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Michael Louis Scott


Greenwich, Connecticut U.S.A.

(first published February 22, 1995 on the internet)

(reposted as originally published on January 19, 2008)


Tabago has a great left break.

Lanzerote has black sand.

St. John's was calm.

St. Thomas horseshoe bay is calmer.

Key West has windsurfing.

Fort Lauderdale is a bust.

Palm Beach has no sand.

Hope Sound might have shells.

John's Island is south of Sebastian Inlet.

Flagler has a pier.

Pennsacola has not changed.

Huntington Island is good for camping.

Hilton Head has alligators.

Canaveral National Seashore has sharks.

Daytona has fine sand.

St. Augustine has history.

Marathon has calm and does Islamarda.

Miami is losing its sand.

Paradise Island has white sand.

Bimini who knows.

Bermuda pink sand.

Virginia Beach has D.C. flash.

Greenwich has Tod's Point, no waves.

Little Compton has wind.

Martha's Vineyard has its south shore.

Nantucket's south shore is further out in the gulf stream.

Wellfleet has dunes.

Kennebunkport can be cold.

Holland, Michigan has tullips.

Lake Forest, Illinois has a bluff.

Santa Cruz has brussel sprouts.

Surf, California has train depot.

Santa Barbara has students.

Malibu on labor day.

Laguna has camel point.

La Joila has blacks beach.

Maui has rocky lava in the water.

Kauhai and L'Hanai once had tree houses.

Jones Beach is sandy and busy.

South Hampton can be plush.

Newport is busy with dirty sand.

Marblehead is windy.

Crete has caves.

Sparta has a view.

Hydra is rocky.

Marbellia has night life. 


Internet Beach Bum


More Beaches Added, January 19, 2008


Royal Palm Hotel Beach Hawaii, perfect colonial.

Temple of Poseidon, Greece , perfect setting.

Izmir Beach, Turkey, nobody around.

Celchuck beach, Turkey, St. Paul preached there.

Beach at Olympus, Greece, plenty of room to swim.

Beach at end of the runway of Athens, Greece airport, saw SST take off for the first time.

Oyster Bay Cove, Long Island, beach beautiful view of Connecticut.

Island Beach, Greenwich, view of the Big Apple.

Byram Shore, smugglers paradise.

Sherwood Island, lots of room for Connecticut.

Southport, Connecticut, British embassy no parking sign.

Green Farms, Connecticut, not to private in the winter.

Shippan Point, first beach in Connecticut.

Rye Playland, not busy in the winter.

Lake Bluff, Illinois beach, near the railroad station.

Elm Street Beach, Chicago, Illinois, beware of falling through the ice.

Navy Pier, Chicago, why they call Chicago the Windy city.

Hotel Coronado, San Diego, perfect Victorian.

San Clemente beach, good surf casting.

Dana Point, good place to said west coast

Newport Beach, bring your tennis whites

Long Beach, Queen Mary I home

Huntington Beach, surfers and oil fields, nice pier too.

El Segundo Beach, once looked affordable.

Fort Bragg, as far north as I made it on the beach in California.

Point Conception, keep it immaculate.

Venice Beach, easy to get lost in traffic.

San Luis Episbo starts the Big Sur Drive.

Carmel ends the Big Sur Drive, plenty of beaches in between.

Monterey easy to sneak in via Pebble Beach golf course.

Decatur, Alabama, Tennessee River beach, watch out for water moccasins.

Lookout Mountain Camp river beach.

Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.

Ogunquit, Maine beach, nice Dutch flag.

Cape Purpose beach, have a lobster.

Biddeford Pool Beach, more lobster.

Cataumet, Cape Code, only the Woods know for sure.

Centerville Beach, life guards are fun.

Hyannisport, never found the beach.

Woods Hole, stop by the Oceanographic Institute.

Provincetown, nice dunes.

Panama City, more white powder beach.

Hollywood, Florida, hard to fine.

Pompano Beach, high rises with sand.

Deerfield Beach, another pier

Boca Raton, Florida, good place to camp out in the old days.

