Michael Louis Scott's Economic Statement of Personal Computer Activity and Flanders Farm as of April 21, 2005

Statement of Security Activity since January 1, 1973

In following my previous line of pursuit, if one takes

365.25 days times

24 hours a day,

one gets 8,766 hours in year.

Since January 1, 1973, I have provided private security services to the Greenwich, Connecticut and New York City area and some of those places our local residents regularly travel to, which would be 32 years and 141 days, so I will round it off to 32.5 years

Thus 8,766 hours

Times 32.5 years

Equals  284,895 hours, which I will round off to 285,000 hours of private security services to this area.

Times about $800 an hour for private security services

Equals $227,916,000 unpaid security service over 32.5 years

Plus $50,000,000 unpaid computer services over 14.5 years

Equals $277,916,000

However, generally on an unpaid loan in this area, the amount of it over time is at least triple the existing amount after 15 years and 8 times after 33 years, so if one multiplies

$50,000,000 X 3 = $150,000,000

$277,916,000 X 8 = $1,743,328,000

Equals $1,893,328,000 thus I think one can safely round it off to

TWO BILLION DOLLARS or $2,000,000,000 which is the value of the unpaid services that I have offered to this area after graduating from college and returning to this area January 1, 1973.  This is using today's values and the standard accounting practices that seem to be used in this area. 

Of course I could add other unpaid services such as Business Consulting, Etc..   Of course since my family so to speak was a founding member of this little local club we call New Amsterdam, I suppose I should not bill myself for what I already own.  I was thinking I could take 71 Vinci Drive, and turn it into a separate City State like the Vatican, and since it would be less than 116 acres, it would be the smallest country in the world, and we could make money selling our own postage stamps and other curious ways small countries make money such as Casinos.  I think we should rename 71 Vinci Drive from Flanders Farm to just Flanders, since that country name is not currently being used.  Of course for all I know a Flanders sort of money called something like a Flanders' Franc is only worth about a billion United States of America dollars, so I am probably only owed 2 Flanders' Francs, but at the moment, we do not have room here to make a mint or a post office or a judicial system or a casino.

Statement of Computer Activity since October 1, 1990

Thus at a conservative estimate of 80,000 hours spent towards computer activity for the last 14 years and 7 months at the current moderate IBM or moderate legal rate of $600 an hour, it would be safe to say that the level of my volunteer internet activity is well worth over $50 million dollars.   Since we are in Greenwich, Connecticut, I go by Greenwich, Connecticut rates, thus I have donated the entire Greenwich Library with its property.  Not to mention since my family has lived in this country for 400 years, we also have the ability to enforce our viewpoints.   I think I will rename the Greenwich Library, the Scott library when I have time to get around to it.  CIO 

Note: <888> 04/20/05 Wednesday 4:10 P.M.:  As a point of interest in using personal computers for the last 14 1/2 years, I have spent and received the following amount of money.

From 10/01/90 to Date

Computer Income:

Internet Advertising: $604.44

Computer Items Sold: $2,507.80

Computer Rebates: $950.52 

** Total Computer Income: $4,062.76

Computer Expenses:

Computer Hardware: $9,373.87

Internic Registration: $70

Online Access:  $3,030.08

Software: $1,457.18

Computer Items- Unassigned: $2,291.57

Total Computer Items: $16,222.70

Office Supplies: $562.98

** Total Computer Expenses:  $16,785.68

Less Computer Income: $4,062.76

*****Total Cost of Computer Activity:  $12,722.92

divided by 14.5 years

****Cost of computer Activity per year on average:   $877.45

divided by 12 months

***Cost of computer activity per month on average:  $73.12

However, there are other expenses such as maintaining my apartment in which I maintain my computer activity which includes the rent and electricity and other maintenance activity and capital expenses.  Also I have maintain a car, auto insurance, and gasoline plus the depreciation on the capital expense of the car.   Also I have had large telephone bills before the internet for about five years which were at least several thousand dollars over the usual telephone expenses.  I have used the Greenwich Library for computer reference work to the extent of reading computer periodical literature.   I never looked much at the computer books.  I basically have built, upgraded, and maintained my computer equipment myself, and I have searched out bargains on the internet and at the local thrift shop and the local computer stores particularly with rebates.  The only free computer gifts that I have gotten is a free copy of Microsoft Office 2003 for attending a TS2 conference and free computer magazines.

Thus I think one could safely call it a hobby.  Of course if one multiplied about 10 hours a day for 365 days by 14.5 years, it comes to well over 50,000 hours, and many days have been over 20 hours on the computer.  Thus I think some of the local experts underestimate my abilities on home computers.