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Note 10/22/97 Wednesday 10:10 AM EDT: I was up at 5:30 AM this morning. I read the reports. I listened to World Technology Roundup. I read the email from Netscape In Box Direct Registration . I noticed a new sites New York Today , Microsoft Home Essentials , Le web de Canal+ , - the World's only computer software consumer search engine , Microsoft Money Insider Version 2: Smart Financial Decisions Made Easier , , Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency , , NetMeeting 2.1 , Global Gateway Group , Aerosoft - NetLoad , NETWORLD+INTEROP 97 PARIS . The President of the USA is speaking at National Geographic today, and another good link is World Wildlife Fund Take Action on Global Warming or World Wildlife Fund Global Network . Hard Rock And Heavy Metal Internet Radio in Real Audio for the kids. World's Largest Bookseller Online has been added a free advertiser at the top of my homepage. ZKM | Deutsch German Art is online. YMCA Europe international for young travelers in Europe. Whitbread Round The World Race For The Volvo Trophy for you sailors out there. Need TABASCO® Pepperfest Taste Tent Chats for your barbeque sandwich, I believe there is good barbeque around 1500 East Main Street in Stamford, Ct. . New 32-bit Apps at Stroud's CWSApps List for latest Applications. Ask Martha is still Under Construction . Republican Main Street for those trying to get a view of the White House Camera. Houses of Worship for the faithful. New York Times on the Web: Books for your reading pleasure. National Audubon Society for you birders. for whats happening with Space. Marijuana as a Medicine for the ill. Fall Foliage Report: Maine Department of Conservation for the leafers. MARRIOTT'S CASA MARINA RESORT - An Island Paradise in the Florida Keys, Florida Keys Florida Keys Fl for your winter vacation needs. IBM VoiceType ViaVoice for those of you who don't like to type. If you need a new heart Spare Hearts . For your dining pleasure around in Greenwich Restaurants . It's all happening at the zoo Gorilla Foundation . For winter golfers Golf in Spain or see Germany. For star gazers Gemini 8m Telescopes Project . For fun on your computer GAMECENTER.COM . Parlez Vous French Embassy in Washington DC, Ambassade de France à Washington DC. . Elvis Presley's Graceland , the King. NOAA/PMEL/TAO - What is an El Nino (ENSO)? the weather. EBN Interactive for European Business. Better living through Chemistry DuPont . Don't forget Mickey Web Site for Families . Discovery Online on the tube. Chill Out Davis Station, Antarctica . Order out cybermeals . More for star gazers CMDL MAUNA LOA OBSERVATORY . President of China will be in DC on Sunday. Classy search engine Britannica Internet Guide . Help speaking from Bell Labs Text-to-Speech . Back to school American School Directory . Read a book American Library Association . Live like a CZAR Alexander Palace Time Machine . Need medical help 1997 Best Hospitals . What's happening on Wall Street Merrill Lynch Market Data or Merrill Lynch Financial News & Research Center .Worried about a Volcano Smithsonian Institution Global Volcanism Program or MTU Volcanoes . View from the sky GEOSTATIONARY SATELLITE SPECIAL EVENT ARCHIVE . Or computer support No Wonder Computer Support . Check out the weather from the sky NRL Monterey GOES-9, GOES-8, METEOSAT, GMS, Tropical Cyclone, Hurricane Satellite Products Images Mo . See what is up to. Email .Star gaze in Instituto de Astrofísica de Canarias . Relax on a volcano Lanzerote Map . Tell the boss you need a vacation this winter Lou Gerstner . Buy a horse New York Breeding and Racing Program . See how much fun it is in Nantucket in the winter Nantucket Island, Ma. - - Nantucket Island Information or take a look for yourself Nantucket Washington Street Cam . Go down east Kennebunkport, Maine . Remember I will be hiding out in Greenwich, Connecticut more than likely at the Greenwich Library which will be a little noisey. Have a good day from or say hello .