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                                                          June 1997 to August 1999


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June 1997 Notes:


Note 06/25/97: I recommend using the IBM dialer with IBM.net instead of the Win 95

TCP/IP dialer alone, which the IBM dialer works with, because on my system the Network

seems to freeze after a period of time which it does not do if one uses the IBM dialer. Of

course the IBM dialer uses more system resources.


Note 06/25/97: I recommend using the IBM dialer with IBM.net instead of the Win 95

TCP/IP dialer alone, which the IBM dialer works with, because on my system the Network

seems to freeze after a period of time which it does not do if one uses the IBM dialer. Of

course the IBM dialer uses more systems resources.


Note 6/25/97: NYNEX made a service call yesterday and said my telephone lines in my

apartment were fine. They did redirect my service to a different connection box, which

seems to have improved service. No problems so far this morning. They said they would

discontinue the early morning line tests.


Note 6/21/97: On following message, NYNEX advises me they perform a line test in the

early AM every day. When I am online I will be disconnected. When I reconnect and they

reperform the line test again until successfully completed, I will be disconnected again, thus

setting up a redundant annoyance until the line test successfully completes. That is

NYNEX's explanation for the problem listed below.


6/20/97 Internet Access in Greenwich, Connecticut from Byram, Connecticut Via NYNEX

telephone exchange in Greenwich to Stamford, Connecticut SNET exchange or NYNEX

telephone exchange in White Plains, New York or Armonk, New York has system

problems possibly due to heavy usage, or internal industrial espionage. I have experienced

continual cut offs in the morning hours from after midnight to 7 AM for the last six months.

They are caused by irregular line noise possibly caused by internal telephone system

failures or industrial espionage. Since I am not a telephone technician it is all theory.

However, repeated disconnects during the morning hours when the system is not heavily

used lead me to believe it is more than telephone system failure. Nothing in Scott's

directory is classified or secret, so I advise anyone transmitting sensitive information over

the Greenwich, Connecticut telephone system to possibly consult with their internal

security to see if it is system malfunctions or industrial espionage, or possibly teenage

hackers who are too smart for their own good. Believe it or not the busiest category at

Scott's site has become "Hacks and Cracks" up to 300 hits a day, so possibly some young

hackers have figured out how to hack into our systems and disrupt normal use of the

internet. It is all theory, but I have no proof other than irregular audible telephone line

noise that the IBM.NET technician also heard and NYNEX claims does not exist. Thus

either someone has the capability of tapping into my system telephone "bugging" at

various intervals or there is a gopher gnawing at the telephone line. Who Knows ?

However, if it happens to a simple home user like myself, I suspect that more serious

corporate users might have certain security considerations that they might want to



Note 06/06/97: I have had internet access connection access problems since Christmas

Time. The symptoms were that the connection would freeze up or disconnect. I was able

to fix the problem by selecting "Control Panel", "Networking". Under "Networking" I

removed "Client for Microsoft Networks", "Dialer", and "TCP/IP". I then rebooted and

selected "Control Panel" , "Networking"; and reinstalled "Client for Microsoft

Networks", "Dialer", and "TCP/IP". When prompted to insert Win95 disks, I installed

the files again, however I "did not keep the newer files", but overwrote the newer files

with the original files from the Win95 disks. The newer files that I overwrote with the

original files were:























Those eleven files were replaced with the original files from the Win95 installation disks,

by selecting "NO" when prompted to keep newer files. The networking problem that this

fixed for me might have possibly been caused in December when I happen to log onto the

"Chaos Computer Club" in Germany. However, I also had installed the MS "winsock.dll"

update, MS "TCP/IP Dialer" update, plus numerous other betas and updates. The system

is back running fine, so if you are having internet access speed slowdowns or disconnects,

you might think that it might be possibly the networking system that is corrupted by one of

the various previous mentioned files.


Note 06/05/97: If You Have Problems Connecting To Your ISP, Particularly IBM.NET;

IBM Suggests Deleting Your Network Components From Windows 95 Network Window

and Reinstalling Them, It Seems To Work for Me.


Note 06/01/97: My internet access worked poorly recently because I had the TCP setting

in Networking set to "Windows Logon" instead of "Network Logon". I suggest looking at

the link below if you use IBM.NET.


IBM.NET Windows 95 Dial‑up Networking (DUN) PPP Setup

July 1997 Notes:


Note 07/31/97: Eureka, I might have finally fixed the problem I have been having with my

computer system since December 1996. I finally figured out the copy of "himem.sys" in

my "C:\Windows" directory was defective. Although Win95 has continually loaded

properly, "himem.sys" was not loading properly. I finally determined the problem by

pressing "F8" when booting Win95, and watching each driver load with the option of

selecting each driver to verify. I corrected the problem by extracting the "himem.sys"

from my Win95 disks and overwriting the buggy one. One can also check if your version

loads properly by using the bootable startup disk to see if it is working providing the

version of "himem.sys" system on the bootable startup disk is the same as in the

"C:\Windows" directory. Remember the "himem.sys" was corrupted causing the problem.

The file date and bytes were the same as the original installation file. I don't know what

caused the corruption of the file, whether a system problem or some sinister web site I had

perhaps visited back in December 1996. Remember I did stop by the "Chaos Computer

Club" in Germany about that time. After a half hour of testing the system seems to be

back up to snuff, the internet is working properly.


Note 07/31/97: IBM Dialer still freezing, and when I reconnect it refuses to authenticated

until I reboot. I have reinstalled Network system half dozen times to no avail. I suppose I

will have to live with hidden gremlin in the system. Microsoft is offering update 07/29/97 to

"kernel32.dll at following link Microsoft Technical Support Help Files, Service Packs, &

Other Files. Greenwich is still quiet and peaceful. Enjoyed seeing the movie "Air Force

One" last evening which was full of action packed excitement.


Note 07/30/97: Current computer status quo is maintained, although I should upgrade hard

drive and add 17 inch monitor for eyesight relief when budget permits. Greenwich, Ct. is

very slow at present, many people seem to be vacationing, with a number of other

travelers passing through town. Town security seems to be continued to be maintained at

usual high level. Many VIP look-alikes have been spotted in the area. Greenwich Library

construction continues, parking lot should reopen in couple of weeks. Greenwich hospital

construction is still underway. Flags not seen flying in Belle Haven area. Green Military

Transports have been seen landing at Westchester Airport. Greenwich Library has "Red

Alert" sign in front window. Tod's Point continues to be maintained in excellent condition,

and as with all Greenwich beaches is reserved for the use of town residents and their



Phone Numbers for Quick Reference:


United States Secret Service: 1‑202‑395‑2020


United States Military Academy at West Point: 914‑938‑4011 and 914‑938‑7398


CIA: 1‑703‑482‑1100


FBI: New Haven, Ct. : 1‑203‑777‑6311


Marriott’s' Casa Marina, Key West, Florida: 1‑800‑626‑0777


Note 07/26/97: Greenwich, Ct. access story floating around town is from a Texas couple

who decided to drive north because it was 110 degrees F. in Texas, and they hit Tropical

Storm Danny in Louisiana, and drove all the way up north with it for the next few days.

Retired Argentinean couple were sited visiting Greenwich along with the usual group of

Merchant Princes and Princesses who frequent the town. Average house price in

Greenwich, Ct. is now $650,000 for those of you thinking of moving here. Belle Haven is

deluxe expensive area now, but those in the know prefer Round Hill area for privacy or

further back country in Bedford, New York if you can afford the taxes, or even further

back country up around Hudson's Bay which has less expensive real estate prices if you

don't mind the mosquitoes in the summer or the Polar Bears in the winter. Of course if you

speak French, Montreal is always enjoyable in the summer if you happen to be up north.

Nous Parlons Un Peu Francais Ici. Nice weather predicted this weekend.


Note 07/24/97: Disabled Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.0 beta 2 Active Desktop to

preserve system resources. MSIE 4.0 beta 2 occasionally crashes, but works most the

time. Take a look at Internet Explorer 4.0 Platform Preview 2 Technical Support. Also

check out Microsoft Download Wizard , hopefully it will work with Internet Explorer 4.0

beta 2 soon, at present JAVA script does not work. MSIE 4.0 beta 2 on my machine has

problem logging onto the MSIE 4.0 beta 2 Add-ons page Internet Explorer Products

Download Add-ons .


Note 07/22/97: My system 540 meg Western Digital Hard Drive 1 1/2 years old bought at

Egghead software is making a clanking sound. I might have hard disk failure soon. Limited

budget prevents me from replacing it at present.


Note 07/21/97 PM: Internet Access Functioned Properly in Day Time Today connecting to

IBM, Armonk. On my VESA 486 Deep Green PC System Motherboard, with AMD

AM486DX4‑S 120 MHZ CPU, Award Bios V506 01/08/96, ROM ISA BIOS (2C419R01);

I changed the CMOS setup as follows. In the CMOS, I selected "Chipset Features" and

changed "AT BUS Clock" from 1/3 CLKIN to 1/4 CLKIN, also I changed "DRAM

SPEED" from "fastest" to "faster". Possibly these CMOS changes improved internet

access and system performance today. On my system with both WIN95 and OS/3, I don't

have any problem accessing internet with OS/3; so possibly the problems I am having with

WIN95 have to do with my Win95 system setup or CMOS setup. The symptoms are that

the systems seems to have the internet access freeze, and when I relog onto to IBM.net it

does not authenticate and I have to reboot for Win95 to access IBM.net properly with the

IBM dialer.


Note 07/21/97: NYNEX claims to have repaired telephone line problem, but I am still

experiencing interruptions of internet service, possibly due to traffic of Internet. In

Greenwich, Connecticut in Bruce Park, there is a flock of about 100 geese. One of them

has an Audubon or conservation band on the left leg that I can not identify, possibly

someone might try photographing the banded goose with a telephoto lens to check out its



Note 07/15/97: Experiencing repeated telephone line noise problems causing telephone to

make clicking sound, which also disconnects computer from internet when online. NYNEX

representatives and FBI were able to hear clicks on telephone line also. NYNEX tests say

telephone is all right. Theory suggests that we might have a squirrel or a rat munching on

the telephone line below or above ground. All power in Greenwich was knocked out last

summer by a rat eating power cable insulation. Checking with IBM security, they suggest

that NYNEX has brought in a lot of old in disrepair telephone trucks to repair lines in the

area that are faulty caused by repeated electrical storms and lighting strikes in the area

this summer. In summation telephone line problems interfering with internet access in the

Greenwich, Connecticut area might be caused by malfunctioning telephone equipment

which was possibly hit by lightning in one of the recent electrical storms. Problems I

experienced are repeated clicking sound every two to five minutes which cause the modem

to disconnect from IBM's ISP. However, I have had this telephone line problem since

12/96, so I think there is something wrong with the NYNEX telephone system in Byram as

it feeds into the Port Chester, New York area which NYNEX has been unable or unwilling

to resolve. Telephone clicks when computer is turned off. NYNEX line test says there is

no problem. Disconnecting all telephones in the apartment still yields the same problem.

Theory, there is something rotten in Denmark, blame it on the squirrel in the tree knowing

on the telephone line, who knows? If the internet does not work in your local domain, get

out and enjoy the summer weather here in the Northern hemisphere, the internet will

always be around once winter sets in to spend more time on and try to resolves any



Other net information, according to Reuters news Mexico City's volcano is lowered to

"yellow" alert, but they reported two weeks ago, it was already at "yellow", so

theoretically it could still be at "Red Alert", which means the Mexico City volcano "will"

erupt, possibly causing a very cold winter up north. Who knows, I don't? Volcano levels of

alert increasing in level of activity are "green", "yellow", "orange", "red". Check

Cascades Volcano Observatory for exact definitions, and information from the "Volcanic

Emergency Response Team". Repeat I make up the category of links, I am not a

"Geologist" or "Volcanologist". The number "eight" used repeatedly is the universal

volcano alert signal, put out by the regional resident of the local octagon structure.

Hopefully they know what they're doing. PAX VOBISCUM.


Note 07/13/97: Possibility Internet Problems for the last seven months have been caused

by my "CMOS" setup.


Note 07/05/97:Microsoft Technical Support Help Files, Service Packs, & Other Files,

"Update to Windows 95 TCP/IP Out‑Of‑Band issue 5/22/97", "Updated TCP/IP Protocol

Stack for Windows 95 07/01/97", I installed these two TCP/IP files, the earlier 5/22/97 one

first, rebooted and then installed the latest 07/1/97, systems works fine, don't know

whether they make difference, but it is worth try.


Note 07/05/97: My system network has been freezing up with the IBM Win95 dialer. To

correct this problem, I selected "My Computer", "Control Panel", "Network", highlight

"Dialup Adapter", select "Properties", select "Advanced", highlight "Use IPX Header

Compression", select "NO". This seems to have fixed my problem on my system with the

Network freezing up. If you have the same problem it is recommended to try it.


Note 08/10/97 Sunday 4:30 PM EDT: FrontPage 98 Up and Running, I used the editor to

open and save my homepage. I'm off to bed.


Note 08/10/97 Sunday 3:00 PM EDT: I just downloaded Microsoft FrontPage 98 beta a

day ahead of release. It is suppose to take 6 hours for the five files, but with a nice day

here on Sunday, the New York link only took me 1 hour and 50 minutes. I am now about to

install it. Also I am a little bit tired.


Note 08/10/97 Sunday 1:00 PM EDT: Second backup completed now. This morning while I

was out and about downtown, there were plenty of Sunday morning Church goes out and

about town. Many well recognized faces from the local community as well as the national

community and the international community. Baseball game going on in Bruce Park.

Beach goers getting ready for the beach. Many people having breakfast and going for

coffee. I am a little bit burned out, but it was fun to see some of the local daytime people

particularly some of their younger off spring who bring them down to earth. Most

interesting observation is the town seem to be picking up with the PGA visitors coming

into the area, although I did not see many license plates from out of the area, plenty of

people do rent cars locally and don't stand out. The Queen Elizabeth II Cruise ship has

room for 50 private vehicles, so it is not unlikely that one would see international license

plates driving around. Also there are quite a few people from the warmer regions of the

country who seem to be enjoying their summer stays here. No names mentioned this

Greenwich, Connecticut where we supposedly are use to seeing many people show up, but

it is much the same at the Dutch trading post 25 miles west of here. Time for the New

Amsterdam night watch to go to bed. It still seems like we have a pleasant day and not to

hot. Anybody know anything about winter forecasts for this area, please email me. Dieu et

Mon Droit.


Note 08/10/97 Sunday 7:30 AM EDT: I bought Colorado Backup by Cheyenne Version

3.0 for $30 which works just great with my Colorado T1000e. It makes complete backups

of my entire system including registry and also permits the creation of two rescue disks for

restoring the system. Version 1.70 that came with the drive did neither. Also to use the

program one needs a Colorado drive. One can buy the program over the internet with a

credit card. Once one has purchased the program and decompressed the program into its

separate directory and installed it, I suggest making a copy of the decompressed group of

files in the C:\cheyenne\colorado directory by copying the entire file group to another

directory, and then using the move command to copy them all to five floppies, so that in an

emergency you have disks you can also copy to your hard drive and install it. Of course

you can order a boxed copy, but that takes time. Of course the rescue disks will restore

the system to, but it is nice to have a complete floppy copy of such an important program. I

am just about to make my second tape backup of the entire system. In other news while I

was roaming around about 4:00 AM downtown while backing up, I saw two Greenwich

Police cars speeding up Greenwich Avenue about 60 miles an hour the wrong way in hot

pursuit. I guess the boys in blue are on the job. I did not get any other internet work done

for obvious reasons. I will have to clean my apartment as usual when I wake up Sunday



Note 08/10/97 Sunday 1:15 AM EDT: I made a full backup while I went downtown for a

walk. It is pretty quiet downtown with a few pub crawlers and movie goers exiting the

theatre. I plan to web surf tonight and possibly chat on Iphone since my system is back up

to par. I need to get the HPBackup program for the T1000E to do a full system backup

which it fails at, at present I am doing a full backup of the C: drive. Also I need to know

how to get Win95 to prompt for a CDROM having installed with disks, should I ever

install a CDROM.


Note 08/09/97 Saturday 11:00 PM EDT: Last night after downloading Netscape

Communicator 4.02 and Pointcast 2.0 beta 1, my IBM.net internet access started freezing.

I thus went through the following procedure mentioned several days ago and all is well.

Procedure: Note 08/04/97 4:30 AM EDT: Additional Information to previous note below:

The internet system freezing once again reoccurred because I did not correctly go through

the procedure. To correct the problem first make sure you have your Win95 disks

available or the CDROM Win95 also comes on. If your IBM dialer freezes and you have

already installed the Microsoft DUN Upgrade PPTP/Dial up networking for WIN95

"msdun12" and then the "winsock.dll" "wsockupd" upgrade, you need to first select "My

Computer", "Control Panel", "Network". Then remove "Dialup Adapter #2 (VPN

Support), "Microsoft Virtual Private Network Adapter", "NDISWAN‑>Microsoft Virtual

Private Networking Adapter", "TCP/IP‑>Dialup Adapter #2 (VPN Support). When you

click "OK" you will be prompted for disks number 12 and 13 or CDROM to install files,

keep any newer files by selecting "YES". You then will be prompted to reboot. Then

install Microsoft DUN Upgrade PPTP/Dial up networking for WIN95 "msdun12" and

when prompted once again for disks number 12 and 13 or CDROM to install files, keep

any newer files by selecting "YES", and then you will be prompted to reboot, after

rebooting the system will automatically reconfigure your system and prompt you to reboot

once again. Then install "winsock.dll" "wsockupd" upgrade, and though it does not

prompt you to reboot, I go ahead and reboot anyway. My system works fine after this

procedure and does not freeze and reauthenicates when I reconnect without having to

reboot. If one upgrades the IBM dialer with the software update item or if one reinstalls

the IBM dialer, one will have to go through this procedure once again. I guess the IBM

dialer installs a file that causes internet connection freezing, possibly within the network.

IBM.NET support does not experience this problem because they use OS/2 for their

internet access. If you have any questions please let me know. Right now my system is

working fine and not freezing. Final Note: I slept all day and am about to go out for a walk

about this evening.


Note 08/09/97 Saturday 7:30 AM: I updated the Bookmark page with a new list of short

bookmarks bm080997.htm that I will post when I have time. This morning in Greenwich a

few people were out walking and the usual fisherman were down by the water. It looks like

it will be a pleasant day.


Note 08/09/97 Saturday 3:45 AM: Downloading Scott's Subscription with link to Pointcast

Network 2.0 beta . Also downloaded CWSApps 32‑bit Web Browsers, Netcaster for

Communicator 4.0 .


Note 08/09/97 Saturday 3:05 AM: I went out for a cup of coffee out of my thermos at 1:00

AM. A thermos saves money over Starbucks and is more mobile. I walked the entire

length of Greenwich Avenue. A few young folks were exiting the local pubs at closing time.

Some looked like they should not be driving. I suggest having a designated driver. Bargain

at the Grand Union is a 12 pack of Canada Dry regular ginger ale for $1.99 plus deposit.

The Purdue chicken was good for dinner earlier this evening. Netscape Communicator

4.01 installed and running. http://www.vivo.com/ has an active X plug in for MS IE 4.0 beta

2 which works. All quiet on the western front, I might be out in the early AM around 6:00



Note 08/08/97 Friday 11:40 PM: I got a good rest this afternoon and early evening. I will

be up all night on the computer. System is working fine. I just downloaded Netscape

Communicator 4.01 which I now have room for. One note if you use the Western Digital

Tip Western Digital Corporation (Service/Support) ‑ Tip of the Month, March 1997 to

"xcopy" on my system, I needed to run "c:\windows\xcopy" with the parameters

described in the tip. One needs the full file path. I suggest keep your slave "original"

drive "as is" after installation and changing the CMOS values, in case there are any

problems. I also installed the new high speed ISA controller card with my new hard drive.

After a few days one can free up the space. Greenwich was busy this evening about 10:00

PM, with lots of people out for the movies and dinner and coffee. Happy Birthday C.W.


Note 08/08/97 Friday Noon: Success installed replacement Western Digital 1 G hard drive

on my system. I used this procedure with success Western Digital Corporation

(Service/Support) ‑ Tip of the Month, March 1997 . I am now running one C: partition,

OS/2 Warp 3 on D: is gone. I am very tired. System is running fine.


Note 08/07/97 Thursday 4:30 PM EDT: I am now thinking of using GHOST Software

program to transfer my old drive to the new drive. They offer a fully functional demo good

for 30 days. I have spent most of the day inside after returning from a afternoon



Note 08/07/97 Thursday 12:45 PM EDT:I was up at 6:00 AM this morning. I planned my

strategy for the day. Still waiting for the Western Digital replacement to arrive today from

Irvine, California. Their diagnostics files are located at Western Digital Corporation

(Service/Support) ‑ FTP/Hard Drives . Also I looked at this WDC information page,

Western Digital Corporation (Service/Support) ‑ Tip of the Month, March 1997 about

transferring information from an old hard disk to a new hard disk, however since I use

OS/2 Boot Manager, I think I might have to restore from the tape backup instead of

copying from the old hard drive to the new one. I have to do some more research. I am

thinking of using the Powerquest Drive Image Beta Program Drive Image Beta Program

to accomplish the hard disk upgrade, however this beta program did not load for me, I

think it has a bug. In other news I saw that Green jet again today and I also saw an Army

helicopter. I spent the morning reading the computer press in the Greenwich library. Time

for lunch.


Note 08/07/97 12:20 AM EDT: I still have not gotten to bed. A friend came over and

shared a frozen pizza with me. He was happy his Apple Computer stock had finally yielded

a profit. I emailed http://www.ttalk.com/ about my perspective of Illinois and computers. I

went out downtown and it is terribly slow. I noticed an older gold Mercedes has not moved

in the lower Greenwich Plaza train station parking lot since I first noticed it on Sunday. It

seems to have an excess of wait in the trunk. I stopped by the Grand Union and bought a

Purdue chicken for 69 cents a pound. I bought four frozen Celeste Pizzas for $2 apiece. I

also picked up a half gallon of Apple Juice for 99 cents. I noticed the Greenwich Police are

out in force as usual. I saw quite a few Eastern Hemisphere visitors walking around

downtown. Starbucks is open in the evening across from the police station on Greenwich

Avenue, closing earlier on weekdays than weekends. The Colonial Dinner on the Boston

Post Road is open all the time in Greenwich serving an excellent menu. All quiet on the

eastern front here in Greenwich, Connecticut 06830 USA. I am about to go to bed and will

be on a day time schedule.


Note 08/06/97 8:00 PM EDT: I finished making the second tape backup of my system. I

also received the backup copy of Win95 Upgrade on a CDROM via Airborne Express to

have in addition to my 3 1/2 inch disks. One can order it from Microsoft for $25.00 at

800‑360‑7561 or 800‑451‑4239. One will the number off your existing disks. Now all I need

is a CDROM player. I am still waiting for replacement hard drive to arrive. I got a little

sleep while backing up the system. Now I plan to finish sleeping. Internet system is

working great with IBM.net access and web browsers after having tweaked it with the

following steps as listed in previous notes.


Note 08/06/97 2:50 PM EDT: On my Scott's Computer System Setup and Value I edited

the config.sys with these settings to increase system performance.






Note 08/06/97 2:30 PM EDT: I have been awake since 4:00 PM yesterday. I went out at

8:00 AM this morning, and had my oil and filter changed, rear axle oil changed, and

manual transmission oil changed for $100. I bought a High Speed ISA Bus I/O Controller

at Staples in Old Greenwich for $30, they have another one left. I am still waiting for my

Western Digital replacement hard drive from FEDEX, which is possibly slowed down by

the UPS strike. I went by the Greenwich Hospital Thrift Shop and they are having a bag

sale for $10 a bag for what you can stuff into it. I got a charcoal Brooks Brothers suit, two

pairs of shorts, two shirts, and a furniture fabric petit point design throw for my computer

arm chair, all for $10. I paid my rent, telephone, and cablevision bills. I picked up buy two

get two free Winston Lights at Zyn Stationary which are 100 percent tobacco with no

additives. I do need to quit smoking some time soon when I am under less tension. I

bought 20 yellow rose stamps at the post office. I filled up my car at the Exxon gas station.

I stopped by the Greenwich library and it was not too busy, but the parking lot was busy. I

had two quarter pounders at McDonalds for $2.12 . While doing this I was reformatting one

of my backup tapes and retensioning it. I backed up the computer once I returned to the

apartment around noon. Now I am reformatting and retensioning another tape, which I will

use to back up the system in about 1 1/2 hours. It is a beautiful day in Greenwich and not

too busy this morning. No waiting at Precision Tune or the Post Office. I guess a lot of

people are away, but the rush at 8:00 AM showed there are a few people in the offices.