Stewart Beach, near the nuclear reactor, and crocodiles.

Paradise Island, visit the Cloister.

St. Thomas harbor, duty free liquor at Reese's

Monroe County Beach, Key West, pebbly small rocky coral sand.

Clarence Higgs Beach, Key West, north side of the Case Marina.

John Pennecamp State park, Florida Keys, a bit cold in the winter.

Boyd's Campground, Stock Island, where the local snowbirds flourish.

Boca Chica Naval Station, watch out for the Surface to Air Missiles.

Flagler Beach, windy in the winter.

Melbourne Beach, looks inviting.

New Symirna Beach, a bit like California.

Tarpon Springs, Florida, more Greek sponge divers.

Hotel Coronado, Tampa, Florida, they painted it pink.

Biltmore, Hotel, Coral Springs, Florida, old world Florida look.

Naples, Florida, started dish washing career there.

Venice, Florida, looks a bit like Bermuda.

Elbow Beach, Bermuda, bring your jacket and tie.

Outer Banks, North Carolina, start of Chesapeake Bay Bridge.

Eastern Virginia Shore, end of Chesapeake Bay Bridge.

Cape May, New Jersey shoreline.

Atlantic City, New Jersey, before the fixed it up.

Narragansett, Rhode Island, first surf spot out of New York City in New England.

North Stonington,  Connecticut, picture perfect.

Ponte Vedra, Florida, say hello to Hurley.

Muskegon Yacht Club on Lake Michigan, friends use to be there.

Bovan Family cottage on Lake Michigan, north of Holland, Michigan.

John's Island Beach, Vero Beach, Florida, tends to be empty in the winter.

Jupiter, Florida, before it was developed.

Delray, Florida, the place time forgot.

Marathon, Florida Keys, might have once settled there.

Key Largo, start of the Florida Keys highway.

Deer Key, don't bother the Deer Key.

Tavernier, Florida,

Homestead, Florida, need a lift.

Never left the airport in Puerto Rico, suppose to have beaches.

Never left the airport in Copenhagen, suppose to have waterfront.

Oslo, Norway waterfront.

Amsterdam, Netherlands waterfront.

Seine River, Paris, France, nice inland waterfront property.

Thessalonica, Greece, friendly town.

Istanbul, Turkey waterfront, nice views.

Train ride down the Costa De Sol

Train ride along the Southern coast of France

Train ride along the northwest coast of Italy

Train ride up the Mississippi River to St. Louis

Sauté St. Marie, Thousand Islands, try the Corby's Whisky.

No beach that I saw at Niagara Falls, Canada

Toronto, Canada waterfront.

Lake Champlain, Burlington, Vermont, best to go in the summer.

Lake Mead, need electricity, try Hoover Dam.

Grand Canyon, Colorado River, nice view.

Detroit River, a good place to sneak into the United States from Windsor, Canada.

Peak, Island seclusion in Maine.

Portland, Maine waterfront.

York, Maine, waterfront.

Portsmouth, New Hampshire waterfront.

Seabrook, New Hampshire, more electricity, nuclear power plant needed to grow roses in winter.

Irvington, New York Hudson River town.

Tarrytown, New York, Hudson River town near the Rockefellers.

Hyde Park, New York, Hudson River town, near the Vanderbilts and Roosevelts.

West Point, New York, they never notice me there.

Barbados airport, never left the airport, but bought a liter of Johnny Walker black for a dollar.

Trinidad airport, never left the airport.

Mount Irvine Club, Blacks Beach, Pigeon Point, and airport road beach in Tobago.

Grass Island, Greenwich, Connecticut

Steamboat Road, Greenwich, Connecticut good place to view the sea gulls.

Meads Point, Greenwich, Connecticut, friends use to live there.

Belle Haven, Connecticut, friends use to live there.

Riverside, Connecticut waterfront, friends still live there.

Tod's Point, Old Greenwich, Connecticut, too expensive recently for me to drive over there.  Recently, it has been maintained like a private club.

