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Note:<888>10/02/98 Friday 8:10 A.M. EDT: NRL Satellite Photo gms_images/trop_vis/g5_981002_0332.jpeg gms Looks Like That Old Volcano In Manjuria Might Have Errupted, and There Are Lots of Clouds In The Southern Hemisphere Atmosphere, Like Something Might Have Happened In Antartica. Site for Other Photos NRL Monterey Tropical Satellite Photos MPEG Movies and Products . MLS

NRL Satellite Photo gms_images/trop_vis/g5_981002_0332.jpeg gms

NRL Monterey Tropical Satellite Photos MPEG Movies and Products

For Now We Will It "The Temple Of The Four Winds" ZEUS

This USE To Be The Site In The Old World Of The Temple Of Poseidon In The Western Hemisphere. ZEUS

World Wildlife Fund Advisory Check State South Pacific Volcanoes, Imagine Hurricane Winds This Hemisphere This Hemipsphere 5 Day Ago Were Volcanic Puff In South Pacific from The 88 Volcano, Check Number of Puffs On That Volcano, Evacutate All Coastal Residents in The Qudrant and Observers If As Anticipated That Volcano Is About To Errupt Any Time Soon, Keep The Eye On That Volcano If At All Possible. Status Here In Greenwich Connecticut Is Relatively The Same, I Have Been Trying To Relax and Meditate On The Nights Of Malta Library Historical Library, Check What Happen to World Coast Areas During Time Of Flooding During The Erruption Of 1888, If So Anticipate Much Colder Weather This Winter, Try To Conserve Energy Reserves In Northern Regions, Should Expect Very Dry Cold This Winter, Which Is Really Not All That Bad. Don't Forget If You Focus On One Volcano Too Long The Other One Might Catch You By Surprize. White Owl Alert In The Area, Check Status of Heckle AND Jeckle, and Raging Eagle, and Vulcan Birds and Flight Status. I AM Still Remaining Ground Hog. Remember This Building In Byram Is In Tornado Alley, And We Have Not Suffered Any Damage. Look Into Historical Records ON This Buildings Records, Suggest This Building Be Made National Shire If At All Possible, And Remember As The Volcanic Watch Is Maintain There Are Many Other Peoples On The Planet On Alert. Advise Most People If At All Possible Remain Calm, But AM Afraid For Coastal Areas Worldwide. We Need Worldwide Disaster Coordination Team To Go INTO Effect Hopefully With Old Time and Modern Professional Teams. Advise Most People To Check Historical Weather Of Their Locations, If This Is The Case. Personnel Whom Need To Go Into Field Should Prepare For Field Conditions. I Anticipate Remaining With Household Staff As Night Watch. Local Situation As Anticipated Is Pretty Much The Same. I Feel Under Stress, Advise Remain Calm. We Will Try To Sort It Out. Stress Feeling Comes From Colder Weather. I Imagine Volcanic Erruption Caused Solar Flare Type Of Erruption Of Most Electronic Communication and Hardware, Preserve Hold Backup Systems. Remember Conditions In the Interior Are Not Always The Same. Different Equipment In One Part Of The World, Does Not Always Work In Other Parts Of World. Check Status Of All Volcanic Observers In Network, If 88 Volcano Is About To Errupt, I Advise Evacuation Of All Personnel In 10,000 Mile Radius To Safer Locations. Remember Lots Of Big Puffs Before The Big Erruption Like 1888. MLS 10/2/98 EDT 2 A.M.

Local Muslim Terrorists Have Attacked Greenwich, Connecticut With Dead Rats Bearing Blubonic Plague, I Advise Everyone To Stay Away If Not Already Exposed. I Also Think All Weather Communications Have Been Compromised, And By The End Of October We Might Have A Two Hundred Mile An Hour Force Five Hurricane in the Carribean and the East Coast of North America. I Advise People To Gradually Retreat From Coastal Areas. Also Nuclear Reactors In The Connecticut Area Seem To Be Having Problems, Don't Know If A Chernobil Type Incident Is Immenent In The Area. I Have Also Had A Spliting Head Ache For the Last Five Days And Asprin Does Not Seem To Help. Back To Rest. Remember I Am An Honest Citizen of Switzerland With Various Credentials. MLS (nom du Amerique)

Any Rich And Powerful Bigwigs Who Are Too Busy To Come Up and View The Roses In The Rose Garden At Hyde Park, New York Pretty Damn Quick And Possibly Pick A Few Apples At The Roosevelt Apple Farm Will Probably Be Disinherited From The Family Trust And Be Sure To Wear Your Work Clothes If You Enjoy White House Apple Sauce And Any Old Coal Miners Are Welcome Along With Railroad Tycoons And Steamboat River Gamblers And Moonshiners From The Hill Country And Stable Hands And State Park Rangers And Any Curious Little Children And Maiden Aunts And Black Sheep And Any Interesting Old Timers And Old War Horses And Calvary Officers And Egg Collectors And Prospectors And Cattle Barons And Florence Nightingales And Tree Farmers And Indians And Horseless Carriage Makers And World Traveling Heads Of State Who Don't Mind Raking Leafs!

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