Mercedes Benz Dealership is being remodeled. Temporary outdoor showroom is setup for

customers. Plenty of Old Guard out this morning doing errands. This is what my busy day

is like once a month when I have to pay bills. Good news is that I have no insurance bill or

electricity bill this month, so I could afford the car maintenance and computer controller. I

don't know when I will get to sleep, but sooner or later I will.


Note 08/06/97 1:00 AM EDT: Scott's Computer System Setup and Value


Note 08/05/97 9:45 PM EDT: Greenwich Avenue is packed full of cars this evening, we

continue having thunder and lightning all evening with intermittent rain showers. I read the

computer press in the Greenwich Library this evening. I am checking out this utility right

now MTU‑Speed which supposedly increases internet access speed for Win95. Note 10:50

PM: On my system internet speed increased close to 100 percent to 8.3 K per second. I

optimized the MTU‑Speed setting on my system to "MAXMTU" set at 1152 and

"Multiplier" set at 6. Of course depending on your internet setup these setting could vary.

Also in areas of the world with less developed infrastructure, you might want to lower the

settings to the "Optimal" setting. Now I will continue to test these settings, but they do

seem quite a bit faster, up to 100 percent faster access.


Note 08/05/97 5:45 AM EDT: Created CDF 101: Creating a Simple Channel

Definition File for Scott's Site and this page. It is quite simple, however you have to use the

Microsoft Paint Program that comes with Win95 to create two gif files one 80X32 Pixels

and one 32X32 Pixels to use with the CDF file. It took a hour, quite simple, of course you

can only use the file with MS IE 4.0 I think. Once you create the gifs with MS Paint

Program be sure to move in the outer frames of the window to the edges of the gif images,

to correct pixel size.


Note 08/05/97 3:30 AM EDT: Yahoo! ‑ Volcanic Flow in Heart of Montserrat Capital . I

listened to TechTalk for enlightened commentary on the world computer industry. I ran

Internet Explorer 4.0 Beta 2 Setup Program, and reinstalled Internet Explorer 4.0 Beta 2

to make sure I had all the correct beta files that it includes which might have been

overwritten by other installations. I also was able to correct a problem which occurred

when I installed Netscape 3.03, it made itself the default web browser. By reinstalling

"Complete Installation" selection of Internet Explorer 4.0 beta 2 setup, I was able to

correct the problem. The reinstallation process does not actually redownload all the files,

but checks existing files and downloads only those files that are not correct or current, so

it is quite rapid compared to complete download. I also disabled loading images on my MS

Internet Explorer 4.0 beta 2, by selecting "View", "Options", "Advanced", and

unchecking "Show Pictures" in Multimedia. I think there should be an easier way from the

IE 4.0 menu bar to do this possibly by a check box and also possibly a load images button.

Realistically we all don't have fast connections, and this speeds up web browsing

particularly in the day time. Also under "View", "Options", "Programs", the check box

for Internet Explorer to Check if is the default browser does not work probably because of

something Netscape 3.03 did to this option. I do not approve of such tactics. Net is

operating fine tonight, White Plains dialup from Byram seems to be the fastest and most

reliable and is toll free from this side of town. Remember reinstalling IE 4.0 beta 2

reoptimizes your system which is handy. Once again I don't plan to maintain the

downloadable directory anymore, and if you reinstall IE 4.0 beta 2 and have Netscape, I

suggest removing the Netscape bookmarks, so you don't import them into IE 4.0

particularly if you have an extensive Netscape bookmark. I plan to beta test IE 4.0 beta 2

as setup for the near future to see how it performs and learn more about it.


Note 08/05/97 12:01 AM EDT: Awoke at 4:00 PM on Monday afternoon. I drove up to a

friend's house in Wilton, Connecticut in moderate rush hour traffic, and had a filet mignon

dinner cooked on a outdoor barbeque grill along with three ears of locally grown corn and

peas. Around 9:00 PM it started pouring rain and lightning as I drove back down to

Greenwich. Six inches of water on route 7, and traffic was going 30 miles an hour on the

Merritt Parkway. I stopped by the Food Emporium and Grand Union in Greenwich which

are open 24 hours a day and stocked up on different coffee types for my special economy

coffee blend. I now have another two months of coffee. I surmise a great many people in

the area are having problems with lightning strikes and resulting power failures.

Greenwich is quiet in the early AM. Also my computer seems to be working fine with the

fix I posted in the note yesterday. Replacement Western Digital Corporation Hard Drive

has not arrived yet, it is coming by Federal Express, but they might be busy because of the

UPS strike. Anyone want to send me a 17 inch monitor, it would be a lot easier on the

eyes. I feel like Mr. McGoo.


Note 08/04/97 4:30 AM EDT: Britain's Queen Mum Celebrates 97th Birthday Please Sign

the Guest Book at Buckingham Palace


Note 08/04/97 4:30 AM EDT: Additional Information to previous note below: The internet

system freezing once again reoccurred because I did not correctly go through the

procedure. To correct the problem first make sure you have your Win95 disks available or

the CDROM Win95 also comes on. If your IBM dialer freezes and you have already

installed the Microsoft DUN Upgrade PPTP/Dial up networking for WIN95 "msdun12"

and then the "winsock.dll" "wsockupd" upgrade, you need to first select "My

Computer", "Control Panel", "Network". Then remove "Dialup Adapter #2 (VPN

Support), "Microsoft Virtual Private Network Adapter", "NDISWAN‑>Microsoft Virtual

Private Networking Adapter", "TCP/IP‑>Dialup Adapter #2 (VPN Support). When you

click "OK" you will be prompted for disks number 12 and 13 or CDROM to install files,

keep any newer files by selecting "YES". You then will be prompted to reboot. Then

install Microsoft DUN Upgrade PPTP/Dial up networking for WIN95 "msdun12" and

when prompted once again for disks number 12 and 13 or CDROM to install files, keep

any newer files by selecting "YES", and then you will be prompted to reboot, after

rebooting the system will automatically reconfigure your system and prompt you to reboot

once again. Then install "winsock.dll" "wsockupd" upgrade, and though it does not

prompt you to reboot, I go ahead and reboot anyway. My system works fine after this

procedure and does not freeze and reauthenicates when I reconnect without having to

reboot. If one upgrades the IBM dialer with the software update item or if one reinstalls

the IBM dialer, one will have to go through this procedure once again. I guess the IBM

dialer installs a file that causes internet connection freezing, possibly within the network.

IBM.NET support does not experience this problem because they use OS/2 for their

internet access. If you have any questions please let me know. Right now my system is

working fine and not freezing.

Previous Note Referred to Above, Please follow procedure above instead. Interesting

Development, when I installed the Microsoft DUN Upgrade PPTP/Dial up networking for

WIN95 "msdun12" and then the "winsock.dll" "wsockupd" upgrade, my system worked

fine with the IBM Dialer IBM Internet Connection Services, Internet Access Kit

Download Site and I had no problems with IBM.net access freezing up or when

reconnecting not authenticating. However, when I reinstalled the IBM Dialer for Win95,

the problem reoccurred. When I reinstalled the MS DUN upgrade and the "winsock.dll" "

wsockupd" upgrade, the problem went away again. Ergo for all you geniuses out there,

there is something wrong with the IBM dialer for Win95 that causes a network freeze up

that the MS DUN upgrade corrects. However, I imagine that whenever one upgrades the

IBM dialer, the situation will reoccur. Therefore I plan to keep a copy of the MS DUN

upgrade and winsock.dll upgrade until IBM and Microsoft sort out the problem. It is

pretty convincing evidence of system incompatibilities on a major network such as

IBM.Net with MS Win95 operating system. If you don't believe it try recreating the

situation yourself. Remember this note is updated by note above it.


Note 08/04/97 2:20 AM EDT: Bookmark page will no longer be updated for lack of

interest. If you have any interest or comment, please email me. I don't plan to incorporate

it into the current downloadable directory.


Note 08/04/97 1:30 AM EDT: Greenwich, Connecticut is dead slow on Sunday night with a

few kids haunting the night. Cleaned my apartment, watered the plants, did laundry, and

had dinner guest over for dinner Sunday evening. This morning I have to buy more coffee

at the Food Emporium when it opens. I might possibly take my 1976 Volvo to have oil

change and change the rear end and gear box oil this AM or Tuesday AM. I surmise a

great many residents are away. 79th PGA Championship coming to the Winged Foot

Country Club in Mamaroneck, Westchester County, New York August 14 to August 17,

1997. Stop by Greenwich, Connecticut nearby to Westchester County for a quiet time if

you happen to visit.


Note 08/02/97 10:00 PM EDT: Interesting Development, when I installed the Microsoft

DUN Upgrade PPTP/Dial up networking for WIN95 and then the "winsock.dll" upgrade,

my system worked fine with the IBM Dialer IBM Internet Connection Services, Internet

Access Kit Download Site and I had no problems with IBM.net access freezing up or when

reconnecting not authenticating. However, when I reinstalled the IBM Dialer for Win95,

the problem reoccurred. When I reinstalled the MS DUN upgrade and the "winsock.dll"

upgrade, the problem went away again. Ergo for all you geniuses out there, there is

something wrong with the IBM dialer for Win95 that causes a network freeze up that the

MS DUN upgrade corrects. However, I imagine that whenever one upgrades the IBM

dialer, the situation will reoccur. Therefore I plan to keep a copy of the MS DUN upgrade

and winsock.dll upgrade until IBM and Microsoft sort out the problem. It is pretty

convincing evidence of system incompatibilities on a major network such as IBM.Net with

MS Win95 operating system. If you don't believe it try recreating the situation yourself.


On other news there seems to be a party going on a Rockefeller Center right now or they

are setting up for a party. EYE ON THE WORLD Rockefeller Center Web Cam , this is

the picture I found at around 9:42 PM EDT tonight.


Note 08/02/97: Thanks to Western Digital

Corporation Hard Drives three year

warranty, Scott's failing hard drive is

being replaced free of charge. Western

Digital ships a replacement when you give

them a credit card number which they

don't charge if you return the failed hard

drive within 30 days. My hard drive has

been decent enough to fail slowly giving a

regular thunking sound and write errors. I

recommend making a backup if you ever

get a similar problem. Hopefully the hard

drive will last until I get the replacement in a few days. I was advised that heavy web

browser use, uses a lot of disk caching on the hard drive use which can cause premature

hard drive failure. Thank you Western Digital. Free Ontrack Data Advisor reports that

the current hard disk is failing. Ontrack Data Advisor is free to download.


Note 08/01/97: Installed Microsoft DUN Upgrade PPTP/Dial up networking for WIN95 ,

don't know if it is necessary, but I guess it can't hurt. There is also a new "winsock.dll"

download from the same link. Since DUN Upgrade prompts one to install the old

"winsock.dll", I suggest installing the new "winsock.dll" after the DUN Upgrade

installation. DUN Upgrade installation upgrade was straight forward, however when

prompted for Win95 install disks I did not overwrite the newer files with older files.

System is working fine with DUN upgrade. Imported Cars of Greenwich, Ct. dealers of

Mercedes‑Benz has new models on the lot.


Note 08/17/97 Sunday 9:20 PM EDT: I drove out to Tod's Point and enjoyed the view this

afternoon watching a rain shower come in. I had a dish of fruit for dinner. I watched the

PBS Channel 13 special on the Hermitage, most excellent. I am finishing up doing my

laundry and will clean the apartment first thing tomorrow morning. I might go out for an

evening cruise after I do laundry. CIO


Note 08/17/97 Sunday 3:20 PM EDT: I took a two hour nap from noon to 2 PM. I had a

shell steak and two ears of corn on the cob for dinner. I plan to clean up and go out in this

hot weather, possibly paying a visit over to Tod's Point depending on how the heat hits me

when I go outside. I renamed this page "Scott's Notes".


Note 08/17/97 Sunday 10:00 AM EDT: I listened to the computer media reports. I might

work on configuring FrontPage 98 this AM. I do not have much to report at present. I

imagine it is a hot day outside. There were an average number of people downtown last

night. I imagine people will be hitting the beach today. www.ttalk.com has good daily

computer reports to listen to if you are a tech head. Check out mrscott.com/bm.htm

Scott's Bookmark for a short list of links I have come across this week. Of course the old

long list is still there for now. My viewpoint of the internet is to surf the net and point out

what I come across. I do not do much editorial comment, but do make occasional

comments about our local area as it relates to my activity. Previous notes here might help

you tweak your system. I am running Netscape 4.02, 3.02 and MS Internet Explorer 4.0

beta 2. On my system MS IE 4.0 beta 2 is a little slow compared to Netscape. I still have

not found the active X plug in at www.vdo.net for it yet. My viewpoint is that the net

activity is slow in this area while people vacation and relax, but I am sure once the schools

go back and people return from vacation it will speed up and become congested again.

www.ibm.net is going limit access to one user per account as of 9/1/97; so many family

users might have to learn to share user time or delegate it. I still have not afforded a

CDROM drive and am in need of a 17 inch monitor to relieve eye strain. Perhaps I should

try wearing my glasses. CIO.


Note 08/17/97 Sunday 8:00 AM EDT: I made two backup tape copies of my entire system

yesterday. I was able to get HP Colorado backup working properly by deinstalling the

program and reinstalling the program. I also do not select the compare option when

backing up, and I also select the "format while backing up" option. One note as mentioned

before, I only get about 575 M. backed up, and the hard disk contains over 800 M. of files.

Thus over 200 M. of files are not being backed up. I have not figured out what is causing

this situation, but it would obviously mean I would not be able to do a full restore if that

was needed. System is running fine otherwise. Yesterday was very hot. Greenwich is

relatively quiet. I plan to web surf today to avoid the hot weather. I will clean the

apartment tomorrow.


Note 08/16/97 Saturday 7:35 AM EDT: Up at 7:00 AM this morning. It is suppose to be

hot in Greenwich today up to the 90's. Advise Air Defense Command to stand down from

"Red Alert", maintain active status. Stock market bares watching on Monday to see what

will happen next week. In the late 1960's and early 1970's, McNamara’s Beach on

Martha's Vineyard use to be the hippie protest beach where everyone went skinny

dipping. When walking from Gay Head to Edgartown or in reverse, I think it is about 14

miles give or take. However, there is a spit of water along the way that is easier to cross

at low tide, moreover tidal spits of water can contain quick sand, so it is advised to use

caution when crossing tidal estuaries, not to mention watching out for the currents. I still

prefer Nantucket from the old days when I lived there, but once again the ocean currents

on the south shore can be extremely hazardous particularly for inexperienced swimmers. I

would assume the same for the Vineyard. I advise against illegal camping on the beaches

of the Cape islands, since many people with sand permits and off road vehicles do not

notice campers on the beach particularly when they go cruising at night. There are youth

hostels on both Martha's Vineyard and Nantucket, both of which would probably be busy

this time of year. In the old days the Episcopal church in Cambridge use to run a place

called the "Poor House" in Bourne county where young people could drop by and stay in

the summer. It was actually a very nice facility donated by a "Standard and Poors" family

member. If one is on Cape Code headed towards Woods Hole, Elsie's sandwich shop is on

the way for a good sandwich. Last I knew Martha's Vineyard access is out of Wood's

Hole, where one should stop by the Wood's Hole Oceanographic Institute for an

adventure. Nantucket access is out of Hyannis. I believe the other Cape Islands have

access out of New Bedford, but don't quote me on it. Remember to throw a penny as you

leave Nantucket and round Brant's Point. I don't plan to visit up that way this summer and

am quite comfortable roughing it out in Greenwich. Other recommended points of

destination in the summer are Maine, Eastern Canada, and of course there is the rest of

New England and Canada, but once one gets away from the shore it can be warmer. On a

rainy day in Maine, there is plenty of discount shopping in Freeport, Maine and Kittery,

Maine; enough to bust anyone's budget. I keep telling people they should put in discount

computer outlets in both those towns. Well I plan to surf the net a little and get out before

it is too hot. CIO.


Note 08/15/97 Friday 1:35 PM EDT: Government of Montserrat and Montserrat Volcano

Observatory has latest information on volcanic activity in Montserrat which looks quite

serious. Since there are still people on the island, I would recommend total evacuation of

the island and not to leave the remaining population on the north side of the island.

Research Martinique's eruption during the early part of this century. 700 mini

earthquakes a day means to me, a major eruption should occur some time soon. Other

news, I slept all morning. I have to go back up to Wilton this afternoon to return a friend to

pick up his car from Greenwich Exxon. I am not sure whether I will go out this afternoon,

or possibly web surf. Pollution in the area is usual for this time of the year. My computer

system is running fine. I have been taking time off from the computer to enjoy our local

summer weather and relax my eyes from the strain of daily computer activity. I chatted

with Jason and Jack from New Canaan last night who are seniors at Princeton. They seem

very smart for young students their age. Also chatted with visitor from Brazil. Usual level

of activity seems to be going on in this area for this time of year. All "WH", "MV",

"AUCK", and Nantucket sand permit vehicles seem to have disappeared from the area,

so it is safe to assume that the entourage of "Eagle" is sitting up off Cape Cod. Of course

when I lived in Nantucket none of the locals would dare drive a vehicle with identifying

stickers except the "sand" permits. Walking from "Gay Head" to Edgartown on Martha's

Vineyard is fun, but make sure you have enough time and walk in the direction that the

sun is not in your eyes. Watch out for "rouge" waves when on the ocean shore. Reports

out of Kennebunkport are that the town is very busy with lots of visitors. Stock market is

down 120 points, it is possibly time to think of withdrawing from the market, depending on

one's individual portfolio.

Note 08/14/97 Thursday 6:00 PM EDT: Normal day in Greenwich. Lots of visitors with the

nearby PGA golf tournament. Pollution levels are higher. My feeling is that my migraine

headache came from looking at the computer too long. Needless to say what is the usual

level of busy activity for me in Greenwich might seem very busy to someone from the

country. It should be a pleasant evening though. Old guard seen making the rounds about

town. Sextons at Christ Church have done an excellent job of maintaining the grounds and

flower beds this year. CIO, Chief Information Officer.


Note 08/14/97 Thursday 7:15 AM EDT: Awake. Communications blackout in force,

disregard psychic communications, maintain status quo, CIO.


Note 08/13/97 Wednesday 9:05 PM EDT: Migraine Headache persists, unable to function

all day. Unable to locate vendor of Corby's Whiskey from Canada. Have not been outside.

Local friend is in need of assistance, but I think he will survive. Family is enjoying usual

summer activities. August 14 is family members' birthday, but I think she will stay around

Fort Sam Houston for the time being. Offutt Air force Base is to continue red alert status

until advised to stand down. Military rules still apply in civilian area for the uninformed.

Nobody seems to know the real status of the accuracy of the information being conveyed

to us in the communication field. Usual facts are people are on vacation and not much is

being reported for the time being. Diplomatic group leaves this area for vacation this time

of year. Locals try to get ready for winter. Have respect for people who help out in this

area during the long winters, particularly when they volunteer away from their more

familiar environments. Have not had time or ability with migraine to read any media

reports for 36 hours.


Note 08/11/97 Tuesday 1:30 PM EDT: I downloaded Image Composer 1.5 Beta ‑ EN for

Windows 95 & NT 4.0 ‑ US English Version ‑ Download Page , while cleaning my

apartment. I am about to have lunch and cleanup before I got out, which will take another

hour give or take, plus I will do the install before leaving.

Note 08/11/97 Tuesday 12:00 Noon EDT: I finally got my second backup made. I had to

reformat the tape. I guess I will have to get two new Travan QTR 1 tapes at the first of the

month. I am wandering if the program backs up 560 M. of the hard drive, what part of the

200 M. of the hard drive it does not backup that I will possibly need, if I ever do a restore.

About 50 M. of the files not backed up are hidden system files. It would seem to me, that

one should be able to backup the entire contents of a hard drive. Even if I did a full install

of Win95 of about 50 M. and restored the tape contents, I would still be missing about 150

M. of the present hard drive contents. Obviously there would be some program or group of

programs that would malfunction and I would have to reinstall them. I don't think I have

150 M. of temporary files. I assume I have backed up the compressed downloadables. In

other news I got plenty of sleep last night and am finally rested. This afternoon I will clean

my apartment and go out later, and try not to spend any money. I have to ship back the old

defected warranted Western Digital hard drive, so I am not billed for it. Greenwich is not

too hot for this time of year, but we seem to have quite a bit of pollution out of the city

coming our way which can make it uncomfortable. I believe the Hospital Thrift Shop has

put out its new fall line of merchandise. Well all my computer work is basically done, and I

can sit back and surf the net instead of doing system work. I might download Microsoft

beta of the Graphics program that goes with FrontPage 98. I also need to delete some

downloadables and restore some archive files. Basically I have about 250 M. of free hard

disk space right now, but I could always free up more if I had to.


Note 08/11/97 Monday 8:15 PM EDT: Made my appointment and chatted with a friend

about life in Europe. I stopped by Entree Computer and purchased a 3 1/2 inch floppy disk

drive for $31.27 to replace my old five year old drive that seems to be malfunctioning. It

took about a half hour to put in and another hour to back up to floppy key startup disks,

restore disks, and the HP backup program to disk. I noticed on my older configuration with

the new floppy cables they have the old and new fittings, but since my 5 1/4 inch floppy

drive is about three inches from the 3 1/2 inch floppy drive, the three inch spacing between

the two groups of terminal connectors on the floppy cable was just enough inversing them.

I suggest there should be a little more length between floppy cable groups of connectors

for spacing in tower cases. The new floppy drive is working fine, and the disks pop out

startling fast, one has to use a V finger button push to catch them. I am now about to make

a second backup of my system which is running well, despite that irritating message at

boot up. I will sit and chat with my audience while I make the backup. Who needs sleep

anyway, you'll have plenty of time for that when you die.


Note 08/11/97 Monday 3:30 PM EDT: First Backup Complete, I am off to an

appointment. Ciao.


Note 08/11/97 Monday 1:05 PM EDT: I took a short nap, but could not sleep. I have the

system tweaked to perfection except for that nuisance error message about "Netware

Desktop Not Available", which I can't figure out how it got there unless it was something I

installed with the Win95 installation. System seems to run fine, but the net is a little slow

at lunch time. Now I intend to back up the system. One problem is the backup seems to

recognize only about 75 percent of the files on the hard disk, which all can't be system files

in use, about 550 meg of 750 meg. Well better some than none. I to have lunch and clean



Note 08/11/97 Monday 9:00 AM EDT: Last evening about 6:00 PM, as I was finishing up,

I experienced a major system malfunction. For some reason double space was trying to

install itself, and the bootable system files were corrupted. Windows would not run.

Perhaps my bootable floppy was also corrupted. I went to bed and got up at 2:00 AM this

morning. I reinstalled windows running setup and custom and doing a custom installation.

This fixed my system problem. I also had to install the network for the internet and

configure it. After some hassle I got it done, and downloaded nine updated files from

Microsoft to update my Win95 installation. I also reinstalled the DUN and Winsock

upgrades, and had to reinstall Colorado Backup 3.0 which installation files I had on my

hard drive. I updated Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.0 beta 2 by running setup.exe and

reinstalling any changed files. I also reset my MTU program. The system is back up to

normal and running fine. I set my system.ini file to "yes" for 32 bit . I also noticed that the

http://www.vdo.net Active X plug in for MS IE 4.0 beta 2 was not available at their site,

although I had downloaded it and had it working several days ago. Also I get and error

message when starting Win95 the "Netware Shell is Not Available" for some reason

which I can not figure out how to eliminate, but then the system starts the desktop and the

error message does not seem to use and system resources, so I will have to live with it.

Now after I reinstall IPHONE, I will back up my system and go to bed for a five hours.

What a relief to have it back to normal again. It took about 8 hours to get it back to

normal. Also the FrontPage 98 Editor is a little slow in accepting Keyboard keystrokes, so

I will continue to use Front pad for typing sessions.


Note 08/24/97 Sunday 11:00 PM EDT: I updated Scott's Watch Portfolio in

http://mrscott.com/stocksym.htm . It is $1,000,002.37. I do not recommend buying or

selling stocks, this is an economic experiment to watch how a broad market basket of

stocks performs. I have 100 share lots of 147 stocks, and 1 share of BRK/A. I will not be

updating the stock links on the page since if one uses Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.0 beta

2 with http://investor.msn.com one can get the same stock links with my portfolio you can

download to use in their portfolio option.


