Michael Scott White in the spring of 1972 in Athens, Greece on a Lake Forest College foreign studies program, my classmate from the established Harriman family introduced me to the Head of the World Health Organization who we were suppose to look up later in Turkey while he was on his way to Viet Nam to negotiate the release of Prisoners of War. Shortly after meeting him in Athens, they had our entire class go the Health Office in Greece and get a small pox vacination because there was a small outbreak in Yugoslavia near where we would be traveling. I always wandered if they came us some other shot, since some of my classmates were from very established families. Most people on this side of the Pond, probably would not have had the same vacination. As a recluse I have not intermixed with the general public for a long time, and I am just resting a lot and washing my hands frequently. A friend who is a doctor said regular soap is just as good, but he said two minutes not 20 seconds. I have a half sister who spent her entire career in the World Health Organization and retired from Mount Sinai last April when her mother died, and is now a peace activist in Seattle. Maybe some of her contacts might know more, since they have worldwide experience. If one does not have allergies this time of year, opening some windows on a warm day might help to bring fresh air into one's living environment. When I lived in Manhattan and was in public, people frequently thought I was Peter Jennings of ABC news. He was taller and had dark eyes. I was just a clerk typist on the commercials paper work at the CBS broadcast center for three month during Watergate. I had a hard time making it to work by 10 A.M., so they let me go. My salary was $85 a week before taxes, and the rent on my room with a shared bath at the St.. Calre residence on West 9th street was $35 a week, and I ate a few meals at the CBS cafeteria, and I would go to the Oak Bar at the Plaza Hotel occassionally, and I would see all of the main Watergate characters which was sort of confusing. I did see a French Aircraft carrier set loose three thousand sailors on West 57th street, so I figured by the force of numbers, they would know more. In that period with my CBS ID, I took the train out to South Hampton on a weekend, and they even cashed a $20 check for me at the local grocery store, but I had to hitchhike back into Manhattan which sort of tricky. Most of my work colleagues had degrees in journalism from Columbia University. The computerized the broadcast center at the time. The only person that I recognized was Mr. Green Jeans, and Walter Cronkite was up in Nantucket sailing. They did sell out quickly the New York Times every morning. There was a bit of competition between the local network and the national network, and the music division was being investigated by the justice department. I think the magazine we all read was "Billboard Magazine" which was a trade publication. I did learn that they had one corespondant in China that had not been heard from in over 20 years. I used to see Walter Cronkite covering Sutton Place in Manhattan, so I covered other areas reading publications like the the Village Voice. There was less traffic in Greenwich Village and the Chelsea area of Manhattan after rush hour except for weekends, when the Bridge and Tunnel Crowd would show up. I did learn that the New York Telephone building nearby at 8th Avenue around 54th Street was nuclear bomb proof. In February 1975 during a blizzard I threw a big party for $5 a head in the warehouse across the street from the CBS Broadcast building, and I chatted with a young Japanese concert pianist with a lot of security around with all of that free liquor, and after chatting with him, somebody told me he was the Emperor Hirohito's grandson, so possibly he is emperor now. It was called the "Once Gallery" and was above an Oldsmobile garage. I then had to drive back out to Connecticut in the blizzard with relatives. A couple of days before, they had arrested me in Mount Vernon for not having money for a $2 train ticket, and the headlines in the Daily News when I got out was that the Penn Central railroad was bankrupt. That caused me to miss Kip Forbes' Victorian Society at Grammercy Park. A few days before that we had moved Teddies Roosevelt's neighbor off here 40 acre estate in zero degree in Oyster Bay to Locust Valley. There was an interesting pub in Locust Valley called Sporters where they were all wearing Orange parkas like the House of Nassau in Nassau County. After that party I decided to spend less time in Manhattan more time in Greenwich until I hitchhiked up to Nantucket with a few stops along they way. I knew somebody up there who was going to have Mick Jagger stay with him, but other people messed up his travel plans like me and Richard Nixon's next door neighbor in Key Biscayne who also seems to have worked for CBS in their music division. After Nantucket then I tried to go to graduate school at the new school of business and politics at Yale, but at age 25 I was too old for Yale. I ended up for a while in Greenville, South Carolina expediting for Fluor Daniel construction. I returned to this area for the Tall Ships where I stood in front of everyone at Battery