Google Chrome OS beta RC

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!!!!!! Free Download Release Candidate: Chrome OS Linux SUSE Gallery download latest two betas from Greenwich, Connecticut U.S.A. download for "Chrome_OS_Linux.i686-1.2.725.iso" from Florida U.S.A.

Download Chrome OS Linux RC & beta nominal charge

Get Chrome OS Linux RC & beta download for pen drive installation here at nominal download fee

for partition managing if deleting second partition on Windows machine Download EasyBCD 2.0.2 - NeoSmart Technologies

Chrome OS Lounge The Netbook & Tablet Forum Community!

Works but is a beta How to install Skype VoIP client in openSUSE | SUSE & openSUSE

From NOVELL Worldwide and Linux OS | SUSE Linux Enterprise 

Free Download openSUSE 11.4

This 32 bit link works fast from Greenwich, Connecticut at night at 1.2 mbps about a 45 minute download of 4.22 gigabytes.  In the daytime, there would probably be too much internet traffic.

Application equivalents - openSUSE

Chrome OS Online Applications Chrome web browser for openSUSE

IBM Lotus Symphony 3.0

Released product download: Lotus Symphony 1.3 for SUSE Linux

beta of Download : Lotus Notes V8.5.2 and Domino Administrator clients 8.5.2 for Linux.  I only installed the Lotus Notes application in the package.

With Google Chrome OS and openSUSE, when installing, it installs the latest update for the "icedtea" plug-in, however that plug-in does not work at this Java web site Westchester County - AirportMonitor - by Megadata - powered by PASSUR .  To fix the problem in the Add Remove programs, one searches "sun" , and then adds the JAVA Plugin, and then one searches "icedtea" and installs the older "icedtea" plug-in, and when the page opens with options, one selects the first option to remove the newer plug-in and install the older plug-in.  Then when opening Westchester County - AirportMonitor - by Megadata - powered by PASSUR , one selects option to always run it on that site.


Note:  Apparently the Google Chrome OS based on openSUSE is not the real Google Chrome OS on the new netbooks.  The real version is based on .  One apparently can make one's own version on a 64 bit machine if one is quite tech savvy Chromium OS Developer Guide - The Chromium Projects  and Chromium OS - The Chromium Projects and How To Install Ubuntu On Chrome OS Notebook CR48 and Google Chrome OS & Chromebook Review Tips Themes How to Use Install and Learn.

How to install Google's Chrome OS | ZDNet

The real version of Google Chrome OS might be derived from from , and I also posted it here .  It would not install on my Dell Latitude D410 laptop, and it does not suppport dual boot, so beware.  I assume it is a good download, but I can not verify that.

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If one needs to go a low level format on a hard drive to remove a boot sector virus, one can boot the Seagate SeaTools SeaTools for DOS | Seagate and run the Utility to write zeros and after it has done about 1% of the hard drive, it should be removed.  Also that is the only way I know to remove the Linux partitions in Chrome OS and OpenSUSE, where one can run the quick low level format procedure.  Of course doing the low level format on the hard drive will remove any other operating system like Windows also, so one will have to reinstall and restore one's configuration from a separate backup, if one has one.

Note: On a Panasonic Toughbook CF-29 when installing Google Chrome OS, one should not install in the suggested updates because on of the online updates, or it will corrupt the video.