Note 08/24/97 Sunday 9:00 PM EDT: I cleaned my apartment early this afternoon. I went

out to Tod's Point to walk around the 2 1/2 mile walk around the park. Tod's Point is

limited to Greenwich residents and their guests. I drove back to the center of town and got

$14.90 of gasoline at the Exxon gas station. I stopped by McDonald's and had the 20 piece

chicken nugget meal for $3.17 . I stopped by Egghead in Old Greenwich and they have a

number of clearance software items. I went down town and their is a seaworthy sailboat

about 50 feet long from Kiel, Germany. They have a distinguished and smart crew and

they seem to have made the trip without too much trouble. There are quite a few other

visitors in the area. There was a large group of Mexicans down by Grass Island. Tod's

Point seems to have the usual Greenwich group sunbathing, walking and picnicking. The air

was clear today without pollution. I am going to work on adding another fifty or so

companies to my Microsoft portfolio. I chatted with a fellow from IBM in a red TR6. A lot

of people in Greenwich cruise in older cars on weekends. I saw a Model A today. CIO


Note 08/23/97 Saturday 10:00 PM EDT: I doubled the size of the Microsoft Investor

Watch Portfolio at http://investor.msn.com . One can download my watch portfolio from

http://mrscott.com/scott001.inv . Remember you have to save the file and then open

it from the Microsoft Investor MSN site with Microsoft Internet Explorer. The portfolio is

worth $685,537.50 . There are 100 share quantities of 89 different stocks in the portfolio.

The current portfolio printout is http://mrscott.com/scopor01.htm .One can follow my

portfolio, but I don't recommend buying or selling any of these stocks, this is an academic

exercise. I also made two backups of my computer when I got up at 4:00 PM this

afternoon. I am cleaned up, so I am going out once I upload this note and the investor

portfolio. I will probably add the additional stocks to my stocks page when I have the time.



Note 08/23/97 Saturday 6:30 AM EDT: First of all CNET screwed up in its news email.

They recommended installing the ISDN 1.1 upgrade to speed up ones TCP/IP system. On

my system it locked the system because I had already installed the MS DUN 1.2 upgrade

and Winsock.dll upgrades. I had to do a step by step F8 boot yesing and not install the

windows drivers and then go ahead and install the MS DUN 1.2 upgrade again which I

keep on my local hard drive. I then had to reboot and to a F8 step by step boot yesing this

time installing the Windows drivers and then after the DUN upgrade completed

installation I had to reboot again F8 step by step boot yesing with the Windows drivers and

then install the winsock.dll upgrade and then do a normal reboot and the system worked

fine. What a pain CNET, although I should have known better. Next I installed the

IBM.NET dialer upgrade 4.13. This time it did not mess up my networking system and the

system worked fine after installation. I suppose they fixed the problem. I did have to reset

the multiplier on my MTU setting from 5 to 6 and left the MTU setting at 1152. I also went

ahead and installed the MS Internet Explorer Setup program again doing a quick complete

install and letting the system configure itself which took about ten minutes. I did this in

case the IBM dialer or the DUN upgrade overwrote any newer files in the beta of MS IE

4.0 beta 2. The install did not install a new "winsock.dll" this time like last time. However,

the system is working back up to top speed and everything seems fine. I think I will go to

bed. Have a good day folks. I did suggest to IBM.NET that they provide a Greenwich,

Connecticut access number. CIO


Note 08/23/97 Saturday 2:15 AM EDT: I created a watch account at

http://investor.msn.com of 31 of the 32 stocks in http://mrscott.com/stocksym.htm

not including "BRKA" which does not work. The net value on the account of 100 shares of

each is $216,050. As an absent minded Economist I think the stock market is due for a

downward adjustment, so lets see what this portfolio is worth over a period of time.

Remember I do not recommend buying or selling any of these stocks, this is just my own

test watch account. One can download Scott's Investment Portfolio for the Microsoft

Investor http://investor.msn.com at http://mrscott.com/scott001.inv , it only works

with Microsoft Internet Explorer. CIO


Note 08/23/97 Saturday 12:15 AM EDT: I worked on a "Stocks, Symbols, and Quotes"

page linked from my homepage. I am a little bushed and need to have dinner and clean up.

The list of stocks is a list of popular stocks, and I don't recommend buying or selling them,

but I am providing the information. CIO.


Note 08/22/97 Friday 6:00 PM EDT: I finally got a good days sleep today after no sleep

yesterday. IBM 800 backup number is no longer active. I checked with IBM about

making sure the files in their dialer also include the most recent Microsoft files. We have

a nice day here from what I can tell. It seems a number of European visitors are in the

area. The area is not too busy, but that is a relative statement. I checked around and the

term "Corby's Whiskey" is derived from World War II when people use to drink

"Canadian Bootleg Whiskey". Most people don't drink here anymore, but some of the

"Old Guard" maintain their longevity is from a couple "shots" every night before they go

to bed. Roofers have started working on the slate roof on my building. Immediate family

members might be transferred to England. Obviously an old Scottish family or several

Scottish families in the area have connections to the United States Steel Corporation.

Remember European visitors might be major stockholders in various American

enterprises. I have not checked my mail in a day.


Note 08/21/97 Thursday 9:00 AM EDT: KERNAL32.DLL update available from

Microsoft Technical Support Help Files, Service Packs, & Other Files . Still raining, I

checked certain system setups and updated Pointcast. Time to call it a day. See you all

hopefully mid afternoon. CIO


Note 08/21/97 Thursday 5:55 AM EDT: Still raining. I downloaded www.adobe.com

Acrobat Reader Plug in about 5 Meg. It works great with the New York Times Fax site, and

I was able to print out the seven page summary with my slow laser printer in about the

time it took to read it. I suggest that the New York Time print the Times Fax in horizontal

form of about a third of a page at a time, so it is easier to read off a monitor without having

to scroll down long narrow columns. I received another www.msn.com startup disk, but I

don't have a CDROM player to use. www.microsoft.com is taking orders for $5 to order

the finished Microsoft Explorer 4.0 on the CDROM available on September 30, 1997. I

imagine they will have quite a bit more content on it. I suggest that Microsoft give it away

at stores for a token $1 or whatever cost of CDROM production is in order to fully

promote the product. It is a worthy competitor to Netscape which I have used more since I

was working with their bookmark system which Microsoft does not offer. My text to

speech demos are simply a demonstration and are not meant to reflect any disrespect or

humor. One has to realize that voice impaired individuals might be interested in the

concept or even foreign language speaking individuals with a written ability in English.

Remember to free up files in the C:\Windows\Temporary Internet Files\ and the

C:\Windows\Temp\ directories. There are a lot of unnecessary files residing there. I freed

up 50 megs of file space. Of course don't delete your plugins when asked to save them. I

noticed with the 15 inch monitor the Times Fax and Adobe Plug in are easier to read. I

believe a lot of U. S. Government Documents are printed and published with the Adobe

Reader or at least were at one time. I believe Microsoft would like to replace the HTML

with the Microsoft Word format on the internet as a universal way of publishing, lets wait

and see. Enough Constant Comment. The numbers 888 was in my hard drive free space

return and also on my odometer this evening. CIO


Note 08/21/97 Thursday 2:10 AM EDT: Major weather pattern this morning. Lots of rain

in the area. High tide is two feet from the top of the sea wall down by the harbor.

Apparently two weather patterns converged over Ocean City, Maryland causing a

northeastern type storm. Present forecast is for storm to end this afternoon. No wind to

speak of, estimate 5 inches of rain so far. I don't know if there is flooding in Old

Greenwich. Telephone truck has been working on the post road downtown for the last 24

hours. I had home made Chinese dinner. I watched "12 O'clock High" with Gregory Peck.

The town looks slow. There are a number of "GB" stickers on cars around town this

morning. Rain continues in usual pattern for this type of storm. There was a distinct lack

of nautical bird life on Tuesday when I was out on the water. Not many people out down

town this past evening in the rain. I stopped by the Greenwich Harbor Inn and they seem

to be at their usual state of awareness as to the weather patterns. There was a Coast

Guard cutter in the harbor on Tuesday that I did not see this morning. The Readers Digest

Atlas I have has the geographical map of the world including North America showing the

Atlantic shelf and where I believe it goes closer to the coast as one goes up north. I will

have to refresh my memory. I chatted with a gal from England on Iphone 5.0 yesterday

afternoon and the program seems to work all right. I have to tell people I am a 150 yards

from a trans Atlantic cable here, so technically there is not much in between in terms of

internet traffic when I use the system at the non busy hours in the UK. A visitor at the

Greenwich Harbor Inn is very well briefed on weather patterns along the Atlantic sea

board. Technically a tidal wave can not be any higher than the water is deep depending on

where one is located. Obviously some people have never surfed. I believe in Hawaii they

have 100 foot waves in three feet of water, so it does not make since to me. Of course

here in Greenwich we are relatively protected by Long Island. The highest point of land in

the area is Bedford, New York in this area and the altitude keeps on rising all the way

up to Montreal, of course with lots of rain there could be flooding in the river and stream

basins which might not be happening near the ocean. The most major flooding I ever saw

in this area in 35 years was three feet of water where the Greenwich High School is. Of

course with lots of rain one always worries about the Valhalla Dam over in Valhalla, New

York which is made out of large blocks of stone and looks very solid, but a dam is only as

strong as the bedrock I assume it rests on. Of course the lush green grass on the lower

side of the dam indicates quite a lot of underground seepage. I believe the Conyers farm

reservoir has been rebuilt recently. At present I think I am between five and twenty feet

above sea level, and of course my apartment is on the second floor. Thus I don't think

there is too much to worry about in this area, but of course with lots of people away we

don't have all the regular personnel that we are use to having in this area. The day time

crew is more vigilant. CIO


Note 08/20/97 Wednesday 8:30 PM EDT: I had breakfast and cleaned up. I made a couple

of RealAudio files of the Bell Labs text to speech site converted into RealAudio format.

Look at mrscott.com/belllabs.htm to see the demonstration. I opened the window to

air out the apartment. It looked like it rained today and is nice and cool. Note to use the

Bell Labs text to speech site, you need to delete " _ ‑ : characters out of the text of your

message. Also words should not be in all caps.


Note 08/20/97 Wednesday 5:30 PM EDT: Awake updated Pointcast. At 11:00 AM while I

was sleeping, a stockbroker from Dean Witter called me and wanted to know if I would be

interested in attending an investment seminar sponsored by Dean Witter at Giovanni’s'

restaurant in Stamford. I chatted with him about the economy and explained that I do not

own stocks. I am just now starting my day. Perhaps I will go out soon.


Note 08/20/97 Wednesday 7:00 AM EDT: I used the Bell Labs Text‑to‑Speech site to

make a *.wav file of a paragraph of text, however I setup the Netscape 3.0 browser to

chose launch a *.wav file with c:\windows\sndrec32.exe , so when the Bell Labs *.wav file

came back about 1 Meg, it was able to be saved with the sndrec32.exe program. I save it

in radio quality. I then used the RealAudio Encoder 3.0 to encode the 1 Meg file in 3.0 full

response file about 80 Kbytes long. mrscott.com/bellms01.ram is the result.


Note 08/20/97 Wednesday 6:00 AM EDT: I beta tested IE 4.0 beta 2 for a while this

morning. It is working fine. I tried the Bell Labs Speech program, but I need to use

Netscape to setup to receive sound with a recordable player. IE 4 uses the default player.

I installed the DJ player. IPhone 5.0 disk caches all the time on my system, and is slow

and I still have not established voice connection with it, but it does look like it would be

better if one had more memory and a faster system. Montserrat activity is in the news. I

am burned out again, time to go to bed. Give my best to the day time people.


Note 08/20/97 Wednesday 2:00 AM EDT: I was chatting with the movie theatre manager

this evening, and I told him they should make a Hollywood Disaster Movie of a tidal wave

caused by an earthquake or asteroid hitting the east coast of the United States or West

Coast of Europe with scenes of the Cape Islands like Nantucket and Martha’s Vineyard

being flooded by the tidal wave. If one reads Melville's description of Nantucket in Moby

Dick it sounds like the island had just been hit by a similar tidal wave. This is not a plot to

sell land in the Midwest but it is of worthy consideration considering the large populations

on the Atlantic coasts. I've seen more of the ocean coasts than a lot of people and one

always knows the sea is a fickle friend. CIO


Note 08/20/97 Wednesday 1:45 AM EDT: I have finally got my system back up to max

internet speed. After all the reinstallation of the networks and DUN upgrade I did last

night, this evening I ran MS Internet Explorer 4.0 Setup and did a complete install again

which does not take that much time, since it only reinstalls files that have changed.

Number 1 it installed a newer "winsock.dll" than the DUN version, also it reconfigures

and optimizes ones system. One has to reboot after the program installation to get the new

"winsock.dll" to install. Also I changed my "MTU" setting mentioned in note two weeks

ago from their default multiplier of 5 to 6. Thus I optimize it, then set MTU to 1152 and

multiplier of 6. I am now getting 8+ KBS download speeds from my test page my Ohio site.

I download the "ibm01.htm" page which is over 700 Kbytes and watch the stats with the

Netscape web browser 3.0 and that gives me the KBS. Thus I am back up to speed. I hope

to have time to fiddle with FrontPage 98 some time soon. IBM free 800 number access still

working. CIO


Note 08/20/97 Wednesday 12:30 AM EDT: This past evening I stopped by Manero's

Restaurant meat department and ordered a steak sandwich for $4.50 and went over to the

Island Beach Ferry at 6 PM and rode it out and back to Island Beach on a very pleasant

evening picnic. One of my fellow passengers recommended that I read "The Perfect

Storm" by Younger which I have now reserved at the Greenwich library. This evening I

read the computer trade press at the local library and then went down town for a walk.

Greenwich on Tuesday night usually is very slow with a number of younger people out for

the movies and a smaller group of visitors around town. Center cut pork chops are $3.99 a

pound at the Grand Union, Stauffer's French Bread Pizza is 2 boxes for $5.00, Tropicana

Orange Juice is $2.50 a half gallon, plum tomatoes, green peppers other various items are

10 cents apiece, Post Honey Bunches $2.00 a box. One needs the Grand Union savings

card to take advantage of sale items and one can obtain the card from the service desk.

The price for premium gasoline is about $1.69 a gallon. The hospital thrift shop has a

round oak reproduction table and chairs for $400, and a very long modern glass dining

table which one would need a moving company to move. I am trying to relax a little while

the weather is pleasant in the mid to low 70's F., which is quite enjoyable for this time of

year. The library still has limited parking, hopefully more will be available in the next

couple of weeks, but construction is running behind. ELDC thrift has a number of modern

furniture items, and there is a new antique shop in the same shopping plaza with a number

of vintage items. Local news stories seem to revolve around the police department.

Mercedes showroom is still under renovation. I drove by Tod's Point on Sunday and it is

still a pleasant environment with great vistas of Long Island Sound. I suppose a great

many people are away or with this excellent weather they are simply being more active

with day time activities surrounding numerous sporting activities in town. Once the

business community returns from vacation the normal level activity will resume in town.

The air quality was quite good today without pollution. The new monitor is much easier to

work with since it is easier to read. Remember I am trying to relax a little bit and take

time away from the internet, but maintain my usual routines within the community

particularly while the weather is more pleasant. CIO


Note 08/19/97 Tuesday 4:40 PM EDT: I acquired a discarded 15 inch Compaq 151 FS

monitor. It works great on my system and will be a lot easier on the eyes. I'd say it has

about 35 % larger screen area and fills the entire screen. Well I guess today is my day. I

am airing out the apartment. I plan to go out for a little fresh air myself. Thanks guys.


Note 08/19/97 Tuesday 2:00 PM EDT: I updated the short bookmark today,

mrscott.com/bm.htm with a few interesting links. I am having to use the IBM 800

backup number since the White Plains number is experiencing trouble. It was one of the

nice features of IBM.net access is that they give you a free backup 800 number when

their local connection is not working properly. I am out to do errands after I clean up. I

have not been out since Sunday evening. CIO


Note 08/19/97 Tuesday 3:00 AM EDT: I worked on tweaking the system for about six

hours tonight and this morning with no success. I figure out the internet is getting busier

with people returning from vacation and heading back to school. I am getting about 5 KBS

from the Ohio Scott's site and the same from the Florida site. I downloaded

http://www.vocaltec.com Vocal Tec’s Iphone 5.0 and installed it, but I could not get it to log

onto their server, but I still have 4.5 to fall back on which works just fine. I guess I will

have to adjust the settings for 5.0 . I am tired after cleaning the apartment while

downloading the program. I guess the system is about as good as I can set it up. I am using

the Win95 TCP/IP dialer instead of the IBM dialer, which keep trying to redial after I

disconnect. It also uses more resources. Perhaps with a little rest and relaxation it will all

seem all right. I have not been outside today, but will try to errands tomorrow afternoon. If

there is a site for monitoring the state of the net let me know. I am sure some people will

enjoy the addition of the bookmarks to the directory, but I don't plan to work on the

bookmarks or the directory anymore. The stats off the Florida server don't justify all the

work I have put into the directory over the last three years. Ciao. CIO.


Note 08/18/97 Monday 7:00 PM EDT: I edited the bookmark add-on to eliminate

Netscape date code and made the page background light yellow and made bold blue links.

I also incorporated the bookmark into the scott004.zip download file. I have decided not to

post the files scott004.exe and scott4.zip since no one was downloading them. There are

about 54,000 links in the overall group of files. This will be the last major update of the

directory, however I will continue posting short lists of bookmarks as I collect them on the

bookmark page, mrscott.com/bm.htm . CIO


Note 08/18/97 Monday 3:00 AM EDT: I created a Bookmarks Alphabetized add-on to

Scott's downloadable directory. Download Bookmark Add-on to Scott's Internet Hotlist

"bookalph.zip", 345,784 bytes, unzip into same directory as Scott's Internet Hotlist, such

as "c:\scott", new opening page with bookmark link will overwrite existing opening page,

"scotlist.htm". File contains an additional 9,000 links alphabetized into separate files.


Note 08/29/97 Friday 5:20 AM EDT: Updated a few random links in the

http://mrscott.com/bm.htm page. I surfed the net briefly. I added For Security

Contact Wells Fargo link to my homepage. Wells Fargo is probably the best private

security agency in the United States besides being a bank. They have over a hundred

years of experience. At the Greenwich Country Club a year ago the Wells Fargo security

guard was a nice old gent who looked like Ronald Reagan. Get the picture. Needless to

say many prominent old timers like to moonlight particularly around their grandchildren,

so as to keep an eye on them. Last night , the night before tonight, I spotted a yellow

Honda Civic with Florida plates with blackout windows entering into town, perhaps it is

another youngster coming up from Disney country to visit us. One of the best night time

security jobs in the summer is probably night watchman at the Steamship Authority on

Nantucket, you get lots of time to chat with kids who don't have a place to stay on the

island. Being a security guard around any university campuses can be amusing,

particularly like a great many professional university security personnel who have worked

dozens of campuses around the world in their careers. Enough of constant comment, time

to check the morning rush. CIO


Note 08/29/97 Friday 3:00 AM EDT: I continue to receive email from porn site trying to

get me to log on. I emailed the White House to have the Secret Service stop the

harassment. Greenwich is quiet, lots of people taking holiday. Library was empty this

evening. I imagine a number of universities in the area are going back into session. I will

surf the internet this evening a bit for fun. If out at night in Greenwich beware of the large

skunk population around town. The area down by the water off Steamboat Road is

inundated with a large population of a family of skunks. I have not seen Morris the cat on

Greenwich Avenue this summer. In reply to local experts on interior decoration, I

recommend the English Country look. Famous decorators such as David Hicks, Billy

Baldwin, and Elsie de Wolfe Mendal have succeeded famously with the English Country

look. Basically the English Country look is what ever you happen to have lying around of

decent quality tastefully organized to suit a comfortable lifestyle and enjoyable home.

Vitamins this week are half price at CVS, also garlic tablets which might be good for

arthritis are available for half price. Relatives are arriving in Kennebunkport today, so I

imagine the town will be happy to see them. I am so near sided like Mr. McGoo I don't

recognize any famous people are political celebrities, and living here in the New York area

lots of people look alike. I imagine the day time family people will be out and about

tomorrow and this weekend getting ready for school. Library is closed on Friday night and

I believe this Sunday. It should be open during those periods after Labor Day. Parking lot

still is not completed. Remember I hardly every watch television, and the next economic

curtailment I will probably make is to have the Cablevision disconnected. Also my VCRs

doesn't work. Have a good holiday weekend. CIO


Note 08/28/97 Thursday 7:00 AM EDT: Lots of rain clouds over town. Looks like we will

be getting lots of rain, and the town will be maintaining their inside routines until the

monsoon passes. Morning traffic reflects quite a few people go to work at 5:30 AM in the

morning around here. Quite a few familiar faces out in the morning. I am going to bed now,

I have to be up at 1:00 PM to make a 3:00 PM appointment. Enjoy the rainy day, some

people live in the rain quite a lot and are use to it. CIO


Note 08/28/97 Thursday 4:20 AM EDT: Created separate stats page linked from

homepage. Ordered MS Internet Explorer 4.0 CDROM for $5. CIO


Note 08/28/97 Thursday 3:20 AM EDT: I received email on family reunion of mom's

family, Boven Reunion. All is quiet in Greenwich with a few kids haunting the streets at

night. I drove with a friend around back country this afternoon. Lots of new houses have

been built. The Greenwich Country Club is green and as well manicured as ever. Oldest

members are a prominent local Dutch family. Needless to say the teenagers I saw playing

golf are trying to maintain a quiet respectful retreat. I believe Jerry Ford and General

William Westmoreland are life time honorary members of the club. Alas the Internal

Revenue Service will no longer let business members write off club dues off their income

tax. Still it is fun to remember the good old days of corporate memberships. I guess now

one can write off second homes as tax deductions, so certain people are away at their

second homes. Needless to say, I got a little time off the computer this evening. I am not

to surprised to see my stock portfolio go down, but remember it is just an economic

portfolio of bell weather stocks, and I don't pretend to be a Wall Street wiz, or I would not

be living in my present circumstances. I have been reassured that most of our full time

residents will return from their summer hideaways after Labor Day. I know of one local

individual that claims to know someone that lives in Montserrat, but I have not seen any

tan faces around this area. I expect the winter to be mild. They are still working on the

roof on my building. I am surprised the historical district commission let the housing

authority remove the beautiful old slate roof to replace it with ugly asphalt shingles. Lots

of used slate for sale. I guess the black shingles will attract more heat in the winter and

keep the building warmer. It costs several thousand dollars a year to maintain a slate roof,

but they last forever, where the new half million dollar roof will wear out in 15 to 20 years

depending on what quality shingles they use. Once they start banging over my part of the

building I will probably get on a day schedule. I have to keep an eye out for relatives

traveling in the area today. I have not done much computer work this evening. I made a

boneless chicken breast Chinese meal of onion and green pepper and corn on brown rice

meal this evening that will last several days. Hope you all are enjoying your vacation. The

Greenwich library was not busy this past evening. CIO


Note 08/27/97 Wednesday 9:40 AM EDT: I did 19 hours of systems maintenance work this

morning and yesterday. I eliminated the Netware error at startup by installing Netware

Network and deinstalling it. I backed up the computer with some hassle. I have not been

out in a couple of days. Not much else to report. I checked with our local political

representatives yesterday afternoon about them resuming paying for the heat in my

building and they just gave me the run around like they have for the last year. Right now

conditions are pleasant in my smoked filled room, but come winter I dare say they will be

torturing me again. Basically the Fascists have taken over Greenwich or it might be

possibly some sort of mafia like the Russian, Irish, or Italian mafia, but needless to say

they all hate my guts, except they are afraid of my relatives elsewhere in the country. That

is all for now folks. Greenwich is a center of a lot of public relations for people and groups

who don't want to bothered. Have fun on you vacations. CIO

Note 08/26/97 Tuesday 1:40 AM EDT: Phone call at noon from Texas woke me up

yesterday. I made 4:00 PM appointment. I had a dinner guest. I went downtown a couple

of times this past evening and this morning. The town is very quiet which is typical for a

Monday or a Tuesday night. Weather is in the mid 60's F. in the night. I suppose there is

more activity in the daytime, but night people don't really care. Nothing unusual to report.

Roofers are still working on the roof on the building. I think the Federal or State

government should live up to their moral responsibility and pay for the electric heat in this

building instead of having 55 elderly and disabled people freeze in the winter. Obviously

the local state officials don't care that much about our well being. Under the Americans

with Disabilities Act, which is law, they have violated our rights. Something is rotten in

Denmark. CIO


Note 08/25/97 Monday 7:00 AM EDT: I'm a little bushed. I had to reinstall my network,

going through the procedure mentioned before in these notes. The new version of the

IBM.NET dialer continues to mess up my networking system, slowing the system and also

causing the system not to authenticate when I reconnect after having it freeze on the

IBM.NET access. It takes me 11 1/2 hours for this procedure. The system is back up to

optimized speed. 8.8 Kbytes a second on my test page. If interested scan these notes for

the procedure. Lot of new news on Montserrat. My viewpoint is that if the birds and other

nature have disappeared from the island, man should have common sense to get off. I

have to go to bed. CIO


Note 08/25/97 Monday 3:30 AM EDT: I surfed the net this morning. I chatted with a

friend about horses. I emailed the Scott Polar Lab in the U.K.. I will update Pointcast and

call it a day.