City Island, New York

New Rochelle, New York

Manhattan, West Side waterfront from 114 street to Wall Street, East side waterfront from Wall Street to Triboro Bridge.

Manhasset, Long Island, nice Dutch town.

Port Washington, Long Island, nice marina.

Sands Point, Long Island, comfortable houses.

Glen Cove, Long Island, diplomatic haven.

Bar Beach, Long Long Island, youth haven.

Locust Valley, Long Island, cold in the winter.

Great Neck, Long Island, home to merchant marine academy.

Roselyn, Long Island, they use to make the paper for money there.

Lloyd's Neck, Long Island, robber barons haven.

East Hampton, Long Island, unfriendly Yalely.

Montauk, Long Island, windy on a calm day.

Chappaquiddick, nice bridge, but beware sleeping on the beach for jeeps.

Edgartown, Martha's Vineyard, place to begin walk to Gay Head, Martha's Vineyard.

Fisher's Island has their own castle.

Bell Island, small summer community off Darien, Connecticut.

New Haven, Connecticut waterfront, more Yalies.

Stratford, Connecticut, it was never undiscovered.

Bridgeport, Connecticut waterfront, way to get to Long Island on the Ferry.

Port Chester, New York, view of Greenwich, Connecticut from the Byram River.

New York City Reservoirs along I-684.

Northwestern University  Lake Michigan waterfront north along Sheridan Road all the way to the Wisconsin border.

Jacksonville, Florida as far south along the coast as Key West and back north along the west coast as far north as Mississippi. 

Louisiana along Interstate 10 into Texas.

Lake of the Woods, Illinois.

Lake Erie from Fort Erie, Pennsylvania to Buffalo, New York.

Kennedy Airport on New York City harbor a good place to travel to other locations.

Newark, New Jersey where Hartz Mountain bird seed comes from.

Port Elizabeth, New Jersey, home to a Budweiser brewery.

Montreal, Canada waterfront area, lots of black stone buildings.

Jamestown, Virginia, where it is all suppose to have started.

Baltimore, Maryland, I drove through it a number of times at night.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, another large port community and home to relatives, nice waterfront area.

Providence, Rhode Island, looks like a real New England City, when I was last there.  Christopher Wren architecture.

Old Lyme, Connecticut home of lyme disease.

Essex, Connecticut where another relative once lived.

New London, Connecticut, another navy port of call.

Groton, Connecticut, another nautical port of call.

Newport News, Virginia, you might see some ships there.

Barcelona, Spain must have a beach, but I just had a $3 lunch at the Barcelona Yacht Club with about 10 people waiting on me during Siesta Time.

Dimitri our bus driver in Greece drove us over the Corinth canal over a very high bridge.

I also saw the Mobil oil refinery in Greece on the waterfront.

Pyreus is the waterfront community on the shore in Athens, Greece, we caught the boat too and from Crete there.

I have been along the waterfront in Norwalk, Connecticut many times.

I have also been along the waterfront many times in Westport, Connecticut.

I never found the waterfront in Darien, Connecticut, but I did find Royaton and Bell Island.

I have driven along the U.S. 1 west of me along the waterfront towards Manhattan as far one can go into the Bronx.

I have driven through Staten Island a number of times, and I have taken the Staten Island ferry across New York Harbor to Staten Island about three times.

I have been on Liberty Island with a friend from Brazil.

Muscle Shoals, Alabama might also be on the Tennessee River.

Florence Italy in on the River Arno, and the Medici, the Italian family that made their money financing pirates have not run out of money in 800 years.

Rome, Italy is not on the waterfront, but it has river that runs through it.  The Spanish steps have lots of activity at night.

Sebastian, Florida is north of Vero Beach, Florida, and it is growing fast.

Disney has artificial beaches around their resort in Orlando, Florida.

Bayonet Point, Florida where another relative lived is not on the waterfront, but east of Tarpon Springs.  The have small ponds on their golf course.

Paris, Island, South Carolina has a United States Marine cemetery in the center of town.