Park, and I was part of the receiving line for Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Phillip at Bloomingdales the day after, and then back to Nantucket where people are pretty much oblivious to the world and like reading about the wall paper at the airport in the Nantucket Inquirer Mirror. Then back to Greenwich, and I then drove down to Florida on my own for the first time, where they seemed to think I was in the Cable Vision business after calling me AM when they were all FM radio. Words advise in the Communications business, if one wants to stay above water, I should have accepted the offer at CBS to join the Communications Workers of America, but on $55 a week take home salery before $35 rent, I did not feel like paying them $20 a month. The last time I visited Manhattan was about 16 years ago, and Joel Seagal was on the morning train in, and I took some pictures here "http://scott-mike.com/mls-030408/" and I went to a Microsoft conference at the Sheraton Hotel on 54th street. The CBS building known as Block Rock was all boarded up. On the way out at Grand Central Station, the trains were delayed because of a fire in Harlem, and I saw about two thousand men that looked like Prince Andrew standing around Prince Charles and the Prime Minister of England looking at the newly remodeled Grand Central Station. One the train out there was Roger Mudd and Mel Godstein. Out here in the sticks CBS used to have a research laboratory on High Ridge Road in Stamford, but I am not sure if it is still there anymore. The family friend who got me the job at CBS is still alive at 102, and he used to be the President of their Creative Play Things Division and at another time Radio Shack. Since nobody ever communicates with me except about funny pictures of their pets, I might be a bit out of touch or our who generation. After 30 years of personal computers, I wander what else that I could have done. I was once told that CBS is Columbia University. NBC is Yale. and Harvard was ABC, but that was in the old days. I think when I lived in Greenville, South Carolina the first cable channel was CBS from Atlanta to Greenville, and their studio was across from my apartment. Shortly there after Ted Turner started CNN. When I was later in Nantucket in 1983, when the Interstate 95 bridge fell down in Greenwich, their first cable channel was in black in white with three shows, "No Time for Sargents", "Our Miss Brooks" and "Oh Susasana". My view point of Manhattan was there is so much else to do, nobody there actually watches television. I even used to go to pub next to a 24 hour television repair shop on West 9th street. Outside now for a break. MLS


Michael Scott As I recall you were in Rob Ford's class from Vail, Colorado. I also went to Lake Forest College with both of the Ford boys. There are people in the Midwest of America too busy working to be bothered outside their circle of influence from what I can tell. Based on my educational back ground when I selected Lake Forest College after Taft, a local Greenwich resident James Paul Warburg whose son went to Middlesex wrote my recommendation to Lake Forest. He wrote it to a Mr. Douglas in Lake Forest. Where it got confusing is that were two Mr. Douglases in Lake Forest. One was the President of Quaker Oats, and the other was Franklin Delano Roosevelt's Secretary of the Air Force. I did a lot of jet travel while out there, where one could fly anywhere in the U.S.A. for $50. With the Vietnam War on a lot of people coming and going from O'Hare airport were in uniform. I even visited the Air Force Academy with a Norwegian girl friend from Colorado College. Having a lot of stressful flights until about thirty years ago when I quit traveling to much. I knew some people in Manhattan who lived in pent houses that were Air Raid wardens. At the cheap apartment at 420 East 49th Street, it was on the same street as Howard Hughes and the Barclay Hotel where a lot of flight personnel stayed just east of the Waldorf, but mostly I was walking around in circles in Manhattan and General MacArthur's widow lived at the Waldorf Towers. I even saw the Duke of Windsor there in January 1973, a number of months after he had supposedly died. Another apartment was on East 70th Street just east of Madison Avenue next to the Explorer's Club. From what I can tell based on my volunteer capacity and what little I know about the real United States government is that I am supposed to mind my own business and not travel, because their security costs too much money, when I go outside of the country. It seems sort of strange since I have an old picture of Charles Lindburg in my apartment and another picture of Howard Hughes for what it is worth. I even have an U.S. Air Force flag hidden away. I have friends in Sea Island, Georgia whom are Red Cross volunteers but older, and they have traveled the world, and he might be related to Skykorsky of helicopter fame. He networks out of the Yale Club when in Manhattan. Since my maternal Great Grandmother was a Van Vylavelt from 40 miles north of Amsterdam, I might have the same look as the American Vanderbilt branch of the family which might what causes the confusion. From my analysis, I think I look more weathered, but a bit like William