Note 09/07/97 Sunday 10:30 PM EDT: I watched Princess Diana's funeral on Saturday

morning. I went for a drive on Saturday afternoon. I had a friend over for coffee Saturday

night. I got up at noon on Sunday and cleaned my apartment and watered the plants. I went

out to a friend's for dinner on Sunday evening. We had a light sprinkle on Sunday evening.

We might get more rain. The Greenwich library is still closed on Sundays. I plan to relax

for the rest of the evening after checking my email.


Note 09/05/97 Friday 11:00 PM EDT: I made a recording of the ABC's Real Audio

broadcast of Queen Elizabeth II's, Princess Diana Remembrance Speech and placed it on

my web sites. This afternoon I went out to Tod's Point and walked around and relaxed for

a couple hours. I had a dinner guest over for dinner. I spent the rest of the evening

working on the recording and am about to go to bed, so I can be up early. CIO


Note 09/05/97 Friday 9:15 AM EDT: Up at 6 a.m. this morning. I finished typing the

Greenwich, Connecticut Religious Faith Forum which is taken from a page in the

Greenwich Post. I might stop by Tod's Point this afternoon. CIO


Note 09/04/97 Thursday 6:25 PM EDT: Surfed the net a bit this morning and read

Pointcast. I had a cross linked file in my c:\windows\system and I fixed it by using the

bootable disk and running scan disk. You can't fix a cross linked windows system file while

it is running. I went downtown after a hour nap at noon and paid my $28 cablevision bill.

Lots of people out and about. A good day for sitting in the park downtown. I stopped by the

Hospital thrift shop and they are having the usual half price sale. I rerun a mirror outside

my bathroom door. I read the computer press in the Greenwich library. The usual cross

section of the regular library group was there. They are still working on the parking lot,

but I found a spot after 3 PM. Work is progressing on the roof of my building. I think one

of my ignition wires might be shorting with another, I untangled them; and hopefully that

will fix the clicking sound. I am just about to update mrscott.com/scopor01.htm my

daily stock report. I am having a guest down for dinner at 7:30 PM tonight. The Greenwich

Post has news about Polo events in the area. There is a listing of church times in the

Greenwich Post for those of you who have time to go to church on Sunday. Perhaps some

time I will copy the directory and post it on my site. That all for now folks. CIO


Note 09/04/97 Thursday 7:55 AM EDT: www.bild.de photo of Princess Diane's Accident

aftermath. Photo is blurry. CIO


Note 09/04/97 Thursday 6:00 AM EDT: Vitamins I take every morning: 1 Spectravite

Multivitamin, Niacimide 500 Mg., E 400 IU USP, B50, B12 250 Mcg., C 500 Mg., Zinc 50

Mg., Odorless Garlic 1250 Mg., Acetaminophens 500 Mg., Risperdral 1Mg..


Note 09/04/97 Thursday 5:00 AM EDT: Up at 4:00 AM and had breakfast. I slept from

6:00 PM last night. Watched CSPAN program about OPEN SOURCE SOLUTIONS, Inc.

before logging onto the computer. I will do a little routine system work this morning.

Breakfast usually consists of 8 vitamins, hot or cold cereal, two slices of toast or one

English muffin, 12 oz. orange juice, and 12 oz. of coffee with nutrasweet and half and half. I

spotted a back packer hiking the Post Road by the Grand Union yesterday about noon.



Note 09/03/97 Wednesday 5:00 PM EDT: Up since 2 AM. I mailed ATT answering phone

to Maine. I returned CDs to library. I bought a $31.80 4' X 3' mirror with curved top at

MEWS thrift shop and hung it beneath marlin in the apartment with $6 hardware. I have

not been on the internet since 9AM. Greenwich is quiet with old guard about town. The

library was moderately busy. The parking lot still has a way to go. It is nice cool mid 70's

day. Best of wishes to ill relatives, wish all speedy recovery. Started listening to music

again while in the apartment and on the computer which is very relaxing. I am trying to

focus on local activity to neglect of following other events. Repair of roof seems to be

progressing on schedule. There was a good wind for sailing today. CIO


Note 09/03/97 Wednesday 8:55 AM EDT: Tuesday morning I paid bills. I made the rounds

around town, and lots of young children were out going back to school. I slept a lot on

Tuesday. I surfed the net Wednesday morning chatting with a person in Tucson, Arizona

who told me they arrested on average 500 people a night on drunken driving charges. I

also chatted with a person in Seattle who told me that there is some concern about volcanic

activity around Mount Rainier. I downloaded the July version of sound drivers for my

Creative Labs SW32 and installed them. I chatted with a Vocal Tec developer and told him

on my system that Iphone disk caches too much. One of the tech newsletters listed the

tabloid links in Germany that publish the censored Diana photographs which I will link

BILD online , primarily to inhibit young people from trying to ride in automobiles with

drunken drivers. Microsoft also has a new German site with ZD, ZDF.MSNBC Titelseite .

Other news the system is running perfectly fine, but while the weather is nice today I might

rest this morning and try to go out and enjoy some nice weather. I have started reading

Arthur C. Clarke's 3001, which I hope to get through. The fellow in Tucson told me that he

was able to buy an internet color camera there for $40. I dare say that someone might

object to the BILD online link, if they do email me and I will delete it. It will only take one

email for it to be deleted.


Note 09/01/97 Monday 10:30 PM EDT: I was contacted 11:30 PM on Saturday about

Princess Diane's accident. I followed the media coverage on CNN on Sunday morning.

When they announced her passing away on at 4:00 AM EDT on Sunday morning, I posted

her picture in mourning black on my internet homepage. I rested on Sunday and watched

more media coverage. I cleaned my apartment while I was watching media coverage. I

went to bed on Sunday night and got up Monday morning. I had a guest over for the day

who watched television all day. We had shell steaks for dinner which were on sale at the

Grand Union today. My British categories seem to be very busy on my internet site. I had

a headache today from the large amount of automobile pollution in the area caused by

people returning from holiday. CIO


Note 09/12/97 Friday 2:40 PM EDT: Copy of email to the White House:


To: 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue Internet Group:


I continue to work on the computer and make the usual rounds in

Greenwich. I chatted with a hippie type fellow down on Steamboat

Road at the pier yesterday. He said he was a local housepainter here

and had lived in Key West, Florida for ten years. He said he was part

of the group that uses marijuana that I don't approve of.


He told me something that I heard when I lived in Key West. He said

that one could be murdered down there for $5. I was told that by people

when I was there from 1976 to 1978 in the winter. Back then I was told

that they also kill priests down there. Having lived down there I

determined that was probably a lot of hippie propaganda.


However the hippie told me there is Marijuana festival going on

in Burlington, Vermont. He also alleged that President Clinton

had murdered 70 Secret Service Agents, that I find implausible.

He also said that the drug cartel runs the White House. He seemed

pretty sure of himself probably from his hippie contacts. Needless

to say he and his house painting buddy are working the area.


On the Princess Di death, I propose an alternative scenario.

Perhaps her security people who left with her from the Ritz hotel in two


had the lead car with the real Princess Diane take off in one direction

from the hotel, and the backup car with the decoy group left the hotel

and had the paparazzi follow them. When they entered the tunnel, the

second decoy car went on, while a truck in the tunnel dropped off a


vehicle quickly with crash victims and took off quickly, leaving the

pursuers to see the assumed wreck. Obviously a lot of people would

have to have been in on the operation.


Perhaps the rich "Dotty" who might have been a friend of the Sultan of

Brunei whisked the real Princess Di out of the country to a new place of

hiding and obscurity, perhaps in some location where many other


of the British Royal family live in obscurity.


This part about DI is just an alternative suggestion from what the media

might have been misinformed. Question that don't make sense.


1. How was the body of "Dotty" thrown from the car when the crash photo

shows his left rear door was still closed.

2. Why did it take a Paris ambulance one hour to drive six miles

to the hospital or average of 10 miles an hour.

3. What happened to the second car in the two car entourage that left

the Ritz.

4. Were the Paparazzi real paparazzi or agents of some other group.


These questions are based on watching the CNN reports and reading the

internet reports.

I have not read newspaper accounts or news weekly accounts on the



As my grandfather Clarence Scott use to say, "Believe Nothing that you

here, and

half of what you see."


Greenwich is pretty much the same as usual with lots of distinguished

looking people here. My public housing building is very noisy with roof

repairs going on.

The Greenwich Housing Authority sold one semi truck of Vermont slate

back to Vermont,

and will probably have another truck of Vermont slate in a week or two.


I can't figure out what the town does not want to keep the old slate for

similar buildings. Perhaps if the White House has a slate roof you

could use our old

slate for repairs if you ever find it. Two fellows from India were

inspecting the

slate two days ago.


Joan Warburg was sited in Greenwich yesterday. She has short dark hair

and a very

dark tan, such that people don't recognize her. Her husband was under


of the treasury in the Roosevelt Administration.


Bargains in Greenwich at the Grand Union, half gallon fresh orange juice


Extra large 20 oz. box of Cheerios are $2. The new Mercedes Benz from


Alabama seem to have arrived, but I think the GMC is more practical in

lots of

snow because it has more clearance.


I am no longer working on my internet directory, but I am maintaining my



I still do not have my heat paid for in the winter, so I have to look

forward to

another winter of freezing in my apartment at 65 degrees which averages


$120 a month a year for electricity, and when I kept it at 70 it

averaged $165 a

month. Needless to say with disability and chronic arthritis I would

rather have

it warmer in the winter if I could afford it.


Averill Harriman's nephew is now an investigator for the New York State

Racing Authority. Plenty of diverse people still moving here. Bill

Gate's father supposedly

lives in Greenwich. Rocks are still staying private. As far as

security I would

imagine the Vanderbilt family are involved in owning Wells Fargo Bank

and thus

Wells Fargo Security.


As far as IBM, the Watson's flag is still not flying.

That is my perspective, view from the poor side of town.



Scott's Internet Hotlist



54,000 URLs in 132 categories

Email: mailto:mikescott@ibm.net


Note 09/11/97 Thursday 1:45 PM EDT: Up at noon. I went through CNET features ‑ how

to ‑ Internet speed tweaks to check out my system. Global Exchange Carrier works fine

with my Iphone 4.5 setup, but with their rates, I am not sure it is a bargain. One can test it

on 800 numbers for free. Try "ping" or "tracert" with web address, such as "tracert

mrscott.com from DOS window to test your ISP routing. It is raining today, and I

have yet to be out. Needless to say in the rain, they are not working on the roof. CIO


Note 09/11/97 Thursday 0:30 AM EDT: I posted my mrscott.com/bmnow.htm

Current Bookmarks. I also installed my OLE update for Win95 from Microsoft Technical

Support Help Files, Service Packs, & Other Files. I am about to install for a test Global

Exchange Carrier. I also changed the setting on my older Zoom VFP 28,800 modem by

selecting, Control Panel, Modem, Modem Properties, Properties, Advanced, Advanced

Connection Settings, by checking from Hardware to Software (XON/XOFF) in order to

possibly stop the intermittent freezing of my connection which still happens occasionally.



Note 09/10/97 Wednesday 9:00 PM EDT: I updated mrscott.com/nasa.htm today to

reflect the next NASA launch. I went by the library this afternoon and some of the old

guard were there, but certain regular members of the old guard were not. The library

parking lot is progressing fine, and hopefully will be done within a couple of weeks before

they start work on the new addition. I saw the U.S. Tobacco Skoll Racing Team Semi

Truck passing by the library as I left. I read the usual four computer weekly news

magazines I usually read, PC Week, Computer world, InfoWorld, Interactive Week. The

weather was overcast today, and I am still on a day schedule. When backing up my system

with Colorado Backup 3.0, I get a message of 600 Megabytes selected from the program

when in fact the files selected are all the files and represent over 900 Megabytes. I

surmise I am getting an incorrect byte count since the files selected reflect the whole hard

disk. However unless I am getting better than 2:1 compression I would not be able to back

up over 900 Mbytes of files on a Travan TR‑1 tape, so it is still a question. I will have to

study the Cheyenne Colorado backup program site to see if any information is posted

about this. I finally got a backup of my system by following these directions:




Special instructions for installing the HP Colorado T1000e in Windows 95:


1. Power down your computer.


2. Power up your computer.


3. Install the T1000e's data cable.


4. Install the T1000e's power cable.


5. Insert a tape into the drive.


6. Follow the Installation Guide's directions for Installing the Software.


If you are having problems:


A. Click the Uninstall icon.


B. Right‑click on the My Computer icon.


C. Click the Device Manager tab.


D. Verify that the HPTAPE and TAPEDRIVE sections are deleted.


E. Go to step one above.


Note 09/10/97 Wednesday 11:00 AM EDT: Yesterday afternoon I tuned up a friend's

1977 Volvo. I also installed new ignition wires on my 1976 Volvo. I have about 95,000

miles on my Volvo. My Volvo is making a clicking sound when I go up hills. It is possibly

the timing, but until I can get around to having the timing checked, I put a bottle of STP

fuel injection cleaner in the car and filled up the tank. The car seems to be clicking less.

We're have to wait and see. I tried backing up the computer, and the backup program

keeps quitting in mid progress. I may have to buy a new backup tape. I took a friend for a

drive last night. I am on a daytime schedule. The roofers have done about half the roof and

are still working on gutter flashing. The have brought in lots of bricks to fix the chimneys.

They also brought in plywood, I assume for the roof. On Monday they loaded up a semi

truck full of the used slate and shipped it back up to Vermont. I assume the rest of the roof

slate will fill up another semi truck full of slate. On Tuesday night at 10:00 PM, Greenwich

was totally quiet without much happening. There was a lot of air pollution. The Greenwich

Times keeps having articles about the Greenwich Police Department, but I have not had

time to read them. All quiet on the Eastern Front. I received email that the *.tiff files

posted by NASA GOES linked in my current bookmark can not be read with a regular

*.tiff viewer. CIO


Note 09/09/97 Tuesday 11:30 AM EDT: On Monday I put Netscape 4.03 Professional

Version on my system. I am having trouble making a backup of the system and need to

clean my tape drive. On Tuesday morning I updated mrscott.com/bm.htm with more

links from the current bookmark link. I listened to www.ttalk.com for what was happening

in the computer world. I have a number of NASA links in my current bookmark including

GEO ones. Greenwich is pretty much the same as always. I will probably spend the rest of

the day reading the computer press in our local library. CIO


Note 09/21/97 Sunday 7:00 AM EDT: I chatted all night and morning on Iphone. I am

chatted out. Off to bed. CIO


Note 09/20/97 Saturday 5:30 PM EDT: Last night I walked around downtown Greenwich

with the French military. There were lots of New York city people out from town having

dinner and going to movies. I noticed in the old Pickwick Plaza across from the new library,

they have a new mini mall with a patisserie, dress shops, spa, and a Kinko’s. The Kinko’s

has IBM computers to use, scanning facilities, courtesy telephones, free coffee, and of

course the usual copy services. They are open 24 hours a day seven days a week. The

French soldier suggested a Kinko’s would be handy to have at the French airports not to

mention any other airports that might be busy. I chatted with our rep from the University

of Alabama and told him about my travels around America. I mentioned that Lady Bird

Johnson was still around down in Texas, and I believe Susan Ford was living in Tulsa.

There was a young fellow sleeping on a bench downtown about midnight, I suppose he had

to much to drink. The weather was good for strolling. I noticed a number of stores are

under renovation on Greenwich Avenue. I believe the Baccarat Crystal Glass showroom is

throwing a $400 a plate fund raiser for the Greenwich library tonight across from their

showroom at the bank. It should bring the black tie crowd downtown. There should be a

heightened security presence in town this evening if I have my dates right. I chatted with

the wife of an Italian general about volcanoes at the Grand Union. Planet Pizza next to the

train station has pizza downtown, however I usually buy a Tony's frozen pizza at the Grand

Union at the end of the night. I have not seen many young people downtown, so I suppose

they are all watching television and using the internet. CNN reports that this years El

Nino is suppose to cause coastal flooding in California and other unusual weather patterns

around the world. I keep having a recurring nightmare or a vision of a tidal wave some

place in the world, lets hope it is not real. I keep thinking the conventional wisdom that

Long Island was formed by a glacial deposits might not be right, since there is mostly sand

deposits out there, and thus it could have been formed by some huge tidal wave before

European settlement hundreds of years ago. I also worry about the Valhalla Dam not

holding back the reservoir and having most of Westchester County flooded if it ever gave

way. I suppose after over a hundred years and enlarging the reservoir, the Valhalla

Damn might not be as strong as some people would like to believe, although I assume it

was built on bedrock. Still there is quite a bit of water behind it that could flood out all the

new office complexes around Terrytown, if it ever did give way. Greenwich seems the

same as ever, with the usual level of weekend evening activity. Also not to mention the old

twenty plus year old Nuclear Reactors in Connecticut are a constant state of worriment,

since no one knows how safe they are, and they are probably long due to be shut down.

However with General Electric and Asea Brown Boveri in the area, I would assume some

of their personnel would know the real state of the nuclear reactors. I did notice when I

went to the Watson Research facility in Fishkill, New York two years ago, there were

signs posted along the highway the said "Warning, Nuclear Contamination Area".

Perhaps it was some sort of joke, since there has been nothing about it in the papers. CIO


Note 09/19/97 Friday 1:50 PM EDT: I deleted Microsoft Publisher beta to free up hard

disk space. I also deleted all Netscape Cache files, and mail trash files, and

c:\windows\temp and c:\windows\temporaryinternetfiles and thus freed up 150 meg hard

disk space and now have 190 meg hard disk space free. I backed up my system. I am

having a lazy day not doing much. CIO


Note 09/18/97 Thursday 8:00 PM EDT: I posted my biography "Scott's Biography" that I

wrote a number of years ago, and have not updated in several years. CIO


Note 09/18/97 Thursday 8:45 AM EDT:I added The 7am News Ticker to the top of my

homepages. I also looked at www.ttalk.com new internet site. I need to free up some disk

space on my hard drive, and then I will go out a bit this morning.


Note 09/18/97 Thursday 6:15 AM EDT: Ttalk IBM John Patrick audio interview on the

Future of Internet Technology. Excellent interview. Must listen. CIO


Note 09/18/97 Thursday 4:30 AM EDT: I was woken up at noon and 4:30 PM yesterday

by a relative who wanted me to check Southwest Airlines Home Gate where you can buy

tickets over the net. I finally got up at midnight this morning. I had breakfast at 6:30 PM

earlier and had lunch at 1:00 AM. I went for a walk on Greenwich Avenue at 2:00 AM to

4:00 AM. I chatted with the night desk clerk at the Greenwich Harbor Inn. They have two

nice yachts in port. I noticed the underpass lights on Steamboat Road underneath the

turnpike are not working and it is quite dark there. They need to be fixed. While walking

the upper part of Greenwich Avenue, I noticed the dumpster in front of the old "Favorite

Shoe Store" does not have night lights behind it at night which could be a traffic hazard. I

noticed several street lights on Greenwich Avenue were not working. Also the street light

on the end of Steamboat Road by the rear of the Indian Harbor Yacht Club was not

working. Only a few people were out and about. I stopped by the all night Grand Union.

Soda is $1 a six pack plus deposit. Mums are $3.50, boneless breast of chicken is $2.99 a

pound, broccoli is $1 a head. I like Tony's deep dish frozen pizza for $2.50. I had ham

steak Florentine for lunch, and I probably will have a pizza for dinner about 6 AM. I will be

out this morning for a while possibly from 8 AM to noon. The Greenwich Library has lots

of new information on their site along with Community Answers Databases at the

Greenwich Libraries . I noticed the new Mercedes Benz Imported Cars of Greenwich

showroom is completed and has the new Mercedes four wheel drive vehicle on display. I

also found a site http://www.navigation‑station.com/princess‑diana‑conspiracy.htm which

you conspiracy theorists might find interesting, but it is busy most if the time. I posted a

copy of the Princess Diana funeral web cast http://mrscott.com/dfuneral.ram on my

web site. I took the *.wav file from Britain in the USA: Radio Services and use the Win95

Recorder to increase the volume, and I then encoded it with the RealAudio encoder and

posted it. Now you can hear it the broadcast and save it if you desire. The flowers on

Greenwich Avenue are still in bloom and look very nice around the post office and the

veterans monument downtown. The Greenwich Police are maintaining their usual high

level of surveillance. The Food Emporium is also open 24 hours along with the Grand

Union, Colonial Diner, Cumberland Farms, Kinko’s, Shell and Texaco Gas Stations. Of

course the hospital, police, EMT, and hotel employees along with the fire department are

awake at night along with U.S. postal employees. Today looks like it will be humid in the

mid 80's along with early morning fog. Their was a very light drizzle this morning. The

roofers are still working on my building along with drainage work. Most common question

on Greenwich Avenue is "How to get to I‑95?". CIO


Note 09/17/97 Wednesday 12:00 AM EDT: I was out at 6 PM this past evening. The roof

is progressing well and they are digging a trench in front of the building. I read the

computer press in the library. I noticed three comfortable yachts at the Greenwich Harbor

Inn. They also have a bicycle group riding from Portland, Maine to Orlando, Florida. The

number of Ryder Rental trucks dropped off in town is up, so more young people are

moving in. Greenwich avenue was moderately busy this past weekend. My portfolio

mrscott.com/scopor01.htm was up. Needless to say this is just a bellwethers

portfolio, I don't actually own the stocks. I put Pennzoil Gumout fuel injection cleaner in

my car this evening and filled the car up at Greenwich Exxon. The library parking lot is

still being worked on. The worst thing about today was there was a lot of pollution in town

which was practically unbearable. The Greenwich Police are now maintaining foot patrols

on Greenwich Avenue at night. Starbucks was not too busy this evening. There is a full

moon tonight, so I imagine a few witches and warlocks will be prowling the town howling at

the moon. I plan to catch up on a little internet work this evening. That is all folks. CIO


Note 09/16/97 Tuesday 5:00 AM EDT: Installed Publisher97 Trial Version for Windows

95 & NT 4.0 ‑ US English Version ‑ Download Page . I uninstalled Colorado 3.0 and put

Colorado 1.70 back on since it is a more reliable backup program. 1.70 worked fine. I did

my laundry this evening and it was slow downtown this evening. Back to sleep. CIO


Note 09/15/97 Monday 5:45 PM EDT: Up at 2:30 PM and had breakfast and paid my

telephone bill for $59. Bank of New York has online banking for $35 to $45 a month which

is a little pricey if you are like me and only pay three bills a month. They are still working

hard on the roof. Tomorrow they are digging a trench in the driveway to provide better

drainage for the building, one will have to park by the skating rink. I have cleaned my

apartment. After I post this message, I will shower and go out and enjoy the evening. I

received a free IBM t‑shirt today that I sent up to Maine. Greenwich seems busy as

usual. If one hates waiting downtown at the post office, the post office off West Putnam

avenue is much faster. I noticed Microsoft was down 7 1/2 points today. IBM was down

only 1 1/2 points today. Last boat to island beach will be leaving in a few minutes. Mostly

same old routine. CIO


Note 09/15/97 Monday 4:13 AM EDT: I had a relaxing weekend. I did not bother turning

on the computer for a couple of days. I road the Island Beach Ferry out to the island.

Monday today is the last day of the island beach ferry. The roof is progressing well. They

are still working above my apartment. I had a dinner guest down. I chatted with an

acquaintance about France. Lots of Greenwich people were out for the United Way party.

Supposedly 10,000 people road bicycles by my building while I was asleep on Sunday. I am

on a night schedule. Grand Union and Food Emporium have been closed after midnight for

shopping. Greenwich was very quiet on Sunday evening. I have not surfed the net very

much, so I don't have much to report. People have been asking me about Lake Forest,

Illinois. I suppose they are looking for less expensive property or more private property

than Greenwich. Perhaps the old wisdom of living in the interior of the country is occurring

to some recent arrivals from Europe, or they just want to see it. Lots of Europeans at

Tod's Point on Sunday evening. There seems to be a lot of Polish in the area. Relative has

returned from Maine to Texas. Sailboat "Nordic Joan" was seen on Greenwich harbor.