Camp Pendleton, California has beach front property with lots of hills in the back ground.

San Francisco, California has a working waterfront with views of the harbor.

Oakland, California is on the waterfront to the east of San Francisco.

Santa Monica is just south of Malibu with beach front views.

Marina Del Rey is just south of Santa Monica, California as I recall.

Pacific Palisades is another coastal community.

Las Angeles airport is near the ocean, and once when I was there in August 1980 on my way to Hawaii, it was 45 degrees Fahrenheit and foggy, and I recall seeing someone that looked like Queen Elizabeth II getting on the United Airlines flight to Hawaii.

Malaga, Spain still had oranges growing in its street in February, and one can catch a plane from its airport on Iberia airlines to Lanzarote to see if Rhone Dietrin is still there.

Oceanside, California looked like it once might be affordable, and I have never been in Mexico.

Lompoc, California is another Pacific Coast Highway town.

Pismo Beach is suppose to be the muscle beach of California.

Ventura had a car named after it.

Morro Bay is one the same road

Watsonville, California is famous for strawberries.

Half Moon Bay now has a Ritz Carlton, but when I was there it was mostly pumpkin patches.

On my further north trip to Fort Bragg, I might have also passed through Mendocino.  I do recall driving over the Golden Gate Bridge.

I have driven through New Orleans, Louisiana a number of times, but I have never gotten of I-10 to explore the city.

I have driven through the lower Mississippi River delta area of Mississippi and its Gulf Coast region, and I might have been on its gulf coast a number of times many moons ago.

I have driven through Houston, Texas on I-95 a number of times, but I only once got off  I-10 to make a telephone call at an all black native bar, where they were not very receptive.

I have been on the Bridgeport to Port Jefferson ferry, so I have been in Port Jefferson, Long Island

I have driven through Bridgehampton, Long Island and along the south shore of Long Island as far as it goes west.

Since I lived on Nantucket for a long time, and I walked a lot, I have walked out to Sconset and to Madeket and Wauwinnet a number of times.

Having walked around Martha's Vineyard quite a few times, when I did not have the time to go out to Nantucket, I have obviously been in Vineyard Haven and Oak bluffs.

As a Polaroid photographer, when I was able to afford a camera, I obviously was around the waterfront a lot in the Boston, Massachusetts area.  I remember taking lots of pictures in the North End and in the warehouse area north of the North End along the waterfront around Logan airport and also along the Chalres River.  I have driven through the South Side.  I obviously have taken a lot of pictures in the Cambridge, Massachusetts area which lies along the Charles River.   Alas in most of my later waterfront travels, I was not able to afford to carry a camera.  I have driven through the areas along the north shore of Boston as well as the south shore including visiting Plymouth Rock a number of times.  I have visited the Poor House in Borne, Massachusetts on the waterfront, and I have driven the Cape Code roads the entire length on both the north and south shores.

Lyon, France and Grenoble, France also have river fronts.

Geneva, Switzerland is also on Lake Geneva.

Lake Geneva, Illnois is also a lake.

I have driven along the Lake Michigan Front in Wisconsin before.

I have also driven along the Michigan side Lake Michigan. 

I have also driven along the Indiana side of Lake Michigan including Gary, Indiana

I have driven through Pittsburg, Pennsylvania, which as I recall is on the Allegheny River

I have driven through Cleveland, Ohio and Toledo, Oho which is on Lake Erie, and I have driven from there to Buffalo, New York also and to Chicago, Illinois also.

Washington D.C. no beaches on the Potaomac River, but the locals suffer from a swamp born fever called White House fever.

St. Louis, Missouri, made famous by Mark Twain.

Grandad Scott's farm on the Wabash River between Illinois and Indiana near Robinson, Illinois

Michael Louis Scott was born on the east side of the Mississippi River across the river from St. Louis, Missouri in Alton, Illinois, an old river boat town on a high bluff above the River, where it tends not to flood as much.


End of Internet Beach Bum Note, January 19, 2008