Clay Ford, and they have a house here too. Even Henry Ford once followed myself and a friend from here up to Newport in the summer and parked next to us at the Viking Hotel. His license plate was "ROYAL" on a Burgundy Jacquar. My older army friend crew up in Bedford, New York next to Helen Clay Frick where the current governor of New York lives at the highest point in Westchester County. I saw him at the Round Hill store all by himself after Hurricane Sandy looking confused. It seems to me that somebody is making decisions about this area from a remote location based on what they think they know. I know the satellites can scan the area, but the Big G government thinks about the whole picture. It seems Ray Dubois after Princeton was undersecretary of defense in the Clinton administration. David Leech has been up in Alaska all of these years. Myles McGough might still be living at President Trump's Club in Palm Beach, but his family had over a half dozen homes that I knew about. Lisa Halaby was a friend of his after he dropped out of Utica College and lived near Harvard Square. She was down in Key West and Myles supposedly was there, and she became Queen Nord of Jordan. I think that is where the State Department comes into the scene. Somebody that looked like her even lived next to my cheap boarding house on India street in Nantucket. There are a lot of pilots living in Nantucket whom work out of Otis Air Force base, and Nantucket had the microwave towers for part of the Early Warning System and part of the old Loran Navigation System, but with new technologies that probably has all changed a bit. The last time I visited there around 1987 after leaving for good in December 1983, I saw Henry Bertram from your class walking around, but he did not say anything. Thus different people come and go, and I am for a change enjoying the peace and quiet in this area. I know Henry Kissinger has a house in Kent, Connecticut, and I once saw him at my building. It seems his wife had a friend or a relative here. He also lived on East 54th street across from Gretta Garbo. It seems from you facebook page that you know something about motorcycles. I am very near sighted, so I would never try riding one of those. I did once ride a Moped in Bermuda thought. It seems one of my paternal great grandmothers in the Midwest was a Davidson, so that might be the confusion with someone that looks like me. My paternal grandmother was from the Gard family that helped settle York, Maine 400 years ago, and her branch live in Robinson, Illinois in corn country where there is a Marathon oil refinery for fuel for farming. It is a pretty remote location, and my cousins used to like playing with baby wolf cubs and throwing chickens at each other. I think some of these Midwestern people might send their children back east for an education. The last time I visited Taft was for my tenth reunion, and I got a chance to chat with Senator Bob Taft from Ohio whom I think was amused by my south Florida tan. Aparently at that time, Harold Cushenberry was already a Federal Judge in Washington D.C.. As I recall, one of the first people, I visited in Manhattan was Bob Sweet's town house, and I think his father is still the head Federal Judge in Manhattan. The last place I lived in Manhattan with Julie Bolton was on West 74th street near Riverside Park, and julie after being the secretary to the head of the business school at New York University was the head of word processing at Cyrus Vance's law firm after he was secretary of state. The law firm is across the street on Madison Avenue from the IBM building. Her exhusband was a software engineer for the State department in Libya, Thailand, and Saudi Arabia. Both of them went to Brown University. Her mother is still alive at 104 on Long Island, her mother was part of the Kaiser of Germany consulate in Manhattan before World War I. They have a reinsurance company that among other things insures the refineries in New Jersey, and apparently the Getty family might have been out there with a lot of Saudi Royalty in the old days. There used to be a lot of traffic out there. From what I know there seems to be a new generation of movers and shakers, and our generation is just going through the motions of looking like we are doing something. Back outside. MLS


Michael Scott My new boy at Taft was Chan Wheeler, but I never saw him around much. All I know is that he was Dr. Wheeler's son, and he lived next to Greenwich Country Day School and the Greenwich Country Club. When I lived in Decatur, Alabama before Greenwich in 1962, General Wheeler family lived nearby on a traditional southern plantation. I think he was involved with Teddie Roosevelt and the Rough Riders. When I came off Nantucket, Chan Wheeler's father was living in the same small house that I was at 700 Steamboat Road, and since people thought I had a bit of Prince Charles' look, I used to joke about Charlie Chan a Chinese detective. Another neighbor in that building took a picture of me in the Greenwich Library with the Imperial Chinese Art collection, and in that picture some odd reason, I look Chinese eating the Greenwich hospital cafeteria diet at the time. Bob Adams start the jogging trend in Greenwich. Peter Scherman got married