"Our Toy" is at Greenwich Harbor Inn along with "Glory". There is an old Chris Craft

boat on the harbor. There are two new cigarette boats for sale on the Mianus River road.

They have a new parking lot at the Bush Holley House. The library is still closed on

Sundays until October, but it is open on Friday night. My doctor is still visiting in Spain. I

need to get a prescription for pills to quit smoking. I am trying to figure out whether I

should continue Cablevision since I never watch television, but I guess I can keep it

around for guests for a while. Local friend made money on the stock market. Most houses

in the area seem to have high Radon levels from large Rock formations in the area.

Probably many former family houses have Radon problems. A Scottish bag piper was seen

playing the pipes walking up and down Greenwich Avenue this evening. He seemed to be

in pretty good shape. Lots and lots of little kids seen around town this weekend. Ritchie

Havens did a United Way concert this past weekend. I chatted with a Jamaican about

Bauxite in Jamaica, and he said there were lots of Germans in Jamaica. I believe Jamaica

also has Cobalt that is used in Cobalt Steel. I don't know the status of Jamaica's current

volcanic activity if any. I assume it is volcanic. The temperate is 70s in the day time and

50s at night. Lots of New York yuppies at the Dome Restaurant on Saturday night for

beverages. CVS pharmacy in Riverside Shopping Center is now open all night for

pharmacy prescriptions. It seems like many Latino workers have gone back south for the

winter. Local Episcopal Church sent a trailer of supplies to a technical school in Honduras

for orphan boys. Greenwich police are maintaining usual excellent patrol in the area. I plan

to clean my apartment and water the plants when I wake up on Monday afternoon. Former

French soldier in the area seems to know quite a bit about France and speaks English well.

All quiet on the Eastern Front. English historian spotted this weekend. CIO


Note 09/30/97 Tuesday 11:55 AM EDT: Microsoft Internet Explorer Products Download

for final release of IE 4.0. I checked with people down in Washington D.C. . If you have

intelligence information of a high level nature, please phone White House Intelligence at

1‑202‑435‑5000. I advise you have serious real information to report if you call that

number. Also IBM's new security number in Armonk, New York is 914‑499‑4100 at the

new World Headquarters Building. I have not been out yet. I am waiting to download IE

4.0. It is the end of the month, so I don't have mugging money, but I will survive.


Note 09/29/97 Monday 11:45 PM EDT: Thank mailto:billg@microsoft.com for the great

new web browser he is giving away. I saw a heavy set Germanic fellow downtown this

afternoon with German business suit on, he had the look of a Dutch Prince. Nice weather

this afternoon. I went to the library three times today. Old guard were in residence just

after noon. I dare say there is lots of interest in the Greenwich billionaires on the

www.forbes.com Forbes list. Of course some people don't care for obvious reasons.

Basically the richest man or group of people is that group or individual who can afford to

maintain and defend their private property. Biggest person sighted in Greenwich in last 14

years since I have been back is a Dutch farmer from Maastract who was over seven feet

tall and over 600 pounds trying to sell cheese at the local Food Emporium. Second biggest

person was Russian Admiral about 6' 6" and 500 pounds shark fishing down at the end of

the Steamboat Road several years ago. I am only 6 foot and 196 pounds which is about

average for adult males in the area. CIO


Note 09/29/97 Monday 11:00 AM EDT: Downloaded and installed Webcam Sam from

Vista X Software , it is a novel program. I am out of here. CIO


Note 09/29/97 Monday 11:00 AM EDT: I finished cleaning my apartment and watering

the plants this morning. I had the Cablevision disconnected since I never watch television

and just keep it for my guests. Since the Greenwich Housing Authority does not pay for

my electric heat like they use to for the first eight years, I need to use the $30 a month for

extra heat in the winter, so at least I am warm and comfortable during the winter with my

arthritis. I do have a central cable antenna in the building for receiving local television, so

I will install that. I had a visitor yesterday who watched television all day and will be going

to Germany in the next couple of weeks. When I lived in Europe I never watched

television and had a much more enjoyable time. I am maintaining my usual routines. CIO


Note 09/28/97 Sunday 7:00 AM EDT: I listened to mrscott.com/nasa.htm for a

while. I listened to the first hours of www.ttalk.com . I uploaded

mrscott.com/bmnow.htm Current Bookmarks. I downloaded some of the most

popular programs at www.activex.com to install on my computer. I don't know whether I

will go out this morning or not. I checked out Internet Telephony at www.pulver.com and

installed www.vocaltec.com Internet Telephony plug in to use with Pulver's Free World

Dialup II. I will install the programs and possibly go to bed. CIO


Note 09/28/97 Sunday 1:00 AM EDT: I rested this afternoon and earlier this evening.

After having dinner I went out for a walk. The usual bunch of movie goers were out. I

noticed a skunk by the train station parking lot and a rat in front of the senior center. The

usual group of yuppies were at "Dome" having cocktails. I guess that is the popular spot

for young folks. Also there is another yacht at the Greenwich Harbor Inn. Unfortunately

Greenwich Harbor is very small, so the Greenwich Harbor Inn is limited to about 150 feet

for mooring boats. I read today the Britannia is being decommissioned by the British. I

guess the Queen could always use the QE II or barrow the "Viking" from Norway. The

"Viking" is suppose to be the world's largest private yacht. The Britannia was only

number three after the King of Saudi Arabia’s Yacht and then the "Viking" first. Of course

some old Russian might turn an aircraft carrier into a private yacht for the fun of it.

Needless to say they have enough hardware in mothballs. I wander how the swimming pool

fared on the Russian submarines during turbulence. The usual morning group were in the

library this morning. A friend told me to think about investing in the Canadian Company

Bombardier which might start making mid range aircraft. Apparently there is a market for

over 20,000 new midrange aircraft and Boeing is interested in getting in the business. Also

Gold is a good hedge against stock market downward fluctuations as we all know. There

seems to be a few tiny kids that like driving around in Ferraris here at night. I guess their

parents don't watch them closely enough. Average height in Greenwich for males is about

6 foot and for females about 5 foot 8 inches. I chatted with a young fellow about Petrified

Dinosaur Eggs that I use to find in Decatur, Alabama. I was wandering if there might be

any petrified bones there also. He did not know anything about it. We use to find the

petrified dinosaur eggs in the southwest to west ditch adjacent to the Walter Jackson

school playground. They were about six to eight inches in length, and when you cracked

them there was a petrified yoke. I distinctly remember finding dozens of them. Well have a

good Sunday. CIO


Note 09/27/97 Saturday 7:00 AM EDT: I updated Scott's Broadcast

mrscott.com/sound.htm or www.rcch.com/hotlist/sound.htm which I will upload

shortly. I update the broadcast every two to three months on my current observations and

recent activity. Enjoy listening to the broadcast. I will go out after I upload the broadcast

and enjoy Saturday morning. CIO


Note 09/27/97 Saturday 4:00 AM EDT: I relaxed yesterday afternoon and thought about

what I had researched during the last few days. Basically I feel with the El Nino we will

have more rain in this area with flooding in the eastern river basins. We could have that

winter effect with mid 60 degree days one day and several feet of snow the next day. More

than likely we will get unusual weather patterns. I practiced my French conversation skills

which are lousy. My sister told me that former President Bush is at the Ryder Cup in

Spain. George Agnew will be out of the hospital fully recovered today. CIO


Note 09/26/97 Friday 2:10 PM EDT: I updated mrscott.com/bmnow.htm current

bookmarks links.


IBM Numbers:


IBM Armonk, Sommers, New York: 914‑765‑1900


IBM Armonk Security: 914‑765‑4400


Construction of the roof repairs is completed. Apparently there are parts of the building

filled with Asbestos that the Greenwich Housing Authority refuses to repair and

apparently somebody is getting kickbacks on the overall project rumors has it. The

masons from India will be working on the Chimney repairs for the next two months. I might

shower and go out soon, I am not sure. CIO


Note 09/26/97 Friday 9:00 AM EDT: George Agnew Doing Fine After Surgery at Maine

Medical, All is OK. My sister in Kennebunkport says George is doing fine and will make

a complete recovery. CIO


Note 09/26/97 Friday 4:50 AM EDT: Recommend Mayo Table of Contents, Mayo Clinic,

Rochester, Minnesota for George Bliss Agnew cardiology problem, cardiology telephone

number at 7:30 AM CDT is 507‑284‑3633. General number is 507‑266‑5800. I chatted with

Mayo Clinic this AM.


Note 09/26/97 Friday 2:45 AM EDT: No News on George Bliss Agnew medical condition

yet up in Maine. My Doctor returning from Spain told me that the daughter of the King of

Spain is getting married. Check out 1997 Best Hospitals Cardiology and Texas Heart

Institute for help on George Agnew's medical problems and 1997 Best Hospitals. CIO


Note 09/25/97 Thursday 7:40 AM EDT:GBA, my stepfather having heart surgery this

afternoon up in Maine. CIO


Note 09/25/97 Thursday 4:30 AM EDT: Yesterday I went out in the morning. Around 9

AM at yesterday's high tide, a fisherman pulled in two 15 pound blue fish off the pier on

Steamboat Road. I noticed the Watson's flag was flying. There are two baby swans with

the pair of swans in the harbor. I went by the library and read the four computer press

newsweeklies that I read every week. I went downtown and lots of people were out and

about. I drove down to the water again and enjoyed the view from the bottom of Steamboat

Road. I came back to the apartment at noon. I did some decorating organizing. I changed

the square table in front of the couch for the smaller end table to use as a coffee table. I

put the square table at the end of the couch. I also did a major change switching the

smaller mahogany desk from the bedroom into the living room and putting the Danish

modern desk in the bedroom where the bedroom bureau was and putting the bureau where

the desk was. Moving this all around took about three hours. There is more room now in

the living room. I put the mouse pad to the left of the computer on a small mahogany table

in front of a stereo speaker and moved the fruitwood table next to the Queen Anne chair. I

also moved some pictures around. The overall effect is more comfortable and looks better.

I also put one of the oil filled radiators out in the living room to take the chill out at night. I

will take the air conditioner out in a week or two. The roof on the building is about done,

but they still have to do the brick work on the chimneys. I had a dinner guest down for

dinner at 5 PM and had boneless breast of chicken Florentine, Pasta Fresh, and Frozen

Broccoli. I went to bed at 8 PM, and got up at 4 AM this morning. At the moment the

internet is not working properly. I linked the mrscott.com/nasa.htm NASA Shuttle

page from the top of my homepage. I will surf the net this morning, if it works. I will listen

to www.ttalk.com broadcast once it is posted. I chatted with a fellow from Australia

yesterday morning about technology. He mentioned that the Summer Olympics in three

years will be held in September down there since the reverse seasons apply in the

southern hemisphere. Greenwich seems to have a rush of people into town around noon

time which keeps it busy right up until late evening. I have an appointment downtown at 3

PM this afternoon. CIO


Note 09/24/97 Wednesday 8:00 AM EDT: The house in Redding, Connecticut is

$1,600,000 on 35 acres with 2000 foot road frontage all on one level about 5000 square

feet. I saw lots of people going to work this morning. I noticed 9 or 10 winged director

chairs in the dumpster at the Greenwich Harbor Inn that two fellows were taking just as I

left. The yacht "Mercedes" is from Georgetown, Cayman Islands. There have been a

large number of yachts at the Greenwich Harbor Inn from the Cayman Islands the past

two summers. Half dozen fishermen on the end of Steamboat Road. I noticed someone that

looked like a prominent European monarch in the lobby of the Greenwich Harbor Inn, but

it might have been a look alike. "Non Hablo Hispanlo". The El Nino is suppose to be

messing up the world's weather. Tropical storms in the Gulf of Mexico are suppose to be

less. Also it was 45 degrees F. here this morning. I will float around a bit this morning and

take a nap this morning, and try to get on a day schedule tomorrow. I have a dinner guest

this evening. Town seems a little bit busier in the day time. CIO


Note 09/24/97 Wednesday 4:00 AM EDT: I went out and mailed letter at West Putnam

Avenue Post Office. The box in the lobby is picked up at 6 AM. I drove down Steamboat

Road and noticed the Grey Volvo Wagon is down there with a fisherman on the pier. I

noticed at the Greenwich Harbor Inn, they have a fast sleek yacht called the "Mercedes"

about a 120 feet long. It looks like the modern configuration like a Cigarette Racing Boat

Yacht, and is probably very fast. I was not able to see its port of origin. I noticed the

Greenwich Police Front Desk was not lit up this morning. The Grand Union is not open

until 5:30 AM. I filled up my car with $12.75 gasoline at the Shell Station on West Putnam

Avenue. Richard is on duty there as usual. Tuesday night and Wednesday morning are

probably the slowest time of the week. I might chat on the net this AM and have one of

Tony's Pizzas at 6 AM. I will then probably go out. CIO


Note 09/24/97 Wednesday 1:00 AM EDT: Up at midnight. A friend in real estate

TILGHMAN and FROST Real Estate, Wilton, Connecticut; United States of America,

contact Richard Van Marter, 800‑999‑3366 called to tell me he is listing a $2 million dollar

house on 30 acres in Redding, Connecticut. Yesterday I bought a German hand coffee

grinder at the Greenwich Hospital Thrift Shop for $2.50. The ELDC thrift shop had an

antique rope bed for $60. The Mews thrift shop had Windsor chairs for $30 apiece.

Needless to say I have no room in my apartment for more items. There is a new

consignment shop next to ELDC with lots of antiques. Check Greenwich, Connecticut

Thrift Shops. I also went by the Arnold Bakery outlet on Railroad Avenue in Byram and

got four loaves of "Healthnut Bread" for $2.59, a 75 percent saving. I noticed Frederick

Supper's house in Belle Haven is still under construction across from the Indian Harbor

Yacht Club, and the Watson's flag was not flying today. I saw on local television that a

young kid in the Danbury area caught a two and half pound Piranha in the reservoir. I also

noticed someone that looked like a Brazilian friend of mine, but he has not contacted me if

he is in the area. Retired gentleman was out walking his Bijan. The Greenwich library

parking lot is scheduled to be finished on October 6, 1997; however they have already

asphalted most of it, so maybe it will be ready sooner. Once construction begins on the

new library people will have to use the auditorium elevator to enter the library, check

Greenwich, Connecticut Library. I will write a letter this morning and go out briefly. I

guess I will be out in the morning this morning. I deleted Microsoft Money 98 preview

since it is time expired. I have 160 meg hard disk space. CIO


Note 09/23/97 Tuesday 8:45 AM EDT: Check out Cassini: Voyage to Saturn


Note 09/23/97 Tuesday 4:45 AM EDT: I finished lunch. I had my coffee downtown in front

of the senior center out of my trusty thermos. I noticed the baby black and white skunk

was still prowling around downtown around the southwest corner of the senior center

across from Starbucks. The all night artist was at work. I noticed yesterday that the

Watson's flag was flying in Belle Haven, so she must be back. I noticed at the Grand

Union yesterday morning, that Tropicana Orange Juice and Grapefruit Juice half gallons

were $1.39 limit four, Quaker oatmeal 99cents, Betty Crocker cake mix 79 cents, Betty

Crocker frosting 99 cents. I enjoy Tony's deep dish frozen pizza for a snack at night which

costs $2.50. They are still working on the roof on my building and they will have to do the

chimneys next. They are still working on the front entrance drainage. I need to have the

timing checked on my car, but that can wait until the first of the month. As usual on

Monday night and Tuesday morning, Greenwich is quiet per norm. I noticed the YMCA

leaves a lot of high voltage lights on inside at night. I watched President Clinton's speech

at the United Nations yesterday morning on CNN. I wander how he determined the $750

billion figure for the illegal drug activity figure unless somebody he knows has an accurate

count. It would seem hard to determine. I wonder what the net value of the legitimate

pharmaceutical market is then. I also noticed a Burgundy Isuzu this AM with a West Point

sticker. The Shell station is open all night as usual. There sounds to be a bit of truck traffic

on the turnpike. Two different gray Volvos were spotted this evening on the bottom of

Steamboat Road enjoying the view and fishing this AM. It is cool in the evening and early

AM about 60 degrees F. Well enjoy your day folks. CIO


Note 09/23/97 Tuesday 2:45 AM EDT: I slept most of the afternoon and early evening

yesterday. In the later evening I went out and it was very quiet. One baby skunk walking

up Greenwich Avenue in front of Saks. I recommend downloading the demo of MS Money

98 and checking it out. I noticed MS Investor Portfolio evaluated my demo portfolio wrong

yesterday saying it was up $1,822.49 when in fact the portfolio value says it was down over

$5,000. Time to cook lunch. CIO


Note 09/22/97 Monday 4:00 AM EDT: Last evening I had a relaxing day sleeping most of

the day and then cleaning my apartment and watering the plants. I noticed in Clarinet

News they are having the 50th Anniversary Party for the QE II at sea. I will relax for the

rest of this morning.


Note 10/10/97 Friday 2:45 AM EDT: Did some routine netsurfing this morning. Munched

out on Grapes and Cheese Its. Reorganized the homepage a bit. Need to surf, try

mrscott.com/bmnow.htm for a few handy links. I will now uninstall and reinstall

IPhone 4.5 and 5.0 to reactivate them. Lets hope this does not cripple "Explorer.exe", like

happened last week. CIO "Chief Information Officer".


Note 10/09/97 Thursday 10:45 PM EDT: Today I made it to my 3 PM appointment. One

person told me it takes five minutes for Windows NT to load. I stopped by Tod’s Point in

Old Greenwich and enjoyed the view from the southeast section which is not free. The

southwest section was full of nats on a non windy day. I bought groceries, and had a steak

for dinner. I was told they are going to start painting the trim on my building soon. I still

wish they would pay for the electric heat, because sooner or later it will get cold here

despite the 80 degree day here today and I would prefer adequate heat in my apartment to

prevent my arthritis from acting up which I don't think is too much to ask of the Federal

government considering the amount of time I have volunteered my services in my lifetime,

not to mention the efforts of my fellow tenants. My attitude is not to vote in the next

election and let the chips fall where they may. When Lowell Weicker was governor of

Connecticut we had our heat paid for. Obviously no one of any importance in the

Republican or Democratic parties cares enough about the tenants in this building to offer

them electric heat which was included during the first eight years we lived here. All of the

other public housing projects in Greenwich include the heat in the rent which for some

technical reason this place does not. Basically my fellow tenants say they are, "Robbing

Peter to Pay Paul". I stopped by the library after dinner and read PC Magazine. There

was a good article on Bill Gates' summer hideaway in Washington where he held a

conference. I was told by the librarian it is very noisy in the library in the daytime with all

the construction going on outside. They are preparing the site for the new Peterson

addition. I went for a walk downtown after the library closed and there were quite a few

people out for dinner and drinks who obviously are daytime people. Greenwich Avenue is

always good for people watching. I did notice the police responding to a call at Citibank,

possibly a broken door. Also I noticed the street light across from Citibank and the train

station is burned out. I suggested to one of the Greenwich Librarians that they put a time

capsule in the new addition, and also they might publish some information from the local

paper such as obituaries which they could scan and post, or any other useful community

information. They are still working on the roof outside my window. They plan to pitch it

and resurface it. Now for a night of net activity. CIO


Note 10/09/97 Thursday 12:15 AM EDT: I updated mrscott.com/bmnow.htm

Current Bookmarks. I will probably surf a little and check out www.ttalk.com . CIO


Note 10/08/97 Wednesday 9:30 PM EDT: I stopped by the library and read Byte

magazine. I took a walk down town. It is quiet for a Wednesday night. It is a bit polluted

today, but the temperature is comfortable for this time of year. The Greenwich Police are

maintaining routine sidewalk patrols during the evening hours. I will do a little routine

work this evening. CIO


Note 10/08/97 Wednesday 5:30 PM EDT: Today I picked up the Volvo at the Exxon

station at noon. They replaced the timing belt and valve cover casket for $400. They

replaced the starter motor which was under warranty for free. The car is running great

particularly now that the timing is correct. I read the computer trade press in the library.

They are chopping down the trees in front and removing the old masonry to start working

on the new addition. The new parking lot is open now. I picked up some sconces at the

Mews thrift shop for $10 that I hung over the dining room table. I need to take a nap. CIO


Note 10/07/97 Tuesday 4:30 AM EDT: I added Internet Explorer Products Download

Add-ons to my MS IE 4.0 setup. I now have about 60 Meg free hard disk space. I need to

figure out how to free up some space. The add-ons took about an hour to download for me

this past morning. I checked with Exxon next to the library. The problem with my car is

that the starter motor they put in several months ago was catching the flywheel. The are

going to replace it for free. I am also having them put on a new timing belt and replace the

valve cover gasket and set the timing. The car should be ready in a couple of days. I will

thus be immobile until then. Since my legs have been bothering me all summer, I can not

walk that far such as into town. I will have to sit back and relax and enjoy my apartment.

The roofers are still working on the flat roof removing the asbestos and installing the new

covering. The masons are still working on the chimneys. While taking a short stroll on

West Putnam Avenue, I noticed the old post office building for lease would be an excellent

sight for a CVS drugstore. I have enough food and supplies to survive until my car is

ready. I will try doing some routine computer work. I noticed my million dollar portfolio

mrscott.com/scopor01.htm is up about $55,000 since I published it. Today is warm

and comfortable, I wish I could be out enjoying it more. CIO


Note 10/07/97 Tuesday 3:00 AM EDT: Routine work this morning. CIO


Note 10/06/97 Monday 8:30 PM EDT: I made my Monday appointment at 4 PM. I drove

around by Grass Island and enjoyed the view of the water on this warm day. The new

library parking lot is now open. I read the computer press. I dropped my car off at the

Exxon station to have the timing repaired. It should be ready when I get up tomorrow

afternoon. I walked back to my building at 6 PM to find out that the Housing Authority has

sub contractors working on the roofs above my apartment and outside of the windows

removing asbestos. I turned off the air conditioner to keep the dust from coming in. They

have an inspector on the job. I guess the subcontractor prefers to work at night. They have

set up containment areas to contain the removed asbestos. It is a little bit noisy right now.

I will try to work on the computer while they are doing this. CIO


Note 10/06/97 Monday 3:30 AM EDT: Updated mrscott.com/bm.htm . Will start

slowing down and get ready for bed. CIO


Note 10/06/97 Monday 1:00 AM EDT: This afternoon I read the computer press in the

Greenwich Library. I noticed one URL www.ubn.co.uk that might be of interest. Steamboat

Road had a number of visitors. At Tod's Point there were a number of families enjoying

the beach. The black tie crowd were at the Hyatt with two miniature black and white

horses. At Westchester airport the jets were coming and going and the parking area was

filled, so lots of people are away. One can smoke cigarettes at the bar at Westchester

Airport. Since I don't travel much anymore it is fun to watch people coming and going. The

Grand Union supermarket in Glenville needs to put a guard railing on the south exit door.

