Michael Scott 1992 Buick Roadmaster Station Wagon

Sold December 18, 2007 for $1,500

For Sale as of December 16, 2007

$1995, 116,000 miles

26 miles per gallon highway, 17 to 11 miles per gallon local driving depending on conditions and it uses premium fuel.  It weighs 4400 pounds, so in stop and go traffic it uses more fuel.


Michael Scott

71 Vinci Drive

Apt. # 206

Greenwich, Connecticut 06830-2902




Vehicle Identification Number  "1G4BR8371NW409761"

Reason for sale, I was given another car.  As far as I know the Buick wagon is in great shape.

The only difficulty I know of is if the driver's side window is lowered all the way, it sometimes does not go back

up right away, but usually does after a few tries, so I generally never lower it more than half way to avoid the problem.

I am the second owner, and the car was originally sold at Putnam Buick in Greenwich, Connecticut after it was used in the Buick Open that year.  It was used by a real estate sales person, so it was well maintained.

Has Boat Trailer Hitch.  Mechanics manual and diagnostics device included.  MP3 player not included.  I have a waiver on the Connecticut emissions test until June 2008, but with the new Oxygen Sensor and the repair of the Map Sensor vacuum line, and air filter replace, there should be not problem with the emissions.  Greenwich Automotive Services Exxon service station can check the Emissions for $20, but not do the  Connecticut test.  One can get a yearly Connecticut emissions waver, if one is low income.  Judging by the cars performance, there should be no problems with the emissions.  If one did the Connecticut test and failed, then one would lose the waiver until June 2008.  The computer diagnostics device shows no error codes.  The car does not consume oil, since the oil sending unit was replaced.


Original owner purchased from Putnam Buick in Greenwich, Connecticut in

1992 after it was used for the Buick Open.   Original retail price about $26,000

Automatic Transmission replaced under warranty at 59,000 miles

Brakes redone at 85,000 miles

Dashboard fan motor replaced at 90,000 miles

About 12,000 miles on the most recent set of tires

Last Tune Up at 110,000 miles

$9  Stop and Shop April 24, 2007, two 12 ounce containers of Unifide Iso-Dri Fuel System Dryer and Pennzoil concentrated Fuel System Cleaner

$1000  Purchased April 21, 2007 for $1,000 from original owner with 113,800 miles

$20 Connecticut Vehicle Transfer

$60 Connecticut Sales Tax

$25 Connecticut Title

$10 Connecticut Inspector Fee

$3 Medallion Auto Center April 22, 2007 two front parking light bulbs

$200 Greenwich Automotive Services Exxon Station April 24, 2007 new Deka battery and test charging system, oil and filter and lubricate and fluid check, State Emissions Pretest failure, Tire Rotation at 113,800 miles, recommended $500 Tune Up, $200 air conditioning recharge, $150 Fan Belt replacement, $200 automatic transmission service.

$20 Failed Emissions Inspection Fee at Putnam Avenue Shell Station April 25, 2007 and May 10, 2007

$8  April 26, 2007 Gateway Auto Supply rear windshield wiper

$31 April 28, 2007, Gateway Auto Supply locking gas cap and two quarts of Castrol 10W40 oil

$17 Charles Stuttigs lock smith April 30,2007 two ignition keys, two gas cap keys, two door lock keys, two The Club bar keys, and Buick Key fob

$6 Gateway Auto Supply, May 14, 2007, STP oil treatment and two 2 inch diameter hose clamps

$88  JC Whitney Auto Parts, May 15, 2007, 1992 Buick Roadmaster Haynes repair manual, pre-heater hose, Air conditioning retrofit kit with three cans refigerant, refrigerant with leak detector, air conditioning maxi-seal 2 step leak sealer

$25 Medallion Auto Parts May 16, 2007, 20 ounce of Techron fuel injection cleaner and 16 ounce of Emissions Test for Dummies Cure

$5 Gateway Auto Supply May 23, 2007 PCV Valve

$3 Gateway Auto Supply May 31, 2007 3 rear license plate bulbs or parking light bulbs