at Lake Forest College, and after raising a family in Costa Rica is living in Scottsville, Virginia running a chain of Bed and Breakfast places. I chatted with Troop Geer downtown about two months ago. His brother John Geer died early in Illinois. I am usually on a night schedule, so I do not pay too much to daytime activities except for errands. I gave my Taft Blazer to an actor named John Michael Barrett from Bloomington, Indiana that also worked at CBS. His family own the stone quarry that St. John's Catherdral and the National Cathedral are being built from. He has three older brothers. He seemed to be the only person from the Midwest that I knew in Manhattan. Also I ran into Mabon Childs in front of the Frick Museum with Barrett. He was sort of interesting theatre in that he was raised by George Bernard Shaw's mistress. Also his roommate Michael Bright's uncle was the head of neurology at Sloan Kettering. The lived on Minetta Place on the southwest corner of Washington Square in a Carriage House where both William Faulkner and Ernest Hemingway had lived. They also worked at Daly's bar at 59th street and First Avenue near Ford modeling, where I met Ernest Hemingway's nephew after his school years in Switzerland, and he ended up at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, where I used to walk around a lot on cold days. Geoff Hoguet's father worked for Englard Minerals which donate the atrium there. They used to let me in there for free, since it is just a suggested donation at the time. My friend from Bedford also lived near the Wallaces that owned Reader's Digest, and they donated the display of flowers at the entrance all of the time. Another friend whose family owned a huge Victorian Greenhouse in Delaware had a florist shop around Madison Avenue and 74th street were the display came from. When one is young nobody even notices one in Manhattan, and it is a lot or walking seeing what goes on, but I never felt like I was getting any serious work done. I was walking the white German Shepard nearby when John Lennon was shot after showing the dog to the secret service when President Reagan showed up at the Waldorf after being elected. Another friend that looked like me whose father was a Pan Am pilot was shot dead on Third Avenue in mid day by a passer by. I quit going to Manhattan at night around 1992, when I was with a friend, and we met somebody supposedly from Exeter whom mugged was a fifteen inch gravity knife saying he owed money to a bookie at the track. I did return after 911 in February on a zero degree night, and I visited with the doorman at the Waldorf Astoria while nothing was going on, and I saw a couple of the Ford girls walk out with private security and get into a Ford Taurus. I told them they should hang out in the Greenwich Library in blue jeans in Greenwich, and they did; and although they were quite good looking none of the younger guys seemed to notice them is sort quaint, since they did not know whom they were. Henry Ford once said, if you mess with my daughter, I will park every car I made in your town. When we live used the apartment at 420 East 49th street everyone walked up town from there on Third Avenue, and nobody paid attention to the Ford Foundation two blocks south. The Ford Foundation owns 40% off Ford Mortor, the family owns 40%, and the pension funds owns 20%, so it is basically a semi private company. Joe Macdonald was a regular visitor, and Henry Ford's first wife was a Macdonald, so maybe they were related. An older Mrs. Macdonald who lived at 54th street and First Avenue and liked having a nip across the street with the Sports Editor of the New York Times told me the Macdonald clan had the Land Grant for Western Canada, so they manage to survive. Back outside again. MLS


Michael Scott As I get older I have short term memory lost but long term memory returns. One of those Rand Corporation Think studies I heard about twenty years ago was an enemy or terrorist could smuggle a nuclear device undetected into Manhattan, and put a triggering device on it that it would not go off as long as the City keeps vibrating. However, if the city suddenly became empty for some reason, it would go off. It sounds like one of those Dr. Strangelove devices. What has me even more confused it that my friend from Bedford served in the Army at Fort Dietrich, Maryland; and my friend that knows Admiral Halsey's son is now living near there too. Possibly the Corona virus like HIV came out of there for reasons unknown. That supposedly is the Military Bacteriological Warfare research facility. They are also the only two people I showed up around in Washington D.C. a few times to see what actually goes on down there. In terms of my branch of the Scott family we only came here in 1724 out of Scotland to New Jersey, when Winfield Scott's father arrived at the same time looking for his brother, but instead married into the wealthy Winfield family in Virginia. My relative that arrived in New Jersey went to west Pennsylvannia and fought in the American Revolution and got 200 acres in North Carolina, and his branch became the wealthy William Scott family in Kentucky that my grandfather the railroad steam locamotive engineer in Illinois was from, and my father's first