When it swings open it can knock someone over. Dole produce is inexpensive for

California red grapes. Downtown this evening there were the usual number of kids in the

pubs and a very few movie goers. I suppose the day time crew will be out in full force

tomorrow morning. CIO


Note 10/05/97 Sunday 3:00 PM EDT: Today I am finishing up cleaning the apartment and

watering the plants. On Friday evening I had a couple of friends over for dinner. We went

down to Newark, New Jersey Airport to drop off one of them for a morning flight to

Daytona, Florida. Newark airport is quite deserted during the early morning hours with a

coffee shop open and no pubs open. One had to stand outside to have a cigarette. We

stopped by the Marriott Hotel at Newark Airport and its restaurants and bars were also

closed. They have a nice hotel at the airport with vistas of the Port Elizabeth area of New

Jersey. The departing passenger thought the deserted airport would be good for skate

boarding. Saturday I went to Tod's Point with one of the friends and went out to Pizza Hut

in Glenville for Pizza. I got up at noon today. It is in the 80s today. My mother said the

Queen Elizabeth II cruise ship is up cruising in Maine. CIO


Note 10/03/97 Friday 5:45 AM EDT: When I started the computer today, explorer.exe the

file browser was crashing. The only thing I did before that was uninstall and reinstall

Iphone 4.5 and 5.0. I had to log onto the internet and run MS IE 4.0 setup and do a

complete install which does not actually download but reinstalls the *.cab files on the local

hard drive. This fixed the problem. However, the active desktop did not install, so I ran

MS IE 4 setup again and only upgraded newer components, and the system with active

desktop was back to normal. Power Toys was still installed. I turned off pictures on MS IE

4.0 to have it browse faster. Today I bought a Panasonic Electric typewriter at the Hospital

Thrift Shop for $10 for typing envelopes and large mailing folders. I noticed quite a lot of

Florida license plates around town, so I guess the people from up north are traveling south

for the winter. It was good to see all the snow birds. I watched the FBI hearings on CSPAN

about Organized Crime while doing the computer repairs. The India Indian masons are still

working on the building chimneys. They are going to repair the flat roof outside my

windows soon, I am wondering if I should take the air conditioner out not or wait until the

roof coating is dry. Three years ago when they did it, I went out to take out the air

conditioner and the roof coating was still liquid like wet tar although they use a plastic

compound. I will do some work on the internet this morning now that I have the system

repaired again. I also bought Niacimide at the health store. I also found out that Bank of

New York only charges $5 a month for personal internet accounts. CIO


Note 10/02/97 Thursday 7:00 AM EDT: Look at Internet Explore 4.0 Tips and Tricks . I

backed up my computer successfully. I have over 100 meg free space now. I keep my

Microsoft system upgrade files in a folder, so I don't have to download them if god forbid I

ever have to reinstall the system from a backup. CIO

Note 10/02/97 Thursday 2:30 AM EDT: I suggest looking at Microsoft Technical Support

Help Files, Service Packs, & Other Files for updated files. I just installed six new files that

have been posted in the past months. I also added Channels to IE 4.0. I need to free up a

little disk space. CIO


Note 10/01/97 Wednesday 11:30 PM EDT:I downloaded MS Internet Explorer Powertoys

and I recommend looking at New 32‑bit Apps at Stroud's CWSApps List . I also stumbled

across this MS JAVA Internet Explorer 4.0 Features link. I can not get FrontPage

Express to Hyperlink with MS IE 4 but only Netscape hyperlinks with it, there must be a

fix. MS IE 4 is working great on my system, and I am most pleased with it. It seems

faster. I have the Active desktop installed which takes getting use to. I paid my rent this

morning and I paid my auto insurance to www.geico.com . While at the First Union Bank

paying my rent, I noticed a dozen Japanese business men standing in front of the bank

building. I chatted briefly and gave them my internet address and mentioned the Winter

Olympics coming up in Japan and the fact that my directory had a volcano

mrscott.com/058.htm category. I noticed that one was wearing an IBM name tag. I

noticed the Watson's flag was flying today. I slept this afternoon and past evening. I guess

I will be up all night again. I need to get a new Travan 1 tape to make a backup of my

system. The old tapes don't seem to work reliably. CIO


Note 10/01/97 Wednesday 9:20 AM EDT: Note I was able to correct the JAVA problem in

MS IE 4 by going to "Add Remove" programs and uninstalling Microsoft JAVA VM and

then rebooting. Then I ran the MS IE 4 setup program and reinstalled it. I did not have to

redownload it since it is already on the hard disk. JAVA seems to be working fine now. If

you use RealAudio Pro the setup program won't overwrite your advanced version. CIO


Note 10/01/97 Wednesday 8:00 AM EDT: Internet Explorer 4.0 downloaded and installed

basically without any problems. I did have to reconnect a couple of times. It took about

seven hours from midnight to 7 AM. On rebooting the system did give me error messages

that the *.cab JAVA files were not being installed, however IE 4.0 seems to work fine. I

took two naps during download and baked a cake. I have to pay my rent and insurance this

morning. CIO


Note 10/17/97 Friday 11:20 AM EDT:I updated the Greenwich

mrscott.com/greenw.htm and Greenwich Real Estate mrscott.com/gwreal.htm

Pages. I suppose it is busy out around lunch time. I still have not shaved or showered, and

I feel like a nap before lunch. CIO


Note 10/17/97 Friday 9:40 AM EDT: I updated mrscott.com/bmnow.htm . I surfed

the net this morning. It is working fast. I noticed they still have a NYNEX telephone truck

on Nantucket on as seen on their live cam Nantucket Washington Street Cam. Chuck and

Henry are off to South Africa. I dare say most people are watching the stock market

closely today. My million dollar bellwethers portfolio mrscott.com/scopor01.htm is

down as expected. I read that mailto:billg@microsoft.com is planning to take over the

Cablevision Internet modem market. I sure wish he would get one hooked up to my

apartment building soon. It sounds like the roofers are working outside on the rain terrace

today. If you look at mrscott.com/stats.htm you will notice my server in Florida

seems to be a little bit busier than normal and more people are looking at the more tech

orientated content. Netscape has a mail spell checker at: Netscape CyberSpell . I think

the local senior community thinks I have lost my marbles since they don't understand the

amount of content of information I am dealing with. CIO


Note 10/17/97 Friday 5:50 AM EDT: I made the usual rounds yesterday morning. I found

three computers discarded at a local office park, IBM Model PS/2 Model 50Z, PS/2

Model 80 386 8580‑311, PS/2 Model 80 386 8580‑041. I brought them back home. The two

model 80s could be used to make a glass coffee table. I tested them and the CMOS is

gone on them, but they seem to work if one had the patience to configure them. I will leave

them around for a conversation piece for a while, and possibly take them to the Hospital

Thrift Shop in the near future if no one wants them for free. I would imagine the model 80s

will be collector items some time soon. One model 80 is missing its side panel. I got my

Taft Alumni manual. A great many alumni have email addresses. I noticed one local

resident is a member of the class of 1920 and outlived all of his other classmates. I made

my afternoon appointment. I noticed a great many construction workers departing from

the new hospital project while I was downtown. The new facility is suppose to have 135

beds instead of the present 400. I read when Queen Elizabeth II gets back from India, they

are suppose to have the Commonwealth Meeting up in Scotland. Perhaps the QEII was

carrying a private party of Commonwealth members when it left on a non scheduled cruise

back to South Hampton. Lots of new faces around as is typical of the New York area. A

friend took me out to dinner at That Away restaurant last night. We had the steak

sandwich for $12. The place is a little noisy because of the tin ceiling. I also bought the

Dinosaur Plate of stamps for $5 and I bought four Currier and Ives plates for $2 at the

Hospital Thrift Shop. Greenwich seems to be the same as usual. I imagine quite a few

residents are worried about the stock market going down. CIO


Note 10/16/97 Thursday 8:00 AM EDT: Dinner was good. I updated

mrscott.com/bmnow.htm . I will make the rounds this morning. I will probably come

back and work on the net if the library is still too noisy. Terry Waite of Canterbury

Cathedral, the representative of the Archbishop of Canterbury will be speaking at Christ

Church Greenwich, Connecticut this Sunday at 10 AM. All Welcome. CIO


Note 10/16/97 Thursday 5:15 AM EDT: I did not mean to imply or encourage people to

drink in yesterday's coded message to the Royal Canadian Mounted Police in Montreal

on Mount Royal. If one is good at reading open code messages, you obviously got the

message. I just got up having slept most of yesterday. I had breakfast about 9 PM

yesterday and went back to sleep. I am now in the process of cooking an 8 pound Purdue

chicken for dinner, which I will have for dinner. I have an afternoon appointment this

afternoon. I have not been out in 24 hours. President Clinton apparently canceled the

Asteroid Avoidance Program. From reading the British reports in the news last February,

it seems that British scientists thought the program was very important. IBM is reducing

and merging its PC division. I imagine it is about time to get out of the stock market, if one

can afford the Capital gains. I need to start boiling some rice to go with dinner.

Occasionally it helps to get a long rest and break routine. I remember the French movie

"Cousin Cousine" about the French sleep cure method to reduce stress. With winter

coming, I would imagine that we will all start leading more dormant lifestyles. I believe the

Queen Elizabeth II is returning to South Hampton. Their next voyage goes by Bermuda.

My neighbors visited the U.S. Military Academy at West Point yesterday. It is funny

whenever I call there the person answering the phone is from Venezuela. I guess that is

another low paid night job, they can't get United States citizens to work anymore. It seems

there are a great many people considering heading for the hills because of various news

reports, but quite frankly I think it is all a paper dragon, and I intend to stay in the area

until any evidence of hostile intent by hostile forces occurs. As far as I can tell Greenwich

is peaceful and quiet as usual, and perhaps first generation immigrants are not use to

living in a quiet peaceful environment, unless of course they are fifth columnists are

something like that. Enjoy the day for a change. CIO


Note 10/15/97 Wednesday 2:45 AM EDT: I got up at 11:30 PM last evening. The library

yesterday morning was busy, but it is virtually impossible to read there since they are

driving piles for the Peterson wing. The sound is interminably loud and it makes it hard to

concentrate. The entrance is through the Cole auditorium. I paid my telephone bill of $42.

I made a few rounds about town. This morning when I got up, I checked with Kennedy

security at the Greenwich Country Club. They said they had heard of Corby's Whisky. It

was popular in the 1930's and 1940's. In refreshing our memories, I believe it had a beige

label with burgundy striping, and "CORBYS" written across the top in curved letters. I

believe there was a picture of a Raven on the bottle. It is so long ago, it is hard to

remember. I suppose some of the "old guard" who control everything would like to sip

some of it in their retirement, particularly on cold winters night. I believe it was imported

from Canada. The last time I saw it, it was up around the Canadian Border in Sue St.

Marie. It came in a ten to twenty gallon cider crock and we drank it out of a water cooler.

A friend of mine who was a friend of Noel Coward and who was also one of the largest

landowners in Western Canada inquired about what happened to Corby’s Whisky about

five years ago. I assume she is still trying to get it back on the market, if it is still

available. It tastes like Canadian Club, but much smoother, unlike the rock gut they serve

today. It makes Jack Daniels taste like horse piss. I imagine the Matre Di at the Pump

Room at the Ambassador East in Chicago would know where to get it, if it were still

available or perhaps the cellar attendant at the 21 Club in New York. If it is no longer

available, if someone could find it in a whisky museum, perhaps some cleaver group of

chemists could come up with an authenticate recipe to duplicate, but perhaps the method of

making it went with the old timers who use to produce it over 50 years ago. It was a very

popular brand in its day. Other news, it is misty and rainy this morning. Perhaps the Queen

Elizabeth II, if it is still around in dock and has supplies to off load at dock to be put in the

warehouse, might have an extra bottle or two of Corby’s lying around from the old days.

The Rolling Stones according to the Greenwich Times cancelled, and David Bowie was

suppose to appear last night. The pipe smoker was spotted yesterday morning. The old

guard were out in force at the Senior Center. It seems to be quiet per usual on early

Wednesday morning. I will be out a little in the morning, but finances prevent me from

being too active. My starter motor on the car is still making noise after having it fixed

twice at the Exxon station, but the car is still running fine. I plan to have a quiet morning.

The NASA Cassini Voyage to Saturn is scheduled for relaunch at 4:50 AM EDT this

morning. I will plan to watch it on CNN. Back to the net. CIO


Note 10/14/97 Tuesday 5:30 AM EDT: The night before last when I went out, I saw the

mother of all skunks outside my building. It was as big as a raccoon. Luckily it did not spray

me. I chatted with the regular night clerk at the Greenwich Harbor Inn also on Monday

morning. I got up about 6 PM Monday evening and had breakfast. I then slept until 9 PM.

I watched television until 1 AM enjoying the Discovery channel. I also had lunch of

Chicken Dijon and broccoli. I went out at 1 AM and walked the length of Greenwich

Avenue back and forth from the center. I sat for a while and enjoyed looking at the moon.

I noticed in the newspaper headlines they are having a Rolling Stones Concert on Tuesday

night at the Palladium theatre in Port Chester, New York to do a music video. I suppose

they will have a full harvest moon for the event. I will keep an eye out for old hippies

tomorrow night. The concert is for 2,500 invited guests. In Nantucket the old timers use to

think I looked a bit like Mic, but I suppose he is a couple of years older. I think he use to

hang out in a few of my haunts in New York City in the old days. I believe he has a degree

in physical education from the London School of Economics. I won't bother going down to

Port Chester to watch the crowd. Perhaps there will be a few Rock groupies in the Colonial

diner here tomorrow night. Keep and eye out for long haired hippie types around town. I

also filled my car up with gasoline. I bought three boxes of buy four get one free Marlboro

lights. I stopped at CVS in the Riverside shopping center and got sunin, M&Ms, remote

control batteries, toothpaste, mouth wash. I went by the Grand Union and got a Purdue

chicken, a six pack of diet Pepsi, four 40 watt bulbs, two frozen pizzas, and half and half.

The Greenwich police were out in usual force patrolling around town. I am now getting

about 15 miles per gallon on my 1976 Volvo with 96,500 miles. It is running much better,

but the new starter motor occasionally makes noise. I have to pay my telephone bill

today, so I will be out in the morning. I will do a little internet work before going out about

8:30 AM give or take. I noticed a distinguished gentleman smoking a pipe on Greenwich

Avenue, the night before last, so I stuck out my two pipes in the silver bowl in case I feel

like smoking a pipe. I have a jar in my freezer for the last seven years of a 50/50 mixture

of Round Hill and Cavendish tobacco, that still seems to be pretty fresh since I keep it

frozen in a mason jar. I noticed lots of out of state plates at the Greenwich Harbor Inn with

the usual group of leafers around the New England area. I put new batteries in all my

remote controls. The weather was about 60 degrees this past evening. I noticed a United

Van Lines van on Greenwich Avenue from Wisconsin. The mountaineering shop at the top

of Greenwich Avenue has lots of winter items as does the ski shop across the street. I

noticed a sign notice in the window of Putnam Barbers that they are going to have a

testimonial in November for Mike at Lucas steak house in November. Donations to the

rotary club will be $125. I would imagine a great many people will turn out for the event.

He has been on Greenwich Avenue probably longer than any other merchant, and is

always very happy to see regular customers and visitors in town and is his coworker from

China, Chin. Back to work. CIO


Note 10/13/97 Monday 1:45 AM EDT: I was up at 5 PM and cleaned my apartment and

watered the plants. I went downtown about 10PM. I noticed one French family on vacation.

I took a walk. About 11 PM I tried to stop by the grocery stores, but they are not closed at

night. I stopped by Cumberland Farms and picked up milk. I am drying my laundry right

now after having a Red Baron pizza for lunch. This morning around 4:30 AM EST, I

believe they are launching NASA Cassini Voyage to Saturn which some people are

concerned about. Lets hope it goes all right. I will do a little routine work tonight and

probably relax the rest of the morning. CIO


Note 10/12/97 Sunday 5:30 AM EDT: I went out for a walk downtown for several hours. I

spotted three ten year olds walking around the train station. The regular night manager is

not at the Greenwich Harbor Inn. The newspaper delivery couple gave me a free copy of

the Sunday Greenwich Times. Several young people hanging out at the pier down by the

Steamboat Road. A tour bus with "One if by Land" written on it pulled into the Island

Beach parking lot about 4 AM. Kinko’s is still open all night despite lack of business. The

diner has the usual late night crowd. Grand Union appeared to be open. I had chicken

Dijon for dinner at midnight. Arthritis is not bothering me this evening, but I will probably

be crippled up tomorrow. The Shell Station is still open all night. I would imagine key

players in the Greenwich business community are probably away. Two couples told me last

night there are a lot of people with foreign accents, but that is perfectly normal for this

town. English seems to be the most common language in town. No unusual wildlife

sightings this morning. I would imagine certain security people in the area are worried

about the threat of nuclear devices that the Russians may have misplaced. However, it is

my understanding that modern satellite surveillance techniques can detect the radioactive

footprints of such a device, and thus if military personnel are still stationed at some of the

local military bases in the area and have not evacuated, I assume there is nothing to worry

about. With a large youth population and senior citizen community, Greenwich is a very

quiet community when the out of town visitors and workers depart. Of course this is the

perspective from the night time. Approximately a million people pass through town every

day, but that is mostly during the day time. Popular site on the internet for some of the

senior volunteers would be www.aarp.org . I would imagine with hurricane in Mexico and

Earthquakes in Italy some of the international community are working on disaster relief

efforts as usual. However, I am not sure of whom remains in the area or whom is away in

professional capacity. Once again Greenwich seems quiet as usual. I would imagine a few

people will be raking leafs some time soon. Temperature is suppose to be in the mid 50's

today. Report on Cablevision said most the United States imported oil comes from

Venezuela. I was emailed a site http://www.krugerworld.com/ to look at. I suppose the

Germans have some interesting environmental ideas. Cablevision is suppose to be

offering Optimum TV soon with a 100 channels for about $30, for those of you who watch

television unlike myself. The original concept of the Cable Television Network as it was

discussed about twenty or more years ago, was that each cablevision system would have a

different reality. Thus theoretically elected national officials on cablevision would be

different in each section of the country, depending on which cablevision system one

watched. It seems that there is less night activity in the area these days, so perhaps more

people are busy doing work at home on the internet. Thus the random comments from

Greenwich are finished. CIO


Note 10/12/97 Sunday 1:55 AM EDT: I got up at about 6 PM last evening. I went out at

about 8 PM and stayed downtown until 11 PM. I chatted with a few of the folks wandering

around downtown strolling. It seemed to be a typical Saturday evening in the fall here. I

posted a recipe from the "Joy of Cooking" I found in my library on Bouillabaisse Soup

which a close relative enjoys making when she has the time. Obviously it is a lot of work.

That is all for now folks. CIO


Note 10/11/97 Saturday 2:45 AM EDT: Cablevision installed the cable box again this past

morning. Roofers were working on the roof outside my windows all day making a noise

that gave me a headache when I woke up. I went up to CompUSA in Norwalk about 6 PM

and bought a Power Control Center for $20 to replace the one that burned out several

days ago. I also bought a Travan 1 tape for $13 out of the discount clearance area. I

returned about 9 PM and installed the Power Control Center and then made a tape backup

of my system. I repositioned the Cablevision box for easier line of site with the remote

control. I had Stauffer's Lasagna and coffee and went out at 12:15 AM. I found a note on

the car left my persons unknown with threatening allegations obviously written by some

deranged person. I called the Greenwich Police Department and Officer Jeff Caldwell

came over and interviewed me and retrieved the note for investigation. I also notified the

New Haven FBI office about the incident. My synopsis is that people who take the time to

write threatening notes better make sure they have targeted the right person. I am not

sure what it is all about, but I am sure the Greenwich Police department have a more

informed viewpoint. After officer Caldwell left, I went downtown and had a cigarette on

Greenwich Avenue, and saw a number of yuppies leaving the DOME restaurant from their

evening beverages. The town seemed quiet as usual. I will now try to get a little tech work

done. It seems to me that persons or persons unknown seeking to bother me, must be very

ignorant and I don't think the note has anything to do with my internet activity. More than

likely some self righteous individual does not like the fact that I prefer to remain a private

individual and don't have the time to be bothered by busy bodies. Having been up at night

for 35 years, I dare say who ever is going to try and keep an eye on me will sooner or later

get tired and go on a day schedule, and the usual night crew around town will be back to

their normal quiet routines. Day time people who interfere with night people should try out

staying awake at night for many years to find out how really peaceful it is, but it does take

a bit of stamina and training to stay awake all night. And of course as we all know the

internet goes much faster during the early morning hours. CIO


Note 10/24/97 Friday 12:45 PM EDT: I updated mrscott.com/bmnow.htm , believe it

or not a lot of work goes into that bookmark. I downloaded the latest version of WS FTP

and installed it. Since every time my Ohio page is logged onto it gets the JAVA script from

the Florida site, I can now count the JAVA action to determine the basic activity of both

the Ohio and Florida sites. It looks after one day, they are equally busy sites, which means

each site takes about 500 hits a month on the homepage, and about 10,000 hits a month for

each site, thus both Scott's sites take about 20,000 hits a month together. Of course the

directory is downloadable and posted elsewhere around the world, so it is a little bit busier

than that. The counter at mrscott.com/download.htm shows how many times the

download page has been logged onto. I plan to maintain the site, but only do minor updates

to the directory, after six months to a year I will incorporate the

mrscott.com/bmnow.htm into the alphabetized bookmarks in the directory. I will now

have lunch and clean up, and stop by Exxon station for gasoline next to the library. They

are giving away free sodas this week. I will then make my usual rounds. I hope the family I

sent my Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.0 CDROM to, is enjoying the program. Work

continues outside my windows on the chimneys and the roof. The Greenwich Hospital and

Greenwich Library construction is still under way. They need to put a second set of

temporary sliding doors at the library, so as to keep the cold air from rushing in, probably

out by the parking lot. Have a good day. CIO


Note 10/24/97 Friday 8:45 AM EDT: I added a second JAVA script scoller of homepage

topics to the top of my homepage. I will work on the net a bit this morning. I hope a friend

of mine is enjoying Cologne, Germany. He flew into Dussledorf on LTU from Daytona this

morning. I noticed www.ltu.com is offering $250 round trips to Germany this winter on their

homepage. I stocked up on steaks and Orange Juice at the Grand Union where they are

on sale. Have a good day. CIO


Note 10/23/97 Thursday 5:45 PM EDT: I changed the JAVA script on my homepage to

scrolling across instead of down. I updated mrscott.com/scopor01.htm Scott's Bell

weather Portfolio. The market was down today, but the MS Portfolio drop is $10,000 more

than my figures, I can't figure out why. I am having a dinner guest for dinner. CIO


Note 10/23/97 Thursday 1:00 PM EDT: I created a JAVA scrolling Applet at the top of my

homepages of all the Categories. The site for the applet is Feeder ‑ Scrolling Text . I have

the applet posted at the Florida site, but I think it should work at the Ohio site. I will post it

on my homepage for now and latter today create a separate page for it, so as not to slow

down my homepages. I will also create another applet of my homepage main topics later

on today also if I have time. I have a 3 PM appointment this afternoon. Time for lunch and

to clean up. CIO


Note 10/23/97 Thursday 7:10 AM EDT: Yesterday the commuter trains were not working

in Greenwich. Today they are. I went by the library in the afternoon and read the computer

press. I checked out the site where the commuter train overhead wires went down, but

could not see anything. I worked in the evening of trying to make a JAVA page of my

categories. I might work on it this morning. The White House is on ABC Morning show on

the White House Conference on Childcare. It is cold here down to 20s last night. I finally

put on the heat. CIO


Note 10/22/97 Wednesday 12:20 PM EDT: I fixed the ESPN ticker on my ABC ESPN

news ticker page, mrscott.com/abcnews1.htm . However it the Scoreboard ticker

works in Netscape, but not MS IE 4.0, not even from the ESPN page. CIO


Note 10/22/97 Wednesday 10:20 AM EDT: mrscott.com/note03.htm for the Fun

Note Posted Below. CIO


Note 10/22/97 Wednesday 10:10 AM EDT: I was up at 5:30 AM this morning. I read the

www.yahoo.com/headlines reports. I listened to www.ttalk.com World Technology

Roundup. I read the email from Netscape In Box Direct Registration . I noticed a new

sites New York Today , Microsoft Home Essentials , Le web de Canal+ ,

computainment.com ‑ the World's only computer software consumer search engine ,

Microsoft Money Insider Version 2: Smart Financial Decisions Made Easier ,Family.com

, Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency , Policy.com , NetMeeting 2.1 , Global

Gateway Group , Aerosoft ‑ NetLoad , NETWORLD+INTEROP 97 PARIS . The

President of the USA is speaking at National Geographic today, and another good link is

World Wildlife Fund Take Action on Global Warming or World Wildlife Fund Global

Network www.panda.org . Hard Rock And Heavy Metal Internet Radio in Real Audio for

the kids. BarnesandNoble.com World's Largest Bookseller Online has been added a free

advertiser at the top of my homepage. ZKM | Deutsch German Art is online. YMCA

Europe international for young travelers in Europe. Whitbread Round The World Race

For The Volvo Trophy for you sailors out there. Need Tabasco Pepperfest Taste Tent

Chats for your barbeque sandwich, I believe there is good barbeque around 1500 East

Main Street in Stamford, Ct. . New 32‑bit Apps at Stroud's CWSApps List for latest

Applications. Ask Martha is still Under Construction . Republican Main Street for those

trying to get a view of the White House Camera. Houses of Worship for the faithful. New

York Times on the Web: Books for your reading pleasure. National Audubon Society for

you birders. Today@nasa.gov for what’s happening with Space. Marijuana as a Medicine

for the ill. Fall Foliage Report: Maine Department of Conservation for the leafers.

MARRIOTT'S CASA MARINA RESORT ‑ An Island Paradise in the Florida Keys,

Florida Keys Florida Keys Fl for your winter vacation needs. IBM Voice Type Via Voice

for those of you who don't like to type. If you need a new heart HoustonChronicle.com

Spare Hearts . For your dining pleasure around in Greenwich Restaurants . It's all

happening at the zoo Gorilla Foundation . For winter golfers Golf in Spain or see Germany.

