Michael Louis Scott's Chinese Pork and Vegetable Meal on Rice

Make up a batch of http://www.geocities.com/mikelscott/mlsrice.htm and also add a few dashes of Old Bay Seasoning and Beef Bullion powder to the recipe about 16 minutes time cooking and standing.

Take two 5/8th inch thick boneless pork tenderloins, and cut them on an angle across about .25 inch thick and cut them into half to one inch long strips and put the pork pieces in a bowl.

Take 25 baby carrots and cut them lengthwise into 1/6th portions and put them in another bowl.

Cut into half inch or smaller cubic pieces the stalks or broccoli crowns and cut the broccoli crowns into about .75 inch diameter pieces about one cup all together and put them in another bowl

Peel and dice a medium large onion into smaller than .25 inch cubic chunks, and place them in another bowl.

Take a large seasoned Chinese wok, and place it on a large electric burner and add about three ounces of olive oil spreading it around the inside and letting it drip down along the sides to the bottom.  I use a plastic squeeze bottle to dispense olive oil.

Add three 3/8th inch thick pads of I Can't Believe It's Not Butter or other low fat margarine.

Turn electric burner to medium high.

Once the fat has begun to bubble and it is warm.

Add the pork, and stir it.

I use a large wooden spoon to stir the ingredient in a wok.

Add the onions and stir it again.

Add the carrots and broccoli and stir it all together.

Season it generously with garlic powder, ground black pepper, Old Bay Seasoning, red cayenne pepper, oregano, and Italians spices, and mix it all together.

Keep stirring the ingredients continually wok style stirring them around the sides of the wok and then pushing them back down in the fat for about 10 minutes until the vegetables are softened a bit.  In a wok the sides are just as hot as the bottom, but you have to keep mixing the ingredients in the fat at the bottom the wok.

After ten minutes add a teaspoon of sesame oil

about 9 shakes or spurts of Frank's hot sauce or with McIlhenny's Tabasco sauce about four to five spurts.  A sprits is what comes out of the shaker with a moderate shake.

Add about six tablespoons of Kikkoman soy sauce.

Optional you can add a couple of tablespoons of lemon juice.

Continue stirring Wok style for another five minutes for about 15 minutes going all together.

Spread half the rice on each of two large dinner plates.

Spread half the Wok ingredients juices on top of the rice on each of the dinner plates.

Makes Two Portions.

Notes in cleaning a seasoned Wok like a omelet pan, you do not wash it with soap and water.  I just run hot water inside the Wok, and wipe out any remaining leftover particles with a plastic scouring pad, and I dry the inside of the Wok, and then I add about a tablespoon of olive oil, and I wipe it around the inside of the Wok with a paper towel.

Enjoy Chinese cooking for a change.

However, placing the cooked ingredients on top of the rice is a western custom, and traditionally in China, they eat the rice separately in a bowl, and do not place the main meal on top of the rice.