wife was from the wealthy Owen Coon family and with his PHD in organic chemistry seems to have become successful in textiles and other ventures until the patents ran out. Robert Wagner's wife became Bennett Cerf's wife Phyllis Wagner, and his son Barry Cerf was also a room mate on the farm at Lake Forest college. Last time I chatted with him, he was working at the mail room at Time Life. Random House is also on East 49th street. From what I can tell reseaching the internet, there are over a half dozen Michael Scotts around the country with PHDs in computers which I do not have. There was also one on TWA 888. Also, since it is a very common name, the old internet telephone directory says my previous address was West Hampton, Long Island instead of Steamboat Road in Greenwich. My U.S. passport was stolen in 1980 with Connecticut driver's license and $8,000 in gold coins I was using for traveling money before thinking of visiting Norway by four blond youths on motorcycles in Port Washington, Long Island; when I was living with the State Department family which had plenty of money. According to American Express, the passport was later used in Amsterdam, so without the money, I drove out with remaining funds and camped out by Ronald Reagan's ranch in Santa Barbara, and its to seems he won, and while President my current public housing was built. One Steamboat Road, I lived across the street from the local judge. I see another local judge all of the time. A judge's daughter lives in my building. Also with it all, I am not a lawyer. I was even President Trump's neighbor on Steamboat road, but I only saw him once when he first moved here, when he walked out in front of my old Dasher on Sunday morning with the New York Times, and I was able to get it to stop with its bad brakes. I also have chatted with him twice by telephone. Once in May 1992, when I shot at by a sniper at Tod's Point, and the Greenwich Police would not believe me, but had the signs with bullett holes replaced, I called up the Taj Mahal casino, and I had them put me through to security and they put me through to then Donald Trump, and I told him what happened, and the following week, he moved off the waterfront in Greenwich where the house is still for sale. It could have been just a kid with his father's weapons. At Ronald Reagan's first inaugural, I was standing next to Ed McMahon in front of the FBI building on Pennsylvannia avenue, and there was also a sniper shot when the motorcade drove by. I did make it to the Metal of Honor reception, and got out of town fast the next day on the Time magazine jet to Westchester airport. All I can figure out is that I look like a local state policeman who died a few years ago in Oxford, Connecticut. At the time John Kennedy jr. was a frequent jogger at Tod's Point. There is no real reason for someone to bother me unless somebody has used my identity for other purposes elsewhere which might be possible. Although we were also Bush neighbors here and in Maine, once again, I never seemed to recognize them. I did attend Tommy Cookman's funeral in Englewood, New Jersey, and I think Mabon Childs was the only Taft person there. Tom used to date a friend of one of my sisters. Back outside. MLS


Michael Scott On the Taft family I came up with When President Taft was ambassador to the Phillippines the United States killed a lot of people there during the Spanish American war. Also the Taft family besides being from Ohio have one of the largest ranches in Texas. What if there real name in Europe was not Taft but Tait like Tait gallery. Also President Taft's father was Alfonso Taft who started the Boneman Society at Yale. When I tried to go to graduate school at Yale in September of 1976, I had just gotten over strep throat, and I might have also had Lime Disease from camping out here and on Martha's Vineyard and Nantucket. After a week at Yale and not eating anything, since the cafeterias are locked up, I looked up Phil Zaedar who I knew was the assistant chaplain there. He thought I was messed up, so he had me see a psychiatrist who gave me a pill the size of a marble, and when I hitchhiked back to Greenwich, they had to hospitalize me for two months to recover. From researching that group of people at Yale, I came up with James Angleton the former chief of counter intelligence at the CIA was teaching at Yale, and he looked like my grandfather Scott, so maybe he had a relative around Yale that looked like me. Beezer Manning from President Taft's family did work for the CIA in Brazil. All I know is Richard Mellon Scafe lives in East Lyme near there, and he is one of the wealthiest people in Connecticut. In Greenwich Village the son of the Ninth Precinct detective was also a Chemistry major at Yale. Once with an Army friend I stopped by the Whitney house in Minnesota, and they seem to have a gymnasium named after them. They were Bush's ambassador to Norway. Ted Eaton from Andover and Lake Forest college seems to have not liked Tafties. Norway is supposed to have a trillion dollars in Sovereign Wealth fund from North Sea Oil, but they are not giving anything away, just fixing up the country. Now that Western Europe has recovered from World War II, there attitude here before the Corona virus was that they good do without us. End of Constant Comment. I hope you still know how to read. Word of Caution Bear Spray does not get rid of Bears, it just makes them angrier. MLS