For star gazers Gemini 8m Telescopes Project . For fun on your computer

GAMECENTER.COM . Parlez Vous French Embassy in Washington DC, Ambassade de

France à Washington DC. . Elvis Presley's Graceland , the King. NOAA/PMEL/TAO ‑

What is an El Nino (ENSO)? the weather. EBN Interactive for European Business. Better

living through Chemistry DuPont . Don't forget Mickey Disney.com Web Site for Families

. Discovery Online on the tube. Chill Out Davis Station, Antarctica . Order out cybermeals

. More for star gazers CMDL MAUNA LOA OBSERVATORY . President of China will

be in DC on Sunday. Classy search engine Britannica Internet Guide . Help speaking from

Bell Labs Text‑to‑Speech . Back to school American School Directory . Read a book

American Library Association . Live like a CZAR Alexander Palace Time Machine . Need

medical help 1997 Best Hospitals . What's happening on Wall Street Merrill Lynch

Market Data or Merrill Lynch Financial News & Research Center .Worried about a

Volcano Smithsonian Institution Global Volcanism Program or MTU Volcanoes . View


computer support No Wonder Computer Support . Check out the weather from the sky

NRL Monterey GOES‑9, GOES‑8, METEOSAT, GMS, Tropical Cyclone, Hurricane

Satellite Products Images Mo . See what Paulallen.com is up to. Email

mailto:billg@microsoft.com .Star gaze in Instituto de Astrofísica de Canarias . Relax on a

volcano Lanzerote Map . Tell the boss you need a vacation this winter Lou Gerstner . Buy

a horse New York Breeding and Racing Program . See how much fun it is in Nantucket in

the winter Nantucket Island, Ma. ‑ Nantucket.net ‑ Nantucket Island Information or take

a look for yourself Nantucket Washington Street Cam . Go down east Kennebunkport,

Maine . Remember I will be hiding out in Greenwich, Connecticut more than likely at the

Greenwich Library which will be a little noisy. Have a good day from mrscott.com

or say hello mailto:mikescott@ibm.net .


Note 10/21/97 Tuesday 7:10 PM EDT: Note the Microsoft Investor Portfolio Program

says my bell weather portfolio at mrscott.com/scopor01.htm was up $14,544,25

today, however by my math it was up only $5,231.75; there must be something wrong in

the portfolio program in the way it computes the daily totals. CIO


Note 10/21/97 Tuesday 6:50 PM EDT: I went downtown at 4 PM. Greenwich was out in

full force. Whoever sells gasoline was making money today. The library was busy. I read

two of the computer trade weeklies, and the Greenwich Times. Lots of foreign speaking

people around. The Hospital Thrift Shop had the usual array of merchandise. I did some

grocery shopping. I got four half gallons of Tropicana grapefruit juice and orange juice for

$1.39 a half gallon. I got a half gallon of milk and a quart of half and half. I bought two

pounds of "I Can't Believe It's not Butter" for 99 cents a pound. I bought two steaks for

$5.55 at $3.99 a pound for shell steaks. I bought a 12 ounce jar of Grand Union peanut

butter for 99 cents. Thus I have food for a few days, but I hope to lose some weight. I keep

all my receipts. I have 14 years of receipts for most everything I have purchased except

for cigarettes. I hope to get the pill to quit smoking this week. The roof outside on the rain

patio is just about resurfaced. It looks like they have done a good job, and hopefully it

won't leak anymore downstairs. I threw out the ten pounds of yellow snapper I had in the

freezer along with the four day old chicken remains. I was worried about getting food

poisoning again. Having worked in French restaurants, I know something about keeping

an eye on food in the frig. A senior citizen was wearing HH in the library. I told him there

are a lot of famous HH people, who seemed to have gone to Harrods in England, and

Harvard in American. Think about it. HMS and HH have similar connotations. I will post

mrscott.com/scopor01.htm shortly. The women seem to be conspiring once again as

they usually do in Greenwich. However, they have a sense of what the town should be like,

and they usually get their ways. I noticed a Bolshoi Ballet Bag in the Greenwich library.

Of course the Russians at the Albertville Olympics were selling all of their uniforms for

hard currency, so maybe the Ballet is doing the same thing too. I was thinking that the

Greenwich Library is such a popular gathering place, perhaps there was an old Indian

meeting lodge on the same grounds, and their spirits keep drawing the community back to

the same location. I did not notice them doing any archeological digging around the new

parking lot, so I suppose it has been regarded many times over history. I commented to a

passerby that when I visited Troy the ruins were set back from the sea, because over

thousands of years the sea had receded. I told one of the employees of the library he

should look into going to Wabash College in Indiana, I believe it is the last male college in

America, for those who are hen pecked by the opposite sex. I received a magnetic alumni

patch from Greenwich Country Day like Lake Forest College sent me. Since computer

hard disks are very sensitive to magnetism, it is strongly recommended "NOT" to stick

the magnetic alumni patches on your computer case because they could damage the

contents of the hard disk, likewise for telephones which still have magnets should not be

near the computer. Also the unshielded electrical cords behind the computer can cause

interference. CIO


Note 10/21/97 Tuesday 2:40 PM EDT: I was able to create

mrscott.com/abcnews1.htm ABC News headline page today out of the existing

JAVA scripts by using both the Netscape and Microsoft FrontPage Editors. It took

several hours of tinkering. I also spell checked this document with the Netscape 4.0 editor

spell checker. However Netscape's editor on my machine is to slow for typing because I

use a 486/DX4 120 Mhz, whereas MS's editor works fast enough. The roofers are working

on the roof outside my window today with lots of banging. They seem to have a nice day

for it. I am going to log off as soon as I post this note. CIO


Note 10/21/97 Tuesday 7:07 AM EDT: Updated mrscott.com/bmnow.htm . If you

need links to surf, I am sure you will find them in the bookmark. I basically subscribe to a

dozen and a half email tech letters for links, www.netsurfer.com Netsurfer Digest, and

www.cybercounch.com Cybercounch, and look at IBM's www.ibm.com , and Microsoft

www.microsoft.com , plus what ever links come across my desktop in email. I do not

publish obscene or objectionable links, however if someone has changed their pages since

I linked them, I obviously can not be responsible with over 55,000 links in the

downloadable directory, mrscott.com/download.htm and the bookmark

mrscott.com/bmnow.htm . Obviously most the links reflect the United States and the

English speaking community in the western hemisphere. If you can find another volunteer

who feels like offering over 20,000 hours free time, I will be happy to relinquish this past

time, and pursue some more worthwhile personal endeavors that involve a healthier work

routine in a more friendly climate. Thus after spending over 40 years in libraries and 8

years on home computers, I have been keeping track of a lot of your missing links, which

the commercial people on the internet would prefer to ignore. However, IBM and

Microsoft are two of the largest players on the internet, and if you want to eliminate them

you can go back to your dead paper press and two week old news weeklies. I have a

feeling the general public are demanding timely and accurate information not just a smoke

screen. Greenwich is pretty much the same as always with the usual number of patrons in

the library. No unusual activity in the area, but for the uninformed we are a contiguous

part of New York City, so one has to treat the Greenwich environment more like the

gateway to New England, not the Hollywood version of Christmas in Connecticut. Cheers

to the net heads. CIO


Note 10/21/97 Tuesday 4:45 AM EDT: Check out mrscott.com/scopor01.htm , to

see how Scott's Bellwether portfolio is doing. Individuals who watch television and network

in night clubs, should take time out to study this technology, before they pretend to be an

experts. CIO


Note 10/21/97 Tuesday 3:45 AM EDT: I am up at 2 AM. I had breakfast. I am listening to

the MS Conference Call at Microsoft 1st Quarter 1997 Earnings. My basic attitude on the

U.S. Department of Justice charges against Microsoft is that the DOJ is acting like a

bunch of naive thugs trying to shake down a prosperous American company. The original

intent of the antitrust statutes as I studied them at Lake Forest College from 1968 to 1972

is that they were intended to protect companies that seek to restrain trade and commerce

through a monopoly position as they were applied to the Standard Oil Trust. Since

Microsoft is only second largest software company one fourth the size of IBM's software

operations, they are not a monopoly. Moreover MS Internet Explorer 4.0 is given away as

a accessory program which individuals have the option of installing or not. Basically

Netscape also gives away its browser. One can not allege anti trust violations in pro bono

public relations efforts of a company donating its costly research efforts to the general

public. Realistically I use Netscape 3.0 more since I like its faster bookmarks than

Netscape 4.0 . I find what is going on behind the shell of MS IE 4.0 much more useful, but

on my common 486 DX 120 MHZ, IE 4.0 is slower by a factor of 2 to 4 compared to

Netscape. Since Microsoft controls the operating the system, they are in a position to

optimize the web browser and operating system as they work together which is to the

benefit of the general public. Most program add‑ons frequently add various files that

might possibly alter the operating system. It is safe to expect that Microsoft is best suited

to provide the best system files that work with the operating system. It is my viewpoint

that the DOJ lawyers are looking at Microsoft's large cash resources and not their

technology. Since Windows 95 is not bundled with MS IE 4.0, the DOJ case is invalid and

not relevant to the previous DOJ restraint order that it refers to. Since users have the

option of installing either MS IE 4.0 or Netscape 4.0 or both when configuring their

systems, and frequently do both, the DOJ is out in left field and obviously not familiar with

the technology. My viewpoint is based on three years of web browsing and internet use

and eight years of system use. My viewpoint is that the Windows 98 operating system

should be able to have an option to install MS IE 4.0 since it is to the benefit of the

general public, and if they wish they can also install the Netscape browser by downloading

it, and it is expected the two companies will make sure their browsers work simultaneously

on the Win95 or Win98 platforms. Realistically MS IE 4.0 is an integral part of the

operating system, and to force Microsoft to cripple its technology would not be in the

general interest of the general public. Moreover, Microsoft in offering MS IE 4.0 for free

has the right to offer it with its operating systems that it licenses on various systems, since

it is an integral part of the operating system. I thus rule the U.S. Department of Justice

ruling against Microsoft on 10/20/97 is null and void and the U.S. Department of Justice

should cease and desist all activities that seek to hinder the development of this

technology which is most useful in providing diverse and informative viewpoints to the

general public. 


Executive Judicial Order: U.S. Military District 5 Court of Review, 10/21/97;Greenwich,

Connecticut USA 06830, subject to review by U.S. Supreme Court, period to appeal limited

to six months from date posted.


Michael Louis Scott, Esquire; LLDS, Harvard University, 1908


Note 10/20/97 Monday 2:45 PM EDT: 


Microsoft 1st Quarter 1997 Earnings


IBM, 3rd Quarter 1997 Earnings when posted probably after market close


Note 10/20/97 Monday 1:35 PM EDT: I chatted with a fellow down in Tallahassee, Florida

about Tabasco sauce on the internet this AM. At 8 AM I took a nap until 1 PM. I just had

a bowl of brown rice and soy sauce, and a Diet Pepsi, and am now having my coffee. I was

awaken by the delightful sound of a masonry saw cutting bricks on the chimneys the

Sheiks are repairing outside of my window. It sort of sounds like a dentist's drill. My two

Nomad 4000 portable phones have to rest in their cradles with the red lights on, or they

cause interference with the computer modem by sending an annoying signal when the

computer is turned off, which can interfere with the modem connection when it is turned on.

Obviously ATT had a design flaw in the Nomad 4000 phones that they can't keep charging

when they rest in the cradle. It sounds like Jack Hammers outside my window now. I think

I will turn on a little music. I just put on Alex North's 2001. I suppose the country club

people will be out stocking up this morning, since the clubs are closed on Monday. It is

suppose to be 65 degrees outside, so as soon as I have my coffee and shower; I guess I

will go outside and people watch this PM. I have a 4 PM appointment. Needless to say I

have my computer all tweaked and up to snuff, but I have to keep an eye on the NOMAD

4000 phones to make sure they are resting properly in their cradles with the red charging

lights on. Obviously this is a low budget operation and like the town of Greenwich, the

motto of this operation should be "Penny Thrifty and Pound Foolish". Well I have seen it

all in this area over the years, so I don't think I am missing out on anything. Recently

there has been a little activity at the indoor skating rink in my back yard, so I suppose the

rink rats are beginning to do their thing. My grandmother use to have a neighbor whose

family I believe owns the Florida Marlins, so I guess I will root for them, but I hardly ever

watch television, so I don't plan to watch sports on television either. Most interesting past

time in Greenwich, is to drive to North Terrytown, New York and walk around Pontannico

Hills State Park and enjoy the brisk fall weather. They have many miles of nature trails

they gave to the state. I believe an IBM office is just down the road from the Rock's state

park. One is not allowed to smoke on the property I believe. One can also visit the John

Jay homestead in Bedford, New York which I believe has a family connection to the

Scott's in the old days. One of the two Scott daughters in Manhattan in 1700 married into

the Jay family, so a lot of what is known as historical Jay family properties were Scott

family properties originally. Basically the first Scott in Manhattan was the first sexton at

the first Dutch Reform Church built in the city of New Amsterdam. He probably tended

the grave yard and import molasses from the Indies and a bit of rum. In Manhattan the

Metropolitan Museum and the Natural History Museums are a lot of fun. The old guard

tend to gather around the DAR building, the Museum of the City of New York, and the

Colony Club. I believe General Douglas McArthur's widow Jean is still in residence in the

Waldorf Towers after all these years. Having not set foot into Manhattan in 4 1/2 years, I

guess a great many of the noveau residents in the city suppose I am just another country

bumpkin in town here, but I am sure many of my neighbors are holding court in the city,

and on my limited budget I don't have the funds to travel comfortably into the city. Hint at

the Metropolitan Museum in the old days, the admission was a suggested donation, so I

would just give them a nickel and say I was an art student. Of course the Frick Museum is

an oasis in the city. Also Greenwich has an Audubon Center, but beware of deer ticks that

can give Lyme disease. Also I believe there is the Waverly Center in New Canaan that

has walking paths. Possibly Tod's Point in Old Greenwich is now open to the general public

for a brisk walk along the shore. Well enough practice writing for now. Enjoy the day.

mailto:billg@microsoft.com is too cheap to include a spell checker in FrontPage Express

that I use to post these notes, so I guess he wants you to buy Office 97 that has a spell

checker that might work with this. What the Hell, if you grew up in Alabama and Florida

until age 11, one does not need to know how to spell all the fancy Yankee words properly.

You get the gist of the message. Apparently the mass communications media barons don't

think people should drink or smoke Tabasco anymore, but if you spent a few or more

hours out in the winter cold up north, I suppose you might want a shot of booze when you

came inside. I always feel like an Admiral on a Aircraft Carrier who smokes his pipe

watching all the pilots come and go, in Greenwich's case of course it is the business

community that comes and goes. The fellow I knew "Wiley" that imported all the coffee

into America in the old days, use to drink his whisky and lived to be 96 years old in Tybee

Island, Georgia. I suppose somebody is making money off all this gourmet coffee that is

being consumed around the country. CIO


Note 10/20/97 Monday 5:25 AM EDT: Microsoft 1st Quarter Earnings will be posted here

today . CIO


Note 10/20/97 Monday 5:10 AM EDT: I updated mrscott.com/stats.htm Scott's

Web stats at the main Florida site mrscott.com . I also added my email address

mailto:mikescott@ibm.net at the bottom of my web homepage, which I had neglected to

have for the last six months. I did have it under the mrscott.com/scottm.htm

Michael Scott page. The most impressive car I saw yesterday was a new Bentley two door

coupe in dark British Racing Green, which looks like a very reliable conservative car for

those who enjoy touring and have the extra bucks to spend on ground transportation.

However, I think if one is not in a rush, it is probably more enjoyable to travel over long

ground distances by private rail cars which are still available for hire in this country. Of

course one can only follow the rails in a private rail car. CIO


Note 10/20/97 Monday 4:50 AM EDT: I updated mrscott.com/bmnow.htm with the

latest links across my desk. I also downloaded MS Internet Explorer 4.0 Products

Download Security Patch . Now time for a little surging and possibly Iphone chat by

www.vocaltec.com . Also in my bookmarks look at Beware Of Lying Online: It's Not What

You Say, It's How You Say It . CIO


Note 10/20/97 Monday 2:30 AM EDT: Yesterday I stopped by the Greenwich library at 1

PM on Sunday when it opened and exchanged my music CDs. I was unable to find a copy

of the Greenwich Times in the library, so I am unaware of local events. In the morning I

chatted with a few friends, since I have MCI's 5 cents a minute on Sunday. I found a 14

inch monitor glare reducer that I cut the frame in half and taped together with duct tape, so

as to fit a 15 inch monitor. It is a polarizing glare reducing filer that should make the

monitor image less taxing on the eyes. I dropped by one of the filters at the hospital thrift

shop along with 3 dell keyboards. A great many offices discard computer equipment

around here. I chatted with a former neighbor down on Steamboat Road who spent World

War II in a Russian prison camp. W. Averill Harriman got him out of the prison camp. He

is very knowledgeable about the water. I noticed they were having a small street fair down

town. In the later afternoon, there were lots of Volvos, Mercedes, BMWs, and Rolls

Royces downtown per usual of people going to Starbucks for coffee. It was a bit overcast

and cool and damp. I mailed my MS IE 4.0 CD‑ROM to a relative to install. He just got a

Pentium 200. While mailing it at the post office off West Putnam Avenue that has a 24

stamp machine, I noticed the new electronic stamp vending machines are a little bit

complicated, if one is nearsighted trying to following the instructions on the electronic pad.

A nice lady waited impatiently behind me. I also topped up the oil in the car, filled the

battery water, cleaned the battery terminals, and made sure the ignition wires did not

touch any hot surfaces. I chatted more on the phone during the evening and went to bed at

7 PM and got up just now at 2 AM. I will do a little net work this morning. I have a 4 PM

appointment on Monday afternoon. CIO


Note 10/19/97 Sunday 7:00 AM EDT: I got up at midnight. I read the four computer news

weeklies in the Greenwich library yesterday morning. They were having a trustees

meeting as I arrived the trustees were arriving. I stopped by the Arnold Bakery store in

Byram on the way back and picked up some Arnold Healthnut Bread and Sandwich Size

English muffins at outlet prices. When I got up at midnight, I started watering the plants,

and cleaned my apartment until 4:00 AM. While doing it, I made a backup of the computer

system. I need a second Travan 1 Tape when I can afford it to make a second backup. The

old TR1 tapes, a year and half old, don't work. I cleaned my air purifier which took about

an hour. I have the heat on a little bit to take the chill out. I listened to www.ttalk.com

weekend roundup. The first hour is all about satellite technology with a spokesman from

NORAD, very interesting. Obviously my mrscott.com/ss.ram message was meant to

be tongue in cheek. While listening to the broadcast I tried connecting my computer

speaker to the stereo system like I use to, and gradually figured out I don't get the buzzing

sound, by making the stereo input into the amplifier mono instead of stereo. Thus I can

listen to any sound out of my computer through surround sound in my living room and

bedroom, which is nice so one can wander around. Basically I disconnected the stereo cord

adapter half way out and taped it, so only the mono feed is inputted. I just showered, after

having dinner, and I will do a little more work and go out later this morning. CIO


 Note 10/18/97 Saturday 5:25 AM EDT: I received a call from a friend in Daytona, Florida

 last evening. He is enjoying the hot humid weather down there. He said in a week he goes

 to Cologne, Germany to live with his girl friend. He received a black leather jacket for his

 upcoming birthday. His first jet flight down there made him a little nervous, but he seemed

  prepared for the flight on Lufthansa to Germany. I finally got up about 11 PM this past

 evening. I tied up the electrical cords above the electric wall radiators, so they will not get

   hot this winter. I put the two tower IBM 386s underneath my printer to the left of the

  computer. I might replace them with a two drawer file cabinet when I find one. I dropped

the PS/2 50 Z at the Hospital Thrift Shop. I did some grocery shopping at the Grand Union.

The Grand Union on the Post Road will be closed at 11 PM on Saturday and Sunday nights

  in the future. I had cold chicken, brown rice, green beans, and zucchini for dinner just a

  short while ago. It is cool out and I have the oil filled radiator going next to where I am

  sitting for a little warmth. I am spooked by the tabloid in the Grand Union predicting the

   coldest winter in 6000 years. They ran the same story last February. I will do a little

                   computer work, and go out this morning. CIO 


Note 10/30/97 Thursday 11:45 PM EDT: I got up at 2 PM this past afternoon, after being

up on the net until 6:30 AM yesterday morning. I was awaken by the workmen hammering

and sawing on the roof outside of my window. It seems that they are doing an excellent job

of repairing the building. Hopefully in the spring or summer, they will get around to

painting the building's trim. I am keeping the heat in my apartment at 70 degrees F. . I

stopped by the hospital thrift shop this past afternoon and they had all their merchandise

half price with a wide variety of goods. I went down on Greenwich Avenue, and the New

York City ABC News truck was there. The cameraman told me I don't look like Peter

Jennings, unlike the comments from certain blind people in the area. They were reporting

on a story that ran a few days ago in the Greenwich Times about two men trying to abduct

a 12 year old girls in Greenwich. I noticed a link that you might find useful in PC Magazine

on this subject, it is Safeguarding Our Children ‑ United Mothers . Working families seem

to be gravely worried about the security of their children, as I told a coworker in the area

based on my experience five years ago, one should keep an eye on their children first, and

put career second. As with all New York City communities, we try to keep a neighborhood

watch in Greenwich, and I have spent 14 years on Greenwich Avenue at all times of day at

all times of the year, keeping an eye out as I did in all other communities I have lived in.

It is a quite tiring and exhausting past time, and in a busy area one frequently gets an

overdose of humanity after a while and begins to fell like a New York City policeman.

Obviously having grown up down south until age 12, I am use to spending more time

outside than most civilians, and pace myself on my daily rounds. Although legally one can

do very little if something happens other than notify the police, a large community

presence is the best safe guard against unwanted intruders. Greenwich has had 25 dinner

time burglaries in recent months, so obviously a gang is working the area. Knowing the

local law enforcement's high degree of professionalism, I am sure they will solve both

cases soon. Mark Furman of the O.J. Simpson trial fame, is writing a book on a unsolved

case 25 years ago here, he is looking for any information on the case and has posted a

1‑888‑975‑9306 telephone number for anyone that might have any information on the

Moxley murder case. It is my impression from the news reports that I read on the case

many years ago, the investigating officers thought it was a transient that came off the

highway since the sight of the murder was near the 95 thruway. Because of politics, I think

people have blown the case out of proportion, and a professional FBI expert would tell any

informed member of the general public, that there are a large number of unsolved cases in

the country probably attributed to transients or travelers coming through a community.

One FBI report I once read said that at any given time there are 200 serial killers lose in

America, meaning people who have committed more than one murder. Needless to say

staying out in the vicinity of the police station is relatively safe activity, and from an

insurance stand point, one's own home is considered the most dangerous place. It reminds

me I have to buy a bath mat for the tub shower. Thus if any former members of the

Greenwich community has any information on the Moxley case and runs across this

message, call Mark Furman at 1‑888‑975‑9306. Obviously a professional law enforcement

officer would probably assume that people with celebrity attrack a few bad apples too. The

local elections are this next week, and I plan to vote Republican which is the status quo in

Greenwich. After dinner I went by the library and was unable to find the local paper, and

then I walked downtown for several hours and enjoyed the warmer weather. This coming

weekend is suppose to be a wash out with rain. I suppose some people had hoped to rake

leaves which is also the status quo for property owners this time of year. One of the most

unseen nuisances at night is the large skunk population around town, which if you happen

to stumble across one can be sort of nasty. Wash with tomato juice to remove the smell. I

believe one skunk lives in the bushes by the senior center. Also one local told me from

experience that the Cos Cob power plant site is an environmental nightmare. Back to the

net. CIO


Note 10/30/97 Thursday 3:00 AM EDT:  Following is the text of a letter of information to the


New York City FBI office.




I was emailed to add this to my directory.


It was my understanding from the press that Internet Gambling has been outlawed.


I am no longer maintaining the directory since it has generated very little interest,


I am just keeping it as is and maintaining the bookmark.


China Connections I have if you are interested:


Decatur, Alabama 1955‑1961, I believe Clair Chenault of Flying Tigers Fame was there.


Lake Forest College 1972, I knew Hurley Harris Haywood, from Oak Brook, Illinois

who was the grandson of General Hurley, the first American general to deal with Mao Tse Tung.


Greenwich, Connecticut 1961 to date, friends and neighbors of the Bush family who

have former President and Ambassador Bush to China, and Prescott Bush supposedly

building a Country Club in China, represent by Hannaford Group Public Relations  Consultant.


Lake Forest College, friend of Pris Watts whose step father Wolf Barker was chairman of

the board of Lipton Tea Company.  I believe Wolf had two daughters who were tea buyers

in Asia.


