the waterfront anymore.  My 2005 Volvo XC70 station wagon with 112,000 miles is running just fine for my local errands.  I still walk Greenwich Avenue regularly when the weather is clear.  As usual I do quite a bit of people watching, when I am downtown.  My down fall has been butter Scotch ice cream and Pepperidge Farm goldfish crackers.  I never drive in back country anymore, since I have lost interest in it.  I only see Old Greenwich about twice a year, when I get a haircut.  We have a new park in the Greenwich Common downtown creating a more upscale environment for the local bench sitters.  Since after being back in Greenwich for 32 years and living in my current apartment for 27 years, I have to keep busy maintaining the rather complex apartment setup with all of its electronics.  I have Microsoft Windows 10 on eleven of my computers, and it works quite well.  I probably should do some spring house cleaning this spring and downsize some of my excess inventory.  Of course everything has its place in its time.  We have been having a quite warm fall without any winter weather yet, so I still feel like I am living on the edge of the tropics.  Once winter sets in, I will be spending more time inside.  However, if is not too cold out and the sidewalks are clear, I will try to make it for one of my walks downtown.

Michael Louis Scott