Michael Scott PS: I am not a genius. At Taft I only got a 710 in Math and 535 in English on the SATs. I t was Guy Erdmann's idea for a few of us to go to Lake Forest college. His family making the shielding for coaxial cable too. There is a Life Magazine people never saw back east. It shows all of the photos for the 56 thousand people killed in Viet Nam. When I was out in Nantucket, I would frequently have breakfast the Dory restaurant where Henry Cabot Lodge jr. would have breakfast, and I think he was out ambassador to Viet Nam. MLS


Michael Scott If one wants to know one problem, when I visiting Nixon's neighbor from Key Biscayne in Santa Cruz, California a few times between 1978 and 1980, I had been traveling a lot, and he asked me something, and I gave his four words, and I think he thought he was supposed to use them on some advanced computer system for security access which at the time I did not think was very important. He apparently died when returned back east after living near the Rand Corporation in Malibu. I was asked by the person that picks the head of J.P. Morgan to keep an eye on him but never explained why. The last two words I think are Pomagranite like the fruit, Elesmere and Island north of Greenland, possibly the second word is Sessame, but for the life of me, I can not remember the first word. In Santa Cruz, he was a disk jockey broadcasting to the Fort Ord area with over a million records at hand. When I first left Natucket in October 1983, and I went down to Fort Lauderdale at the time of the Grenada Invasion, I saw a family of about 5000 white people. All of the teenagers were over 6 foot 6 inches tall and the older adults were over seven feet tall, and at the Bahia Mar Yacht Club, there was an eight foot tall picture of General Omar Bradley who was supposed to be stationed at Fort Ord. Then back to Nantucket, and when I finally left Jackie Onassis was on the plane and Ted Kennedy was seeing off from Hyannis. I took the train from Manhattan for a couple of weeks in Toronto, and coming down the only passenger was a lady that looked like the Queen Mum with a little blond boy and a bunch older Pullman conductors. In Buffalo, I called my friend's father, and I got his number on Long Island, but I did not call until I was settled back in after a few years. He apparently is the one with all on the connections, but nobody even notices him, until he loses his temper which can happen. Also I know is that Belmont was an agent of the Rothschilds who started the Harriman family in business, but he says it is actually his grandfather's family the Osbornes that have all of the money. Go Figure. Bye Now. MLS


Michael Scott Well, IBM supposedly has 450,000 employees worldwide doing something, and the new President as of April 6 is from India and a Cloud expert, so they must be doing something up in Armonk besides using nearby Westchester airport. I used to go over to White Plains at night to try to network with computer people many years ago. I met one young guy who could afford the 50 cent computer games, and he looked like Steve Jobs and told me his father was the head of IBM personnel. Another person gave us the Seattle Chamber of Commerce Video tape. Another persons shows up on the internet in South Hampton with Bill Clinton and Olive Watson Junior at a cancer fund raiser. Another person knew the Aga Khan when he was here as High Commissioner of refugees, and he was from Brazil and all of these coffee shops showed. I think the pub was run by a former professional hockey player. When I first got on the internet 28 years ago, I got two emails from Bill Gates, and the second one was in PGP encryption which I could not decrypt. I also got two emails from Tim Berners Lee, when he was teaching at MIT, and he told me to keep it up. I also had one email from Mark Zuckerberg when he was programming American Online Instant messenger before he went to Harvard. On Steamboat Road, there was a group of students that a shareware company called the Beagle Brothers software company. Originally in home computers, I could not afford software, so volunteered in a local computer shop copying DOS off their machines. I would even drive to Nanuet to an Egghead Software clearence center. I also met an 800 software engineer that gave me a copy of Wordperfect. I did not buy Windows 3 or Windows 95 right away, but I used the first two versions of IBM OS/2. I then started testing Microsoft's beta software and other Linux operating systems for free. The local people thought I was doing something very suspicious. I gave my then psychiatrist of Bill Gates first promotional video tape, and he never gave it back to me. After 911, friend of mine that volunteered with the Emergency Medical response suggested that I setup an emergency backup office which I have done on my limited budget. "http://scott-mike.com/computer.htm" . When I first started a web site 28 years ago, somebody in the Greenwich Library where I spent 35 years until recently reading told me to make my web site very boring. I used to go to office dumpsters looking for disgarded computer equipment. In the last years, I upgrade my systems to faster models and more Apple stuff, which I have learned to configure but not use. Everyone seems to think I am a pest, because I am not making money. 