New York, New York knew Frederick Von Mieres designer and student of Chinese History who


had a roommate named John from China who studied at Columbia University. Fred showed up


in the New York Press with Nelson Rockefeller and William Westmoreland at Society  parties.


His main patron Helen Kress Williams was the heir to Kress Department stores and Alice

Roosevelt's neighbor in Oyster Bay, Long Island.


Key West, Florida 1977 ‑ 1983, met John Bolton from Manhasset, Long Island whose

father is presently in the State Department in Thailand, his mother

worked for Cyrus Vance after the Carter administration. I traveled by car to California

with John two or three times.  I believe his paternal grandfather is in the U.S. Army.

His sister worked for China Airlines and married a silk merchant from China, where they

travel back and  forth.


New York City and Westport and Wilton, Connecticut; I knew a large tall Swedish fellow

named George who was the part of the first American Group representing

Linblad Travel  to China. Last he told me about ten years ago, he was

living in Wilton in America.


Wilton, Connecticut a long time friend Richard Van Marter has a wealthy

neighbor in  Wilton, Connecticut who is a professional social worker in New York City.


Key West, Florida 1983 and New York City, I met a Chinese fellow who had a store on

Columbus Avenue in New York City called "Design Observations". I

believe one of his sales assistants was murdered in Manhattan according to the press.


Boston, Massachusetts at Polaroid Corporation, I.M. Pei was a well known

Chinese   architect that my father always used for his commercial

architecture. I believe I.M. Pei  use to also be in Nantucket. I remember seeing a Connecticut


License Plate "IMP" ?.


Maui Hawaii 1980, I believe Madame Chaing Kai Chek was around.


Manhasset, Long Island John Bolton's grandmother Vivian West had

traveled worldwide and  many times to China. She had a Chinese silk rug

in her living room.


San Francisco Airport 1979? I witnessed the departure of the

reinauguration of the   Shaing Hai Express Clipper flight of Pan Am to

China. I remember reading the guest book  and saw Mrs. Honeywell from

Honeywell Computers of Wellesley, Massachusetts on the  guest  book.

Greenwich, Connecticut recently, worker at the library canteen is from



Key West, Florida 1983, I met Stephen Salisbury from Salisbury,

Connecticut who said he was related to Harrison Salisbury of New York Times fame.


Paris, France 1994 before Albertville Olympics, I believe the Louvre was full of

Chinese visitors.


Geneva, Switzerland at the same time, many Chinese visitors there at the

same time I was  there.

Greenwich, Connecticut last ten years one of my two barbers at Putnam

Barbers, Shu is from China and he lives with his family here.


Greenwich, Connecticut my mother always takes me to dinner at Hunan

Gourmet across from the YMCA.


Greenwich Village 1972 ‑ 1975, Chinese Observer was always in Ninth

Circle Steak House.


Greenwich, Connecticut early 1960's, childhood friend would go to

Chinatown in Manhattan  to buy illegal fireworks.


Decatur, Alabama 1955 to 1961, I use to unroll fire crackers and try to

read the Chinese  newsprint. I also was told by a friend of father's, I

was digging a hole to China when  I use to dig holes in the yard.


Stratton, Vermont 1987? saw where Perl Buck had lived and visited Orvis Sports.


Decatur, Alabama 1955 to 1961 a neighbor kept carp in a small fish pond.


For Life: My Scottish Dutch sister thinks she is the empress of China.


Nantucket 1978 ‑ 1983, summers "Gone to China" meant I was working as a dish washer.


Greenwich, Connecticut today has plenty of Chinese, after all one fourth

the world is  Chinese.


Sweden, King of Sweden likes to collect Chinese Art.


Greenwich, Connecticut  1987 Scott bicycle is made in Taiwan.


Well that is a short summary of my Chinese experience besides,


Champagne, Illinois My grandfather's brother Vernon Scott claims to have

been to China  over 40 times in 1980 basically selling soy beans for

soy sauce to the Asian market.


North Terrytown, New York; I believe Happy Rockefeller is on the 

 Board of Directors of Archer Daniels Midland, which as you all know

sells soy beans. Enjoy the Tofu.


Yours Truly,


Michael Louis Scott

Apt. # 206

71 Vinci Drive

Greenwich, Connecticut 06830

United States of America


Scott's Internet Hotlist  



54,000 URLs in 132 categories

Email: mailto:mikescott@ibm.net


Note 10/30/97 Thursday 1:00 AM EDT: I got up yesterday about 3 PM in the afternoon

and watched the President of the USA and the President of China in their news conference

on CNN. I went by the library and read the four computer newsweeklies, I read every

week. One controversial link report in the computer press was the German view of World

War II, Zündelsite and www.ostara.org ostara.html ‑ the site for patriots, law and order . I

have not had time to study it. Of course an equally good site for patriots would be U.S. Air

Force World Wide Web Sites , particularly if one is interested in low cost air travel on a

limited budget, of course some restrictions do apply as with all low cost operations. Check

out the old model of the DC‑3 Mohawk Airlines in the departures lounge of Westchester

Airport, if you ever are in the area. It is like the first plane I flew into in this area in 1961.

Of course Chemstrand back then had a fleet of private planes along with Monsanto. I

believe that day I flew from the Decatur ‑ Huntsville, Alabama airport up to Raleigh

Durham where the Research Park was, and then to National Airport in Washington D.C.

where Dad introduced me to the head of the then Atomic Energy Commission who he

happened to recognize in the airport and then on to Teddleboro Airport near Trenton, New

Jersey and then to McArthur Airport on Long Island, and finally we landed at

Westchester Airport as I recalled and took a stretch Cadillac limousine to Stamford,

Connecticut to stay at the now closed Roger Smith Hotel which did not have very good

barbeque. The following day I interviewed at Greenwich Country Day School and was

accepted because I had good academic skills and knew quite a bit about the game of golf.

That kind of airline travel I called "puddle jumping" in the old days. Of course I had been

on dozens of other flights down south since it seemed some of the people living around

NASA in Huntsville were experienced pilots in those days. In other news after going to the

library I walked around down town, I asked Quinn's Market if they had ever heard of

Corby's liquor. On the way back to Byram, I stopped by Var Max Liquor Pantry in Port

Chester, New York and studied the current state of their Scotch Whisky inventory. They

had one bottle of Windsor Whisky from Canada for $13 a fifth left on display. Plenty of

other Scotches. Dewars was about $20 a fifth, and Canadian Club about $13 a fifth. They

have Glen Morangie in three different ages up to $50 a fifth, plus the usual assortment of

other Whiskeys including a big bottle half gallon of Johnnie Walker Blue. I did not think

their Scotch and Whisky selection area was very large, they seem to have mostly wine on

display with excellent values in some close outs. They did not know what Corby’s Whisky

was, so I suppose it has not been around here in a long time. One old timer on Greenwich

Avenue who is known for having a night cap at the Greenwich Harbor Inn told me it was an

excellent Canadian Whisky and like a great many distillers, the Canadians don't export

the good stuff. I suppose it is like "Holy Isle" single malted Scotch Whisky which is usual

given as a gift and not exported from Scotland. At Var Max they said they carried one

brand of whisky that has 5,000 blends in it, but they did not tell me the name. I suppose on

a cold night when one has been outside on the moors all day, a little whisky helps warm up

the innards. I also was told that whisky does not go bad over time if opened, but it will

evaporate if not properly sealed. This is not to encourage whisky drinking, but it is a

commentary on the current state of the Whisky business as I was able to investigate it in

the area. A good advertising slogan would be "Windsor Whisky, the Whisky that Won the

West", but my favorite brand name I have not ever seen would be called "Old Courage".

It seems that rather than encourage illegal drinking and driving in the area, the

responsible people use limousines to get around so as to avoid traffic accidents. I then

made flavored brown rice for dinner and sautéed spicy chicken breast and green peas. I

made my coffee and went out with it in my thermos, and sat out on Greenwich Avenue

about 9:30 PM. It was very slow, and David at the Senior Center told me that he met the

Governor of Connecticut yesterday when he was using the rest room at the Senior Center.

I believe the governor was in the area for the opening of the Swiss Bank Corporation

headquarters in Stamford, Connecticut. According to the Greenwich Times, they have a

large trading floor on the sixth floor. As I recall the Swiss speak, Italian, German, and

French in their native land. Of course I live across the street from Perrier, which is owned

by Nestle a Swiss company in White Plains, New York. As I recall when I first went to

school in Europe in Italy at the University of Grenoble extension in Firinze, everyone

called American style coffee, "Nescafe". It was basically instant coffee, a cup of hot water

and a little package of "Nescafe" instant coffee. I soon learned that Cafe Au Lait was

much more enjoyable which is Espresso and Hot Frothed Milk, similar to Cappuccino. I saw

the Chief of Detectives coming out of the Colonial Diner this evening, and I had not seen

him in a while. Tucson was very busy with what seemed to be a local younger crowd. Over

all Greenwich was very quiet for a Wednesday night. I stopped by the Grand Union and

bought a 100 tea bag box of Lipton Tea for $1.39 which is on sale. There seem to be quite

a few local hospital workers that reverse commute into the New York area in the evening.

The most common pedestrians out in the late evening on Greenwich Avenue are hospital

workers going back and forth to the hospital. That's all for now folks. PS, I believe in the

old days in the NAVY whisky was considered a Red Cross Emergency ration and kept by

the Medical Officer. CIO


Note 10/28/97 Tuesday 9:00 PM EDT: Market rebounds, and my bell weather portfolio is

basically back where it started when I began it. Look at mrscott.com/scopor01.htm .

At least the two amount changes now match, which I think they should. A friend bought a

1,000 shares of General Electric this morning. Lets watch the market for the rest of the

week for now. In other news, I stopped by the Arnold Bakery Store and bought three

loaves of wheat bread for $2.59. I spent $3.80 on $2.99 a pound Purdue Boneless Chicken

Breasts. I stopped by the library and read the Greenwich Times. The Swiss Bank

Corporation was opening their new office building complex in Stamford, Connecticut today.

Let's hear it for the Swiss, Swiss Bank Index . I believe the 29th is my hippie friend's in

Cologne, Germany birthday, www.raven.com still does not exist. Happy Birthday to Chris

and his girl friend. Don't cast any wicked spells on "All Hallows Eve". I chatted over the

weekend with a fellow from Deutch Telecom in Bremen. He told me the Bremen Shipyard

is for sale. I think it would make an excellent investment for a containership port for

Europe, somebody should look into it. All the Germans on the net using Iphone seem to be

drinking beer. The television said this evening that a man's waste should be half the size of

his height to maintain good cardiovascular health. Thus if you are 6 foot tall, you should

have a 36 inch waste or less. Over all it was a pretty peaceful day, but I am well fed after

my dinner this evening. I like watching Sherlock Holmes on television, but I have not

found any features on recently. Perhaps I will surf the tube instead of the addicting net, but

let's wait and see. CIO


Note 10/28/97 Tuesday 1:25 PM EDT: I noticed my stats Scott's Stats for October are

over 10,000 this month; but nobody is looking at mrscott.com/bmnow.htm and

mrscott.com/note02.htm which I put a lot work into. My Microsoft categories seem

to be busy though. I emailed the site manager at Collecting Fossils in California about

what I recalled about the Dinosaur Eggs in Decatur, Alabama in response to his email. I

suppose it was all covered up by the NASA scientists in the area. We do have an exhibit

on Dinosaurs at the local Bruce Museum in Greenwich that I have not been to yet. CIO


Note 10/28/97 Tuesday 11:45 AM EDT: Up latter this AM. The stock market seems to

have rebounded a little. I would still exercise caution. I will maintain my normal routine.



Note 10/27/97 Monday 11:00 PM EDT: For all of you Robber Barron Yuppies, who have

been ripping of the system blindly, I have a new resort for you all in French held territory

called "Devil's Island". It is a modern yuppie resort sort of like the old television series

"The Prisoner". Following are the links to the only television show on the island. It is sort

of like "1984".


Six of One "The Prisoner" Appreciation Society


Kipp Teague's RetroWeb Classic Television "The Prisoner"


In addition since you are prisoners, you might as well help fix up the resort, we have not

bothered upgrading it recently. It is just as it was when "The Butterfly" tried to escape.

Sorry I am not the "BOSS", just CIO "Chief Information Officer" for the prisoners. So

basically I guess you should make "Devil's Island" like the television series "The

Prisoner". CIAO


Note 10/27/97 Monday 7:30 PM EDT: Scott's Bell Weather Portfolio

mrscott.com/scopor01.htm was down ‑$56,080.88 today. All the eights in the change

remind me of the universal warning number "8". Thus one should exercise caution. I have

seen the number "8" a lot recently, but I don't know if it means a relevant natural disaster

like a volcano erupting, or some other disaster like the stock market going down. I would

suppose it will continue to go down tomorrow. Let's wait and see. Be sure to exercise

caution in one's activities. Remember this is a Bell Weather demonstration portfolio, I

don't recommend buying it or selling it. I certainly would not buy stocks tomorrow; and if I

owned them I would keep selling them. Obviously major forces are shorting the market.

Let's wait and see. CIO


Note 10/27/97 Monday 1:30 PM EDT: I was up at 10 AM. I checked my email and

updated mrscott.com/bmnow.htm which should have something to keep you busy. I

emailed a site in California about Dinosaur Egg fossils, and also St. Andrew's University in

Scotland about the directory. CIO


Note 10/27/97 Monday 12:00 AM EDT: I had a relaxing weekend. I cleaned my

apartment, watered the plants, did laundry. I bought a pound of Cashews at Fresh Fields. I

bought a pound of Columbian Coffee at the Food Emporium. I had a pound of poached

salmon for dinner. There is a quiet misty rain falling this morning. As far as I can tell not

much is happening around here, just the normal fall routine of this peaceful quaint New

England village on Long Island Sound. Of course that is tongue in cheek, since the avenue

on Friday and Saturday night was filled to capacity with the usual dinner hour guests.

Enjoy the week and watch the stock market. CIO


Note:<888> 11/07/97 Friday 9:30 PM EST: According to CNN, we might be having

confrontation with IRAQ. However, neither CNN or the Internet are considered military

communications. Thus we have no real verified information as to events relayed through

the Civilian communications network. I believe the Military communications network is

called the Audubon Network, so I recommend people with access to that network to use it.

However, the best network in a civilian environment is the "grapevine", so just gossip to

see what is going on, but try to be diplomatic. With a great many foreign residents in the

area, they are already preprogrammed on their point of view, and I don't suggest that they

are fifth columnists. My main point of view is that we have another winter ahead here, so

personnel who are able to keep the show going here will be appreciated. Thus a few people

who don't like the cold will keep busy inside, but I dare say with French Canada to the

north, we have enough personnel to move snow whenever it does arrive. Of course the

Green Mountain boys are always welcome in the area, since coming from Vermont they

have first hand experience in dealing with the snow not to mention I think we have a few

Canadians in the area who consider the Connecticut shore a walk in the park during the

winter. Thus the status quo pretty much remains the same in the area, as all long term

residents are aware. I would recommend the kids and youngsters to continue their

homework, and personnel in the area to maintain their job activity so as to keep the

overall community going. I dare say when I go out this evening the streets will be

practically empty as usual for that time of night, and I am always happy to see the

Greenwich Police Department patrolling around and maintaining their usual excellent level

of public safety not to mention the other night workers like EMT, hospital personnel, etc.

So try to ignore the yuppies trying to have a good time and maintain your usual level of

professionalism. I still have to have a bite to eat. CIO, Chief Information Officer


Note 11/07/97 Friday 12:20 PM EST: I surfed the net a bit last night, my usual routine. I

went to bed at 6 AM and was up at 12 PM. I watched the opening of the George Bush

library on CNN while having breakfast. I noticed this evening that the Cavalier gallery

downtown on Greenwich Avenue next to the Sundown Saloon has a very well done four

times life size bronze bust of former President Bush. It reminds me of busts that one sees

around Washington D. C. of Franklin Roosevelt. I think the sculpture caught the spirit of

the man. Take a look in the gallery next time you are down town. I made the usual rounds

by the Hospital Thrift shop and the ELDC thrift shops on this side of town. I stopped by

the library and read the computer press. I chatted with one regular about the economics of

Royal Dutch Shell. I mentioned that I thought it would be a good idea to build an oil pipe

line across Latin America, so that oil could be shipped from one ocean to another by

tanker without having to transfer it around South America. I don't think it would be that

expensive of a project whether it was along the existing Panama Canal Zone or one of the

other Latin America countries. Obviously there would have to be tanker ports on both

ends of the pipeline, so that would be the determining factor. In fact I thought they had

already finished such a project. It would definitely save on transport costs from the middle

east not to mention help get the Venezuelan oil to the west coast and beyond to Asia. I

chatted with three visitors down on the pier on Steamboat Road from Key West, they

looked a little bit cold. I told them I enjoyed my stay in Key West years ago, and chatted

informally. This evening I recommended to Starbucks on Greenwich Avenue, they might

consider serving Cuban Coffee which as I recall is quite delicious. I read the article in the

Greenwich Times about the election, and they said that the Republican Ragland won by

170 votes and the Democratic contender Sanchez is calling for a recount. They police

department have impounded the voting machines until the situation is determined. The air

was quite cool and fresh. I cooked French sautéed center cut pork chops this evening with

lots of chopped garlic, onions, and mushrooms in a wine sauce and olive oil. To help

prevent arthritis I use garlic and olive oil. At the Grand Union one can buy a quart jar of

chopped garlic for $5 and this week they have three cans of mushrooms for $1 and three

cans of Mandarin Oranges for $1, plus sales on boneless chicken and center cut pork

chops or pork roasts. During the cold winter months watching the fresh produce arrive at

our many fine grocery stores is a feast for the eyes and it usually is quite reasonable.

Every time I use to buy Caribbean Pineapples it would snow, so I finally became

somewhat more reserve about buying them. Ultimately we enjoy seeing visitors from the

south, but it takes quite a few people from up in the North Country to keep the whole show

going, and they have their own perspective. One gal from the Philippines was working at

the cold entrance to the library today. They still should put in a second set of sliding doors

to keep the cold air from rushing into the downstairs entrance. I noticed they are putting

up the brick facing and insulation at the new hospital addition. Teddie Kennedy Jr., is

suppose to be at the Hyatt Hotel for a benefit this weekend, but I believe he went to

school in the area at Yale and majored in forestry. I believe his wife is a doctor. Lots of

cars from upstate New England at the Greenwich Harbor Inn, and they have a tent set up

for some event this weekend. I hope they have heat. Remember OMAR the tent maker.

Greenwich was pretty deserted this evening, so maybe people are busy inside. Scott's Bell

Weather Portfolio, mrscott.com/scopor01.htm was down a bit today. I noticed earlier

this week at Staples Supplies Store, they have the 8X8 video telephone 8x8's ViaTV

Phone: Affordable Videophone for $450 apiece. One obviously would need two or more to

use them. They play a full screen video picture on the television with an existing telephone

connection without any special telephone setup. They seem to be quite a novelty for the

person who has everything. A busy business man could call home if he carried it and see

his wife in curlers and face cream. Of course it might be necessary to have a more

presentable appearance when using the phone. Of course Grannys could chat with their

grandkids too. I have not tried it, but it seems like it would work well at 20 frames per

second, without additional telephone charges. Overall it was a pretty normal afternoon and

evening in Greenwich. We always have the latest movies, and the Titanic is coming in mid

December. Check the CUNARD schedule below for the comings and goings of the Queen

Elizabeth II for waterfront activity. A former neighbor just returned from an enjoyable trip

down to South Africa. Greenwich people do get around, while the kids stay home and do

their homework and the old guard tend to their knitting. CIO


Note 11/05/97 Wednesday 11:30 PM EST: Today I slept until 5 PM. There was a big

racket outside my windows all day of pneumatic drills, drilling on the brick work. I suppose

they are installing new flashing on the rain patio. A friend came down for dinner and we

had sautéed center cut pork chops. He is going to spend the week of New Years in Paris

studying architecture and art with another friend who has not been there. I told him to try

out the Ritz Bar for entertainment on New Year's Eve, but he is probably a little bit too

frugal to spend that sort of money. I bought a five pack of Marlboros for $11. Greenwich

is very slow downtown this evening with not much going on. My portfolio

mrscott.com/scopor01.htm was up a tad today. Back all night on the net. CIO


Note 11/05/97 Wednesday 12:15 AM EST: Updated mrscott.com/bmnow.htm

Scott's Current Bookmarks. CIO


Note 11/04/97 Tuesday 10:25 PM EST: Listened to EBN Interactive broadcast. The

Republican Tom Ragland candidate for First Selectman in Greenwich, Ct. has won by

slightly more than a half percent 50.5 %, they still need to wait for 650 absentee ballots,

Democrat Sanchez has 49.5 %. Democrats are calling for a recount. In the Second

Selectman race and Third Selectman Race it looks like the Democrats are winning,

winning two of the three seats on the board of selectman. Richard Bergstresser former

IBM scientist seems to have won on the Democratic Party ticket for second selectman

7100 votes versus 5900 votes for Romeo. Sanchez is down in the first selectman race by

150 votes, and waiting for absentee ballots count. 13,360 votes were cast at the polls and

they are counting 650 absentee ballots. Republicans maintain majority on the BET. CIO


Note 11/04/97 Tuesday 8:15 PM EST: I awoke at 4 PM and went out and voted

Republican in today's local election. I stopped by the library and read the local paper. It is

a little cooler out, and I guess winter is on the way. After watching the ABC evening news,

I snoozed for a half hour. I guess I will do a little net surfing since, I don't feel like facing

the chilly evening. I chatted with the Johnson Controls repair man at the Greenwich

Harbor Inn, and they said they were installing a new valve. Johnson Controls is an

interesting company in terms of their overall product range. I should research it more. I

think they are headquartered in Newport News, Virginal. I believe they acquired the old

Pan Am Special Services which was like the State Department of the Airline Industry in

the old days. All quiet on the Eastern Front. CIO


Note 11/04/97 Tuesday 2:45 AM EST: Updated mrscott.com/nasa.htm and

mrscott.com/nasa‑87.htm for the NASA STS 87 Columbia launch on Wednesday,

November 19, 1997 at approximately 2:46 PM EST. Quite on the net this evening. CIO


Note 11/04/97 Tuesday 12:00 AM EST: mrscott.com/scopor01.htm was up quite a

bit. Today I went to an appointment at 4 PM. I stopped by the library and chatted on

economic principal. I intend to vote Republican tomorrow. I stopped by Odd Job Trading in

Port Chester and bought a computer monitor cover for $2, they had one more left. I went

by the Staples there and they had a security guard as big as Refrigerator Perry. There is a

new appliance shop in back behind Staples that has two returned GE $2,000 refrigerator

for $1,300 apiece. They are the deluxe two vertical door models, which were returned

because they were two large to fit in, they are usual height, 36 inches deep, and 36 inches

wide, thus one needs about a 31 or 32 inch opening with the door off to fit them in, and a 36

inch wide opening for a fridge. Good value if you have the room. They stock GE returned

merchandise at the store. I bought an air conditioner filter for 95 cents. I had spaghetti for

dinner. I went down town for a short walk and found a plastic Coca Cola case I am using

for a drawer underneath my computer table. I chatted with a former neighbor, and told him

about these two links, Shell Oil Profit Forecast 1 and Shell Oil Profit Forecast 2 . I

committed that when the profits are released on Thursday European time, there would

probably be a buying frenzy, and if one already owned the stock and were considering

selling it which I would not, an hour after the release of the profit information might be the

peak. However with El Nino October here was 5 degrees warmer which is not good for oil

profits, one would have to look at the oil consuming nations and figure out if their

temperatures are running warmer than usual, to see if El Nino might effect oil company

profits. However, J. P. Morgan's buy recommendation for me would be good enough

reason to hold on to the various Shell Oil stocks traded. Grand Union bargains this week,

are boneless pork chops for $2.79 a pound, Tony's Pizza $2.50, Campbell’s deluxe soup for

99 cents, Pepsi, Schweppes, Lipton Ice Tea, or Mountain Dew $2 a 12 pack plus deposit.

However, supplies as I saw them this evening are limited until they have restocked by

tomorrow morning, so wait to stock up. Greenwich was very slow this evening with few

people down town. I suppose they were watching the Monday evening sports. Back to the

net. CIO


Note 11/03/97 Monday 5:30 AM EST: I updated mrscott.com/bmnow.htm which has

lots of new links for your web browsing. I also hope the folks in New Smyrna Beach,

Florida Yahoo! ‑ Tornado Ravages Florida Coast, Dozens Hurt are recovering from the

Tornado. I had the good fortune of passing through that pleasant seaside community in

1979 when I was living in Daytona in the winter. I suppose it has changed since then.

Greenwich seems quiet this morning. CIO