Michael Louis Scott's 2004 Christmas Letter


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Michael Louis Scott

71 Vinci Drive

Apt. # 206

Greenwich, Connecticut U.S.A.  06830-2902




Christmas 2004


Merry Christmas to family and friends,


This year I have kept busy with my usual internet activity.  I am still publishing my web site at www.geocities.com/mikelscott/ with the longest web log on the internet at www.geocities.com/mikelscott/note02.htm .  This fall for Christmas my mother gave me a green 1995 Volvo 850 Turbo station wagon, so although I do not travel very much, I am traveling in comfort.  I did visit mother twice this summer in Kennebunkport, Maine, and I will go down to Vero Beach, Florida after the first of the year to visit with mother again.  Her house in Vero Beach, Florida survived the hurricane, but many of her neighbors did not do as well.  Mother is just getting over hip surgery in Philadelphia, and she will be returning to Florida.  The rest of my family including my sisters are doing well, but we are getting a bit older in our middle age.  I keep busy in Greenwich, Connecticut with simple activities, and I try to take a walk on Greenwich Avenue most every day with the weather permitting.   I have been spending so much time on the internet that I frequently do not have enough time to do more recreation reading with the available reading material at the Greenwich Library.  Still after 14 years of personal computer activity and 10 years on the internet, I manage to keep busy.  I hardly ever go out of Greenwich, and I usually just order items I need off the internet and let the delivery man deliver them.


Greenwich, Connecticut seems prosperous with a great many European residents and other residents from around the world.  Alas I only know English and four years of high school French, so I am not always able to communicate with our other foreign speaking residents.  The new Greenwich Hospital Watson pavilion is due to open in September 2005 bringing improved medical services into town.  I frequently go to the Greenwich Hospital thrift shop looking for bargains which are becoming more scarce.  Since I have high speed cable modem service, I spend a great deal of time reading technology news and other news reports on the internet.  The younger generation seem to have fully embraced the internet, but many of the Old Guard prefer to remain more traditional.  Still it is my belief with better communications in the world it might bring more peace and prosperity in the upcoming years.  Since I am frequently on a late night schedule, I do not always see many of our visitors and residents in the daytime.  I am most comfortable in my apartment in pubic housing where I have lived for the last 16 years after returning to Greenwich 21 years ago, although I really have lived here since 1961 when we first returned to Greenwich another time.  Since I am not actively involved in business, many of the local business community ignore me, but we have thousands of volunteers here in town that contribute their expertise.  Once again I would like to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Years and Peace and Prosperity for the upcoming New Years.


Yours Truly,

Michael Louis Scott