85% of the USA is now on the internet with 75% with high speed connections. One of my view friends was from a family with the original AT&T stock. Another friend's family owned a railroad network where the communications optic fibers run, but they are not computer friendly but stock market savy. They also are connected with banks. When I published Bill Clinton's department of defence directory I had to sign an agreement not to profit off of. I was hacked thousands of times from unknown sources, so I finally put my servers in the cloud a long time ago. I became an expert at quickly restoring backups, plus I put kill switches on my net switches to take computers off line, when they are not being used. Around 1987, I was offered a six month job in Security with IBM, but my college would not release my transcript because I still owed them money, and they finally released it when I turned 65. One of my friends even lived by the old IBM country club in Sands Point, Long Island; so possibly his family was invested in it. I read in the New York Times over 20 years ago, one individual out on Long Island in his 90s owned more stock in IBM than the Watson family that only have three to four percent of the company. Also before the internet on Hoovers, it said Fidelity Management in Boston owned 5 percent of every Fortune 500 company. Also the Bank of New York is supposed to have $26 trillion in custody accounts and State Street Trust in Boston has $17 trillion in custody accounts. The largest depositer in J.P Morgan years ago was the University of California retirement fund. In my job hunting activity, I found out that First Boston in Manhattan has a library with a lot of financial information which is very detailed. I even when first out of college I was offered a job at First Boston as a Trust Officer for a horse shoe stable in Springfield, Massachussetts, and it turned out to have become General Motors. Having had that interview, I met a lot of the heirs of the founders of General motors a lot of whom do not seem to even travel or use automobile, but manage to survive with preferred stock. Pierre Dupont's only child Irene Dupont inherited 25 percent of Dupont and 25% of General Motors, and when she died she had set up a trust for four thousand Dupont heirs to get about $40,000 a year to make them all delightfully "Middle Class". She even learned to fly a helicopter while in her 80s. The most interesting financial note I came up with is that working for the Rothchilds after the Civil War, the Warburg Bank Finance the Vanderbilts with Tom Scott to start John D. Rockefeller in Standard Oil. What most people forget is that many successful operations are involved with banks. There is even some that was at Harvard as lawyer in 1918 that wrote all of the laws of estates and trust that are still on the books when income tax started, and his name happened to be Michael Scott. There is a Scott family in the estate area of Llyod's Neck, Long Island that I might have been confused with. MLS


Michael Scott When I first got of college and arrived in Manhattan, I ended up dealing with two law firms which were called Davis Polk Wardwell and Cravath Swaine and Moore, because I had two relatives working there as para legals. I would visit at lunch at the Chase Plaza, and I would see about two thousand lawyers. In Chicago, General Motors has a law firm with six thousand lawyers. Unfortunately Mickey Mouse research does not make one too much money in the real world. MLS


Michael Scott Generational trusts mean that the odd generation where the trust was derived from have the most money and even generations have a much smaller portion depending on how it was setup. When one gets around the Old Guard Big Money establishment, they tend to treat every one with suspicion even their help. MLS


Michael Scott Colter, the reason I see so many people is that my father Louis Dale Scott had traveled a million miles on Pan American Airlines by 1954 doing business as a Chemical Engineer for Fortune 500 companies. I just sat at home and saw what came back. The Harriman family also started Pan American airlines along with other ventures. As railroad family they had multiple homes around the world. I am told that W. Averill Harimann's estate in Middleburg, Virginia is still fully staffed. I saw him once in 1974 at a gallery opening on East 67th street. Their house at Bear Mountain Arden house was used by Rowland Harriman that a conservation trust with a quarter million acres in New England bought. My father in 1971 while running the Polaroid Foundation gave $10 million to Harvard for the Rowland Institute. Dr. Land of Polaroid fame was from Bridgeport, and his wife was from the Kuhn family of Warburg Khun Loeb bank. His daughter married a teacher at Deerfield Academy. He was the first billionaire in Massachussetts. When he died, he had all of his research papers shredded. He was also President Richard Nixon's Science advisor. MLS