COMPUTER CODE READER : JC Whitney: Auto Parts & Accessories for 1982 to 1993 GM and Saturn Models #ZX503795A for $25.99 shown my the manufacturer here ActronŽ GM Code Scanner CP9001

Highland ALL-WEATHER FLOOR MATS : JC Whitney: Auto Parts & Accessories for the front seat in tan for $39.99

Catalytic Converter Solder-It Catalytic Converter Cleaner & Deodorizer : JC Whitney: Auto Parts & Accessories for $10.49 and with promo code good through May 31, 2007 "SAVENOW" , I got free $15.99 shipping for $76.47 total arrived

Hank May Goodyear, Port Chester, New York June 2, 2007 Replace Oxygen Sensor on Manifold, parts $47.56 and Labor $84 and tax $9.70 for $141.26 or  $142,

June 4, 2007 Greenwich Automotive Services Exxon gasoline station, replace alternator $174.68 part, replace fan or serpentine belt $70.68 for part, load test battery, alternator, and starter $44.50, labor replace belt and alternator $89, automatic transmission flush and service $149.95 labor, automatic transmission flush kit $29.95 16 quarts of Automatic Transmission fluid Dextron +3 $53.28, total labor $283.45, total parts $328.59, Supply Charge $20.92, subtotal $632.96, sales tax $37.98 for total $670.94.

June 21, 2007, Amazon.com: Virtual Reality Sound Labs MP3/WMA FM Modulator with SD Card, USB Port, and Audio Input: Automotive for $44.99 with free shipping. There will be a slight wait in the shipping until after August 1, 2007, but there was a $10 promotional credit on it, so the final cost is $34.99

512 megabyte SD card from www.newegg.com $20  April 2006

June 23, 2007 ordered from www.jcwhitney.com with free shipping on over $50 order through June 28, 2007 using promo code "SEGMFX7 " a Porta-Jump Porta-Jump Emergency Jump Starter : JC Whitney: Auto Parts & Accessories for $11.99, a JC Whitney: Auto Parts & Auto Accessories for Cars, Trucks, Motorcycles, Jeep and More a two pack of G.E. Super Blue Halogen Dual Beam for $35.99, a JC Whitney: Auto Parts & Auto Accessories for Cars, Trucks, Motorcycles, Jeep and More a Wix Air Filter for $6.99 for $54.97 with free shipping

July 9, 2007, Front license plate frame from Minchin Buick Minchin Buick-Pontiac-GMC, Inc. - Pre-Owned Used And New Car Sales - Leasing, Financing - Trade-Ins Welcome for $32.86 with shipping and tax

Bermuda flag decal for $2.25 each and $3 shipping for $7.50 total July 20, 2007

two United Kingdom Oval Decal for $1.99 each and $1 shipping for $5, July 20, 2007

Devcon 5 Minute Epoxy Gel, $6 from the Greenwich Hardware store for repairing rear tail gate rubber molding strip, September 6, 2007

Final Detail S/2 Top Shelf Series Instant Spray Wax at QVC for two 22 ounce spray bottles for $17.68 both and $5.72 shipping and $1.40 tax for $24.80 total

2 gallons of 50%-50% Peak antifreeze for $8 from Walgreens October 29, 2007

Kennebunkport, Maine "KPT" Lobster oval decal $2

two Strong Arm Liftgate Window Lift Supports for $24.99 each LIFT SUPPORTS - GAS-CHARGED REPLACEMENTS - JCWhitney Replacement auto parts Parts less 15% discount of $7.50 with promo code "BESHKX7" plus $8.99 standard shipping for $51.47 total

replace oil sending unit $102.50, oil change and filter replace, top off vital fluids, lubricate chassis, perform 20 point maintenance check $37.92, supply charge $5.62, sales tax $8.76 for $154.80 total.  Done at Greenwich Automotive Services Exxon station, December 5, 2007.

Gateway Auto Supply STP oil treatment $3.99, Gumout Concentrated Fuel Injector Cleaner $3.99, two quarts of Castrol 10W 40 oil $3 each, and 84 cents sales tax for $14.82 total.

Two Week Advertisement in the Greenwich Time Classified Ads $60

Subtotal: December 5, 2007  $2891  115,740 miles