Michael Scott I added my two cents here "https://www.facebook.com/colter.rule/posts/10158201272818554" Greenwich is pretty much deserted. I think some people with schools out may have gone to their summer places. I have not visited New Canaan in about two years. When I was house sitting for my mother there are at a town house near the police station with somebody from Plandome Manor, Long Island around 1980 to 1982, eight New Canaan police arrested me with Colt 45s at my head for tresspassing when my mother and stepfather George Bliss Agnew were living in Bermuda. I have my passport and New Canaan driver's license stolen and $8,000 in gold by four blond boys on motorcycles with Connecticut license plates outside the State Department offices house in Port Washington, Long Island. I was too busy to investigate. From what I can figure out from the internet, Ghost Motorcycle in Manhassett, Long Island was owned by somebody from Fairchild electronics who probably put some sort of tracking device on my car in the random movements around the metropolitan area going back and forth. The family in Plandome manor were connected with the State Department and the Kaiser of Germany old New York consulate before World War I and were very private with two police cars parked net to the house 24 hours a day. The father was in the state department in Libya, Thailand, and Saudi Arabia; and the mother was Cyrus Vance's head of word processing in his law firm after he was secretary of state. Their lawyer lived here in back country Greenwich. The grandmother is still alive at 104 and owns a reinsurance company that insures the refineries in New Jersey. She was Mr. Grummans neighbor of Northrup Grumman, and although she never visit Manhattan since before World War II, she traveled to every five star hotel in the world and listened to Greenwich radio station and Radio Deutcheavela on Short Wave. Even Bill Clinton once showed up as the Fuller Brush man. She thought her grandchildren were boring. Sometimes a hundred people would be on the train station platform just looking at the house all day. One does see a lot of fair haired people out there. They are a dime a dozen. Alas politics have shifted again, the local Italians only seem interested in money not maintaining the "Old Guard" group. Alex Gardiner used to be down here a lot from New Canaan, but he died years ago from Parkinsons. Mother is still doing fine and hopes to return again to Kennebunkport, but with grandchildren and great grandchildren, the house is usually full, so I did not visit last summer. Nobody really likes me here, I treat Greenwich like Switzerland, a place for people to go with no place to go. I think George Agnew's family donated the property for the New Canaan Presbyterian Church, but none of his children live in this area. He was supposed to be Mr. Kennebunkport and very opionated and having served in the Pentagon during World War, he carried a gun even in his 90s. He moved from Indian Harbor in Greenwich to New Canaan, in 1974, when Greenwich started to change. He was a life long sailor having gone to Princeton, but between you and me I am still scared of the water. I was told by the reference librarian at the Greenwich Library about five years ago, that the reserves from Maine turned the tide at Gettyburg. I occassionally bump into Duncan Burke here, and he went to Taft a few years before us. I do not know what he really does, but he once told me he like climbing mountains. Missing in action, I heard twice about ten years ago from Myles McGough; and he was living at President Trump's club at Mar Largo doing business deals in South America. He want to start an inkjet and toner cartridge company. He told me he took his daughter out of Taft for obvious reasons and he had an old Chevrolet, a gun, and pig valve in his heart, so I do not know if he is stil alive or not. On his second marriage to a childhood sweet heart from Manhattan named Swan, he had two children. His family's house is still there in Katonah across from Martha Stewarts like somebody is still there. It seems John Farwell was from Lake Forest where I went to college, but I do not recall seeing him there. One of my classmates from Brooks there told me recently Nancy Pelosi's father was the mafia godfather in Baltimore, and he might know since he is friends of Admiral Halsey's son and his father was one of the orignal OSS people in World War II. They had me with the Queen Mum up in Canada in 1972, and did not even tell me whom she was. He tells me his Harriman family relatives do not really have any money, but his maternal grandfather's mother family the Osborne family have all of the money which I would think with Brown Brothers Harriman running things he would know. He moved off Long Island a few years ago to Hocassett, Delaware and still works as a race horse investigator after 40 years at NYRA. One daughter shows horses around the work, and I think the other is a nurse. About the only two people I knew in this area, and the other one from Bedford served at Fort Dietrich, Maryland and now the horse guy is living there. That is the military biological warefare place from what I know, so maybe something got out of control there. I really have no answers just speculation. I can not spend much time in the sun after my years in the sun. MLS